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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Men's Day!!!

Happy men's day to all the guys out there! Yeah, we totally deserved it. Frankly, they should have made like happy men's week. Or at least a men's weekend. After all the hard work men did, day in day out - building the pyramids, the great wall of China, Calvin Klien, LV, the space shuttle - men deserve a lot of appreciation! There is no slightest doubt about that! Nonetheless, like the old saying said - behind every successful man, there are 2 women. The wife and the mistress :) Let's not forget the hard work of the women too rite.
Yesterday , well basically the whole week was a very busy week for me. I started the Tuberculosis cycle. Then I had to deal with all the mess - renewing my student visa. Doing visa in Russia , the process u have to go thru is like buying a jet fighter.... maybe worse. Thank God, everything went well. So, I'm looking foward to a very eventful weeks ahead. They will be a lot of special occasion coming. That's why, as a gifts for the men's day, shida bought me 2 pairs of t-shirt - both from my favourite boutique MEXX.
Each t-shirt cost 750Rubbles ( around RM100) which is considered very cheap!!! The real price was 2500Rubbles ( RM 315) each. Last week, when I went to the boutique, the price was 1150rouble, after 50% sale. But, yesterday the price went down to 750rouble :) It was the last piece so I was very lucky to get it. thanks a lot dear for the gift! I'm off to the sport hall. It's futsal time!

Friday, February 22, 2008

yet again!

Sorry to say that MAN UTD only managed to get a draw last nite against LYON. However, that's actually a good news considering they are gonna play again next week - this time at the OLD trafford - UTD home ground. Should there match next week ended up 0-0 , UTD will move thru into the quater final. Shouldnt be a problem at all then!!!

Currently , I'm having my tuberculosis cycle. It's actually kinda scary to be inside the ward with all those tuberculosis patients since TB could be transmitted thru the air. One breath - as simple as that . But the real fact is, if u took ur BCG dose in ur early age - that shouldnt be a problem at all - means u are already immune from TB . Technically if u are immune to the TB, u wont be infected anymore.

The SPA interview is being postponed due to the general election process back home in Malaysia. I'm not sure that's a good news or the otherwise. Plus, the new date also havent been decided yet. I couldnt be bothered that much actually since I've already made my mind where to apply for my housemanship. Nonetheless, I'll just keep is as a secret until the interview end. Furthermore, not neccesarily I'll get the hospital I'm choosing. At the end of the day, I still need to pull some wire, adjust the cable.... bla bla bla..... call here, call there, ... bla bla bla... and MAYBE.. I'll be posted to that particular hospital. However, should I be posted somewhere else... what can I say rite? Just SMiLe!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Busy Day!

It's gonna be a very busy day for me :) I guess no update then! Going to watch MAN UTD kicks LYON ass tonite!!! GO UNITED

The men's amendment! Part 1

Tomorrow is my final day at the oncology department. I have to prepare a paperwork for tomorrow since I missed a class on Friday ( went to pick up elyn at the airport). I've been sleeping from 6pm until 10pm today, until Michelle came to my room to photostat her passport. She reminded me that the Men's day will be on the next saturday so technically we'll be having holiday on the monday since Saturday is already a day off. That was really a good news. Freshen me up a lot!!! It's a good thing thou that men's day comes earlier than women's day! So that a man would know which lady whom appreciate him so he would do the same for the women's day! It's a circle of life :) But most of the times it doesnt follow the rule. Give more, expect less - that would make ur life happier.

I got a few emails from my silent readers, asking me tips how to ask women out and what to talk during the date. Well, I'm not that good at this to be frank :P . However, I do have a little bit experience , and I do watch a lot of movie. So, here are a few tips for all the guys up there!

No 1 - always look good! Be ready at any moment :) As soon as u left ur home - there'll always be u'll bump into ur dream girl or ur Mrs right! ( or whatever u called it) Ur physical appearance does matter!

No 1.1 Take ur time to shave ur facial hair , then make sure u use the after shave :) Spray some perfume on ur body but not too much. Just enuf to make the lady notices that u smell good. ( * avoid using the cheap fake perfume, it'll only makes thing worse! ) Most girls nowdays notice what kind of perfume u use. So, perfume does play a lot of role here. Hair - use the hair gel or the hair cream. Put some effort on that! These are some of the basic stuff that men tend to forget. Get used to these daily routine - then we can move to the step No.1.2

No 1.2 - Clothing :) this is the best part! I may not be an expert on this. But just try not to embaress urselves - that's good enuf :) Men, remember - try to avoid wearing corduroys pants. Some ppl thought that corduroys pants are cool , but ladies with fashion knowledge know that corduroys pants isnt a fashion at all. Jackets? Well, if u are going on date in KL - i dont see any reason why a men need a jacket in such a hot climate :) A thin blazer or coat is acceptable , but not too much please. Adjust with the surrounding condition. Try to look as simple as possible yet elegent and smart. REMINDER, no slippers, sandals on a date ! A pair of pallas jazz would do better than any of those :P

No 1.3 - to be continued.... I'm too tired :P , these are just the tops of the icebergs, a lot more to come... the steps are endless! - do remind me in the future occay !!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Reunion :)

Yesterday, we attended the CNY celebration organized by the MMA chinese students. The celebration was held at the Younust Hotel , near the Metro Spartivnaya. I got a very late invitation from the event coordinator which also happen to be a very good fren of mine. She begged me to come! hahaha... ( sorry priss :P) Well, I was actually more than happy to come to the event since I have a lot of chinese frens here and I have no problem mixing with chinese althought the fact that my skin tone is no where near theirs. After all , we all Malaysian rite :) Frankly speaking, I made more chinese frens here and I learned a lot more about chinese tradition and their way of life here compared in Malaysia. I would like to thank Rajiv who took care of my invitation and also for the VIP seat. Thanks a lot bro! I was suprised to be seated in the front row. That was a nice gesture. Even thou rajiv is an indian , he was the MC for the event and I have to say here that he did a splendid job! Well done bro. Yes, that was a real malaysian event. Perfomed by the chineses, hosted by the indian and nearly half of the audience are Malays. If only everything is this perfect back home :) As I was seated, I saw chin joo ( my ex wife ) seating at the other end of the back row. I managed to get her a seat next to me. It's been a while that we hang out together. So, we had our fun checking out the girls and boys performing that nite. ( she was checking the boys, I was digging the girls! hahahaha.... ) We came up with a lot of new terms. The crouching tiger and the hidden dragon is the best one. Anyone have any idea what that's mean??? Both shida and chin joo were totally stunned by the guy who sang the Ronan Keating song. Pity them. These two ladies seating besides me never heard me singing yet. They wont let my hands off should they know how good my voice is! hahaha....Jed and us. He's my fav basketball mate. Full of enthusiasm and his never give up spirit really amazed me a lot. We met 6 years ago when he came to our basketball court to play since his university didnt provide a free basketball court. I thought he was from China since he cant speak Malay at all. But, I found out he was educated at the international school which pretty much explained a lot of thing! We enjoyed each other company and hanged out together a lot. Not long after that, during one of the function at the embassy - we saw Jed's dream girl - Pricilla. Well, she did looked a bit different back then. Very innocent look I have to say. I told Jed that she was the one. Well, after nearly 4 years - maybe she's the one after all. Life isnt perfect after all.
This is us with Priss. Thanks a lot priss for the invitation. Better late than never rite dear? owh, priss won the best dress award during the event. Well done dear! It's kind wierd actually not to have Jed in this pic actually. Nevermind thou. Whatever happened, we all are still good frens! Priss is a like a lil sister to me. I still remember 3 years ago when she stayed at the same hostel as me. Her room was exactly in front of my room. We did hang out a lot. She came to my room to play the ps2 dancing star game. Well, since she's a damn good dancer - basically she's the only one who played the game. While others were struggling with the beginner stages, Priss was having fun with the expert challenges!!! During that time , Jed did come to our hostel a lot to see priss and we all always hang out together. However, as everyone get very busy with the clinical years, we hardly meet these days and last nite was kind a reunion for us!We had our fun last nite. All the performances were great and the foods were delicious too! The goodies bags were a very nice touch there. Should I know there will be a prize for the best dress (male/female) , I would have wear the chinese traditional costume. Perhaps the Kung fu uniform! Hahah.. Some of the Malay did turned up in the chinese traditional costumes. That showed the unity between Malaysians here. " Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung" No matter where we at rite now, no matter who u are - Malay, Chinese, Indian, kadazan, Iban, Dusun - we are the future of Malaysia. Unity , is the key to our nation prosperity! Stay UNITED everyone!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A very good Day, so far :)

Let's start with the good news. MAN UTD TRASHED ARSENAL 4-0. No C.Ronaldo, no tevez, no owen, no giggs - No Problemo at all. Cruising all the way to victory last nite. What a great time to get back to the winning form. Frankly speaking, last nite game against arsenal was the must win game for United. They need the win to get the confidence to fight for the premiership and to boost up the spirit for the coming champions league encounter against Lyon on wednesday. It was a sweet victory , so... let's hear from the ass-senal fan? hello? anyone???.... okok.. enuf!

Earlier in the morning, shida n i went to the supermarket to get some groceries. Well, the actual plan for today was to go ice skating. Unfortunately, Elyn brought back the Winter nightmare back to moscow. It is -12 degrees rite now in Moscow. It's freakin cold. Not a good time for outdoor ice skating! The best would be 0 degree to -4 degrees. More than 0, the ice will start melting, lower than 4, need to wear extra-extra winter clothing, very uncomfortable to skate. So, need to wait for another 2 weeks at least. This cold weather would continue for more than 1 week according to the news. Occay then, a lil bit info about Russia. During the soviet times, there's no such thing as supermarket and shopping mall. So, the russian citizen bought their groceries and daily supply mostly from the market made of dozens of small kiosk like in the pic above. Every kiosk sell different stuff. It's actually pretty much inconvinient for those who do their groceries one a week. Becoz u have to walk round and round to get everything u want while carrying the heavy loads of the stuff that u bought. The small kiosk is one of the Soviet government idea to control the citizen during the communism from being too rich. Luckily, there are lots of supermarket around my area and I dont have to walk thru the winter coldness to buy my groceries.
This is Mr Pigeon and his fren. Which one is Mr Pigeon? I dont know. Only stitch knows which one :) It always amazed me how this small creature could live in this cold weather. God does work in mysterious way :) These pigeons are very tame, the ppl who walk around this place always feed them, no matter how cold it is. Usually , the old russians grandmas who have nothing to do at home, they will go to sit in the park and feed the bird. They said that the birds are the good listeners. Indeed I reckon coz I wouldnt stand to hear the russian grandmas nagging! Actually I hate when ppl nagging at me. Well, everyone hated it rite. But if u are a pretty little girl , u'll cuter when u nag and I'm lovin it!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Normal Service Resume!

Happy Weekend my dear Readers! Well, my weekend, gonna be as usual. Saturday is the football day. Tomorrow nite Man Utd is playing Arsenal. Should they lose, I'll whine about it by sunday. heheheh... The plan is to go ice skating at the Gorky Park on Sunday if the cold weather continues. At this moment, it's about -5 degree - should be just perfect for outdoor ice skating. Hope that the ice will be frozen on this sunday! Owh, today is the most awaited day for shida. Yes, her beloved sister/shopping mate/kitchen helper is back. Yes, we went to pick up Elyn at the airport this afternoon. She was the last one who came out from the arrival terminal. Even the Emirates Airlines Steward/Stewadess came out first! No big deal thou, as long as she came back here safely , that's all that matter! I got a special souvenier from her - yes nothing else could make a boy happier - the video games! She bought me the latest PES 08 and the NBA Live 08. Of course, the "not so original" version since in moscow they only sell the "original" ps2 games. An original ps2 games would set me back RUB 1700 ( about RM200). This one from KL only cost RM5. Yes, we should never ever support piracy! But I'm a poor student. Unless the government start giving a special "fun and games" allowance to the students! Owh, maybe this one should be included in the manifesto for those who'll be running in the next election!
Talking about the coming Malaysia general election on this 8th March, I was wondering. Do u realize that 8 march is the Women's day? hahhaa. Maybe those living in Malaysia didnt know that there is such thing as women's day. But here in Russia - women's day is a public holiday! So, should we all let the women candidate win as a gift? hahaha... that's a tricky one. Maybe there'll be more women candidate in this election. I'm pretty sure about that!
Occay, let's talk about my previous product I'm selling here. OOppsss sorry, about my friend whom I've been promoting here. Mirul send me a msg earlier today - he was a bit surpised! ahahaha.. Sorry miruL - I'm doing what best for u! Some might wonder why a handsome- good looking guy is stil single. He's what we called the extincted species of human. He's not gay. He just hasnt find the right one yet. He's not a playboy but he's a gentleman and very much easy going. Occay then, as usual - send me the resume and wait for the interview email! hahahah. Maybe I should start doing a special programme here. Like the Hmmmm.. that's a good idea. Find the single boys and girls who's still looking for a partner. Advertise them. Maybe I should after all....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Maybe ..

Today was my first day at the oncology department. Had a very boring long lecture , started with the doc-patients confidentiality and the etiquette. However, it was a good chance for me to take a little nap early in the morning. I just leaned my head toward the wall, and that was it :) hahahaha.. by the time I woke up the boring lecture has ended and the "real" stuff started. We had a discussion about the cervical cancer today. The MO was a young female doc, but not "hot" enuf to hinder some of the russian students from falling asleep. Occay, back to the cancer :) , as we all known that - smoking, alcohol and fast food are the main causes for all type of cancer. But, for cervical cancer, the most common reason that the scientists belived that could cause cancer are - multiple pregancy and abortion , young age abortion and pregnancy, early sex life (before 16 years old) , complication during pregnancy , delivery and abortion , virus infection bla bla bla bla .... Therefore, just in case u happened to been thru any of the event that are mentioned above - it would be a "wise" decison to go for the screening test. In this case, the pap smear test. No worry , this test is just a simple - painless procedur and will only take a minute to get over it. Better safe than sorry rite? Yeah, considering there is no cure for cancer - yet , the best thing to do is to prevent it. Most of the cancer has no symptom. By the time u had the symptoms, u are already at the terminal stage. Therefore, if u are in the "risk group" , take ur time to see ur doc. Pesanan khidmat masyarakat ini ditaja oleh GOogle.. hahahaha... :) Enuf of this cancer thing, I'm officially a nerd rite now... this is so depressing!
Some of my frens here - in this blogging world - asked me to find them a single future doc since me myself isnt available anymore :) yeah, I know it's sad and maybe it's the end of the world for some girls out there. However, no need to be worried thou. If u cant get the best, try the second best! So, let me present to u, a single future doc - Mr MiruL. He's still single and still looking for the rite one. He asked me to find someone for him too. Therefore, I'm helping both side here. His preference? anyone that can make him happy, isnt that rite MiruL :) hahhaha.. I told u rite :) I'm not joking and I'm really helping u out here! A litlle bit about our dear fren miruL here - he's currently studying medicine in Ukraine. He's from terengganu and he has a blog too. Feel free to visit his website. The link is somewhere in the sidebar. So, anyone interested , send me ur resume! hahahaha... Adios Amigos...,!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is in the air

First thing first, 14 feb - is just another day to me :) So, there is no need to wish me Happy Valentine here. No offence, it's just that - I dont celebrate it. Hahha.. Suck to be my gf rite? Why I demur to cheerish the Valentine Day? I believe it doesnt go well with our tradition. That's all. ( I still have some of my conventional belief intact after all ) I have nothing against ppl who celebrate it , it's up to ur personal preferential. Wow, it's pretty hard to find a very "diplomatic" reason for this. However - let's not talk about it anymore.

Today, I finished my endocrinology posting. Yes... I'm a master of all the endocrine diseases ( Diabetic Melitus, Hypothyroidism, Addison, Cushing , bla bla bla ) ... for at least another week. Well, as the time goes by , ppl tend to forget what they learned and same shit happened to me all the time :P Sighhh... What to do Dr Natrah? I'm gonna be so screwed during my HO. There is no doubt about that! Well, the rumours said that , no matter how good an intern is, the MO always find a way to screw him/her. Plus, there is no way a new doc could be as good as the MO. So, the lesson here - just bring it on. Good HO, not so good HO - both are the free targets. I'm dead either way! Hahhaha.. till death do us apart :)

Therefore, instead of busying myself buying roses and lilies... I kept myself occupied watching this majectic film! Yes, Ultraman Moebius the movie. This movie was made to celebrate the 40 years of ultraman legacy. I have to say, this movie look nothing like the ultraman series I watched when I was a kid. The CGI effect is extremely fasinating. It's like watching the japanese version of star wars. It's kinda a reminiscent to my childhood :) I was smiling when the ultraman ace and ultraman taro came into action. Believe it or not, ultraman ace and ultraman taro were created on 1970 and 1960. They are way older than I am. Go Go chaiyoo ultraman :P

Tomorrow I'm starting my oncology cycle. This is the most depressing cycle. Seeing all the patients with cancer, really not the best view in the world. As we all know that , up until today there is no cure for cancer and most of the patients who's in the terminal stage , dont have much time left. hmmm... being an oncologist never came across my mind yet even thou it has a very high demand in Malaysia. Frankly speaking - should I become an oncologist - I dont think I have the strenght to tell more than half of the patients who come for my consultation that there is nothing I can do and they are dying. However, if my fate is to become an oncologist in the future, I really hope that God will let the human find the cure for cancer by then ....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Moscow Metro

"In total, the Moscow Metro has 292.9 km of route length, 12 lines and 176 stations; on a normal weekday it carries over 7 million passengers. Passenger traffic is considerably lower on weekends bringing the average daily passenger traffic during the year to 6.8 million passengers per day"

Yes, metro is a big part of my life here in moscow. I reckon I spend around 3 hours a day inside the metro during weekdays. Yes, it's a lot of time. The hospitals located pretty far from my house it does take me at least one hour to reach there. It's actually not a suprising fact since the metro is the most reliable transportation in moscow. The train arrive every 45 secs during peak hours and every 60-90 sec during normal time. Since the traffic jam in moscow is the worst I ever see in the world, the metro is the only thing u can rely on. Furthermore - the metro stations in moscow are the work of art. Each station is different from one another. None is the same. Considering in moscow, the white winter is about 4-5 months long - being inside the metro station is such a lovely view compare the world outside. Maybe that's one of the reason why the russian built the metro beautifully so it could bring the smile to the russian citizen. Unfortunately, it doesnt work that way. To be frank, it's pretty hard to see a smile from a russian ( unless those who are used to foreigner ) The communism spirit is still inside them. However, needless to remind here - 20 years ago, Russia still a USSR and to see the development they have now.. it's amazing! The personality of the younger generation also changed as they are more open to the outside world...... bla bla bla.. it's getting boring , I know.. will write about Russia again some other time :P
This is the metro station I've been using everyday for the past one week. This is the interchanged metro.The station called Stressnoi Boulevard. Boring Boring Boring.. Enough already with the metro story. Back to my life again. I phoned my parent earlier. They were at my brother's new house in Seremban. My mom told me that my cousin who's also gonna be a doc soon is getting engaged soon. I bursted into a real big laugh. The thing is, we had a bet ( my cousin and I ). Whoever get married first - lose and have to buy 3 "hantaran" for the winner. Looks like I'll be having 3 free "hantaran" in the future! Sorry Tina and at the same time - congratulation. I tried to call her earlier but to no avail. HHehee.. my voice is the last thing she wants to hear rite now. However, I'm happy for you. I know u all gonna ask when is mine rite? Well - since I'm not working yet and obviously I'm not a millionaire son , I believe I have to take my time then. It's a known fact that getting married today could cost as much as a helicopter, at least I need to have some money first to take care of "anak dara orang". Some ppl said that money isnt everything, but u still need money to buy food rite... to rent a house at least.. buy this... buy that... and eventually we all have to agree that money is "one of the key to happiness" in this new world. Yes, some of u might say, u can rely on ur parent , here and then before u get a real job - but then - it's not them who's getting married rite. How unfair is it. My parent already spend a lot on raising me up , I think it's "uncalled for" to burden my parent anymore. NONETHELESS, this is just my personal view and I do stand by it Some ppl might have different opinion on this matter :) Occay then - I hope everyone is satisfied with my answer :P

11 February!

11 FEBRUARY 2008

11 FEB - Congratulation my dear KAK RED! Finally , she bought her own dot com. It's about time sist! Yup, she just moved her blog to Well, u totally deserved it Kak Red. Frankly, with the high numbers of daily visitors, I've been wondering for quite sometimes when Kak Red is going to get her own .com. Eventually she did and I'm so happy for her! Our dear Kak Red played an important part of my blogging life. Half of my visitors came from her blog and I would like to thank her for that. ( see akak, mane ade saya lupe diri - still ingat kat akak tau !) Furthermore , she's not just another blogger to me, she's like a real sister to me. I met her before, I met her family ( plus met all her brothers too! ) , she treats me with respect even thou I'm just another kid on the block. It's been a honour for me to know u Kak Red and I really appreciate it. Hence, to show how much I love ur family , this summer when I get back home , I'll take sirman to dangdut therefore u could have ur precious time with abang and gegirl. We can be gone for days if u wish kak red.. no problemo... :P

Another special occasion today is - Happy Birthday to My Dear kak Zetty Zawani bt Nik Suzali Lee. Who's she? She's my "kakak angkat" at Faris Petra ( during my secondary school) Yes guys, she's married thou - and already has a baby - aiman farouk. Sist, I wish u all the happiness the world could offer :) Well, she's the one who been teaching me a lot about women. ahhahaa.. Yes, she tought me about what women want! hahaha.. Cool rite. I always went to her with diff kind of bf-gf problems and she always came out with a great solution! ahahha.. yeah, just go find another one! it's sure working well sist :P ( yes, to all my ex-es , it was her fault, not mine , so go and blame her ). Unfortunately, since I've been away from home for years - we hardly see each other. The last time we met was during her wedding day and it was a very long time ago. All the best for ur future sist , lots of love from me :) Tell aiman that uncle hensem is coming back soon!

Yes, this annoying flies catching game really is getting into my head! Hahhaa.. My best score is 25 flies cought at the moment. I wonder if I could get 30 flies ( I reckon I would if I have a better mouse :P , what an excuse huh!) To those who want to try this stupid game, just click on the hong leong bank advertistment above. See if u could do better than me!

Do u have too???

This entry, is again dedicated to Miss/Mrs NISA
Do u really have to? Do have to Miss/Mrs? I'm not sure what have I done to u that hurt u so much in the first place. Seriously , WHY? Why cant U just leave me alone if u dont like what I wrote here. IT TAKES MORE EFFORT TO OPEN MY BLOG THAN NOT TO. Therefore, why bother? Dont compare me with another doctor who's been working for years becoz I'm not a doc YET and what I wrote here DIDNT represent the DOCTORS in the world! Do u understand me dear? Sorry I cant translate into arabic becoz my arabic isnt as good as urs. U have our own blog to write ur opinion , well actually u have two. Maybe u need another one. BUT PLS, If u dont agree with me, just leave - it's so obvious that my blog is a personal blog. It's not nice to simply barged in into other ppl house rite? U should know better. UNDOUBTEDLY my blog doesnt suit u Miss/Mrs , hence there's no need to futher this arguement rite. I respect ur blog and ur opinion and I hope U could do the same thing.
P/S - my frens here are my VIP GUESTS here , kindly - please respect them too

Monday, February 11, 2008


I have to mention here that I'm currently very much dissapointed in you! Yes, MAN UTD - u let me down again! Lost to man city 1-2 , at home... what a shame. After a draw against the spurs last week - it's not lookin good for man utd rite now. What a waste of time watching their game lately.. Sigh.... I have to say, at this rate, the premierhip will go to the Ass-senal. ( I reckon half of my readers here dont have any idea what the heck I was writing about :)
Had a very tiring weekend. Played 2 hours of futsal on saturday and went to watch Utd losing today , I'm so tired. How I wished I didnt go to watch utd playing today! Should the weather was cold enuf, we would have went ice skating today. But for the past few days, the temperature went up, ( up to 2-3 degrees) and now the ice is melting. However, I'm not blaming the God here. Just another another day of my life :)

Luckily, I found this new stupid game today to cheer me up. It's kinda fun and very challenging. Everyone should give a try! hahhaa.. the game is catching those flies using the chopstick. Yeah, something like in the chinese kung fu film. How to play it? Just click on the Hong Leong advertistment below or on the sidebar. It's a good fun and kinda annoying too which made u keep trying and trying. My best caught was 22 flies only. Hhahaa.. come on everyone, see who has the fastest fingers here!

I'm really tired and sleepy rite now. Even so, I know I just cant sleep yet. It's only 11 pm here and I do realize that my brain wont shut down that early. Need to adjust my daily timetable. Having a batman life for the past one month is killing me now. I really need to sleep before 12 in order to be not the a zombie in the hospital.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saturday Blues

I was searching for my spm certificate earlier today , since the SPA interview is around the corner. It took me quite a while to find it since the last time I saw my spm certificate was 6 years ago I reckon. After that, SPM result doesnt seemed to be a big deal anymore. I cant remember where I put it , but I do know it's here in moscow. I dont have the original copy, only the certified photostated copy. Eventually I found my so called "personal data file" at the book shelf. I went thru all my certificates , most of them came from the secondary school. I laughed my heart out when I saw my Japanese Language Certificate. Hahaha... Yes, I did learn Japanese Language at school and I sat for the big exam, and given all the luck in the world, I passed it :) Funny thing , I almost forgot about it and currently all my japanese words arent there anymore. All turned into Russian. My 4 years studying Japanese Language - squandered! What a waste :)
Another one that really amused me was the testimonial certificate from the school.

"seorang pemimpin pelajar yang berdisiplin , bertanggungjawab, rajin, bersopan santun dan berwibawa"

translation- " a very diciplined, responsible, hardworking , well mannered and outstanding student leader"

I'm so sorry , I have to say it's not entirely true. Haahaha...Let's be frank here rite. Anyway, I would like to thanks the school thou. Appreciate it! Dicipline - errr .. no comment. Responsible - ermm... urmmm.. well... no comment. Hardworking - in things that I love, yes!. Well mannered - if I have to. Outstanding - hehehe... in certain area :P

While I was looking for the certificates , I came upon a few "classic" photos. The photo above was my first ever birthday party! It's true. My 1st birthday party was when I was 20 years old and it was a suprise bday party - arranged by my beloved Shida :) thanks a lot dear. U have no idea what it meant to me. Having to wait 20 years to have a birthday party - well, I have to say I nearly cried that nite. But with all my frens around - my tears were a bit shy to show themselves. But I could feel my tears running rite now. That's why I really appreciate ppl birthday a lot. I really enjoy birthday party, even it wasnt my birthday party. Again, thanks a lot dear. It was the best birthday party I ever had. Nevertheless, I dont blame my parent thou , since celebrating bday wasnt a trend in my family back then. Furthermore - I'm thankful enuf to my mom for delivering me alive to this world and raising me up. I have to tell u, it wasnt an easy job raising up a stubborn child like me. My mom is a supermom. Occay then, enuf of the sad story. It's a bit gay! Did anyone recognize that lovely girl standing behind me? This picture was taken a few years ago. She does look a bit different now, so am I . I did put her latest photo here in , somewhere in my entry few months ago , so - let's see who has the best eyes! hahahah... To any guy out there, this pretty lady here is currently single at this moment? Are u dear? Last time I checked she's single. But make sure u have at least a million in ur saving account and a nice sport car. Agent's fee is negotiatable.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Part 2

I knew that my previous entry would create some kind of "unsettled" feeling from some ppl and I do expect it would come from a guy. Suprisingly , there were 2 comments from they same person which really tick me off. On the first thought, I was gonna just forget about it becoz there is nothing much to talk about it anyway since I believe this lady didnt really understand what my previous post was really about. Nevertheless, I'm bored enuf tonite and there are a few things which I reckon I need to clarify to Miss/Mrs Nisa :) Needless to remind everyone here that my previous post was about to choose your future husband or boyfriend since I did mention about this in my previous entry again and again. It's just a true fact about men nowdays and not about women. I believe u are a women Miss/Mrs Nisa???
Dear Miss/Mrs/Dato/Datin/Puan/Puan Sri Nisa. Thanks for the compliment :)

"Dear Lucky perfect dream Dr Guy who have a super gorgeous bla bla bla"

Unfortunately u are dead wrong here. To start with, I'm not a Dr yet and I'm not perfect and I dont have everything. ( So does Dr Sheikh , he's not perfect nor has everything - go ask him urselves if u dont believe me) Miss/Mrs Nisa - I'm not perfect and I dont have everything and if u do read my blog carefully my life is a mess and on top of that I dont even have my own bicycle and I'm currently enocomically unstable (since u mention I have everything) Do I blame God for these? No I dont. God knows what best for me and I'm content with my life.

"If everyone's dream came true , nobody will be the garbage collector..."

I cant remember which part of my blog mention that everyone dreams will come true. Some dreams are just dreams and some dreams did come true. Mrs/Miss Nisa, what are u trying to say here? Ppl shouldnt dream?

Plus, in the 4th paragraph - ur comments about doctors :) Mrs/Miss Nisa , which part of my previous entry about chossing husband/bf mention about docs and patients relationship??? I DID NOT say anything a crappy patient. Please read again my yesterday entry.

Maybe Mrs/Miss Nisa here doesnt really understand about the C group of men in my previous entry. This C type of man - is man who isnt man enuf. I believe a man should be mentally strong to be leader at least as head of a family. I reckon that man should be able to do what best for him and his family. I think that a man should be desicive. Type C men do not have these attributes. Do u agree with me Miss/Mrs Nisa? Unless u are looking for a sissy husband/bf?

Occay, let's move to ur 2nd comment from Miss/Mrs Nisa.
"C is not that bad. Try never knowing ur dad .. bla bla bla "
So, what's ur point here Mrs/Miss Nisa? Did I mention that all type C men came from these kind of families? I did not. Even so, some ppl did have these unfortunate childhood and there is no doubt about that. However, does coming from a chaotic family means that U cannot be a good man in the future? I dont think so. I asked my mom before if my birth was planned or accidentally, and the answer was my parent wanted me. Good question thou.
"I'm waiting for my family. You dont have a family"
Urmm.... ermmm... let me see.. My mom is still alive and my dad is still alive too (until this moment ) , my brother keep asking for his souvenier.... I think I have a family :) alhamdulillah.
The final part, why do u have to bring Dr Sheikh in this? Hmmmm. Miss/Mrs Nisa. NOBODY HAS A PERFECT LIFE. Pls remember that. Human life isnt perfect. Perfect life means no worries, no enemy , got no class to attend, no business to run, no problems to deal with, immune from all type of diseases, never had an accident , has everything at ur fingertip - that's a perfect life. Again, no one has a perfect life. Pls name me one living person on this planet earth who has a perfect life? U should know better rite? Bill Gate's life isnt perfect. Dozens of ppl wanted to rob him everyday. Millions wish him dead. Mine is way too far from perfect. Is ur life perfect Miss/Mrs Nisa???

Friday, February 08, 2008

walk a mile in my shoe

First time always the hardest :) Yup, I had a really tiring day. My brain isnt just ready yet to go back to the hospital. Had 4 hours of lecture today , given by the Head of Endocrine Department. He wrote our text book and told us to read only his textbook. The other books are useless. Sighh... typical Russian! However, I started a new self theraphy today - controlling my nerves even during my worst state of mind. I was very hungry and sleepy at the hospital today. I only slept around 2 hours at nite becoz my brain was still awake until 5 am. I'm so used to sleep very late lately and I'm paying my price now!

This is my " so tired and sick" face :) How I wish tomorrow is a holiday here. I need more sleep. Yeah, we all never get tired of resting , arent we???

Occay, I have a very special question for all the female readers here. Earlier, I planned to write about my future plan in medical field, but I reckon this one would be more interesting for all of u out there. Question :- Would u rather have a bf/husband who is :-

A - an egoist ( a lot of ego!) , very straight-foward , stubborn + headstrong, hardcore , a daredevil , rebellious, whacko but at the same time who's a romantic, a comedian ,an opportunist , a virtuoso and a hot shot. For ex - me :P , McSteamy, Dr House, Dr Troy McNamara (nip/tuck)

B - a good hearted man, considerate, self sacrificing, a humatarian, "It's my fault man", humble , loving, noble , innocent, honest, reserved and some value which some called it as "the boring aspect". For examples - all the prince charming in the fairly tales movie, McDreamy

C - a " u jump , I jump guy", "I'll do whatever u want guy", "I dont have a dream guy", "I adore my wife as a goddess guy", "Please dont leave me alone guy", needy, deprived, basically this group belong to the queen control wives and gfs :P

So, which one is ur choice? If we put all these choices into the food analogy, A is the beef steak - delicious but will give ur body dozen of problem , cholesterol, high blood pressure , bla bla bla. B - is the cotton candy. Nice to eat them once in a while. Too much of cotton candy is a lil bit boring isnt it? C - is a piece of crap or in another word , is a piece of shit.

Some might choose to have B, prince charming in ur life, but the ugly truth is - these kind of guys are hard to find and even if u met any, either they are gay or married. Mostly are gay :) C? Well, if u are a really aggressive girl and u need a man to follow ur order every little second, no worry - plenty of this type of men available. Just a quick reminder here - to all the men who belong to the C group - stay away from me. U suck dude!

Well, the A group - hahaha... yeah, this one is quite tricky. I reckon I belong here. I have to mention here that I'm not a good guy. Yess.. I'm bad boy. Hahhaa... Yeah, they said good boy goes to heaven and bad boy goes to hell. But then , is there anyone out there who's still alive who's guaranteed to go to heaven??? None I guess. Well, I might be the last person to talk about hell and heaven but then I believe there is a very thin line btwn bad and good boy. On top of that. it's not us to decide who's bad, and who's not.

So, make ur choice everyone .... real man are getting extincted! In 10 years time, I reckon the gay population will become twice and the women population compared to men... well , it's a known fact that there are more women than men on earth rite now. Plus, the war in Palestin, Kosovo, in African, in Iraq - million of men died. So, ladies - do ur own math here :P

Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's all over :(


Life is a mess and it's pretty much explain everything that happened around us. Mine is currently really suck becoz tomorrow, I'm back to the hospital! Yes, my holiday is officially over. I know ppl in Malaysia is having holiday starting tomorrow for the CNY , unfortunately the Russian hasnt acknowledge the CNY yet, same goes to Hari Raya and Deepavali. It's pretty much upseting all the chinese students becoz as they gonna celebrating the CNY, class has started. The foreign student department should have do something about it since there are a lot of chinese here from Malaysia and China. Occay, enuf of that since I dont think the Dean reads my blog and even if he does, he wouldnt give a damn.

I havent bought any clothing for myself during the SALE , well the to be honest, I havent bought any clothing for quite a while. The thought of having to send back all my cloth to Malaysia really scare me. Yes, I have a really big wardrobe and a lot of cloth in it. My mom always wonder when do I have the time to wear everything. If I'm a women, it's nothing new. But unfortunately I'm not and the last time I check I'm still a guy and I still love women. I bought a jeans from MEXX. They are having a really big SALE. The jeans I bought costed me RUB 1140 (RM 150) after 70% less. The actual price was RUB3790 (RM 498) It was a good bargain. I love mexx style and their design. Simple ,yet elegent. Even so, I still hate the fact that tomorrow I have to wake up early in the morning again. I need more holiday pls. Too tired to go back to the hospital again. Therefore, in the future if I didnt visit ur blogs, unreplied comments or no update from me, meaning I'm too busy trying to be a doctor :P Adios Amigos !

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dont cycle and skate!

What you are about to see in the photos here, were done by the professional. Kids, please dont to this at home. When ice-skating alone wasnt fun enuf, this was what happened yesterday after I had enuf of ice skating :) For your info, cycling on the ice isnt a good idea. There was no grip at all and the tyre just keep spinning. Nevertheless, since we are the professional stunt actors, we managed to do some "jackass" action. To all the parents, make sure ur kids never ever try to copy what we did here. Since we thought that cycling on ice wasnt cool enuf, we decided to add some more spice - yeah.... I just be the trailer. It was fun and scary at the same time. Well, it was nothing when we were crusing at a very low speed, but when we got faster and faster, that was when the adrenaline came into action. Yeah, without proper training and proper equipment, it could have caused very serious injury :P Hhahaha...But I have to tell u here, being towed by a bike on ice skate was really really good fun. Everyone should give it a try. It's as easy as the ABC. Trust me on that!

Yes, still not enuf, I tried mountain biking on the hill of snow :) Hahah.. Pity the bicycle, to be ridden by ppl like us :P Since there is no way I could have done this in Malaysia, might as well give it a try rite. One thing I really like about snow, it wont dirty ur jacket or pants ( unless u play on dirty snow) U could even sleep on it if u can stand being frozen!

Yes, this was what happened when I had to much fun. I was racing on the ice , since there was no grip at all - kabbooommm.. Hhahaa.. No worry, my body is still intact until this very moment! Kids, this is what happened when U dont listen to ur parent :P hahahaha... Always listen to the elderly , Listen, Listen and Listen. Then do the otherwise :P heheh.. kidding !!! I know there's no kid reading my blog, so it's occay to fool around a bit :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hannan On Ice!

Yes, finally after a year, I'm back on the ice! I have not been ice skating for a while since I have this problem with my ankles. Even so, the thought that I'm gonna leave Russia soon and will be back to Malaysia where there is no snow, I just braced myself today and went for it. Nevertheless I have my prophylaxis measure - ankle guard for both legs. But of course u cant see it when I'm wearing my skating shoes - it's actually the ice hockey shoes... the real ice skating shoes is a bit gay to be frank!

Where did we went? We went to visit our beloved Cik Liza ( Dr Yunus' wife) Since Dr Yunus is currently in Malaysia on some official tasks, we took the liberty of bringing some fun to Cik Liza and her baby here in Moscow! Near to their house , is a tennis court. During winter time, the tennis court is frozen and is turned into an ice rink. Open air skating, it's a must thing to do if u ever visit moscow , canada and bla bla bla... There were 8 of us , cik liza and her baby, sue and shida , zharif (white jacket) , ammar ( yellow glove) , taka ( taking photo) and of course... me :)
We had a lot fun today. Unfortunately ammar and taka didnt bring their own skating shoes, so there we only shida , sue and me with the skating shoes. However, as u can see above, even thou they werent skating, they were having fun in their own way... yess.. snow fight!!! ahahha.. Snow ball was just not enuf for them.. it was more like a snow blocks fight!
Sue was having her first skating lesson today. Shida and I were the coach! AHAhh... it's more like the mother crab teaching their kids to walk straight :) I'm not a good ice-skater , but not that bad either. Just enuf to slide myself around the rink without falling down. Well, to be frank - today was the first time I didnt fall down during skating. Pretty good achivement I reckon! (But I did felt down due to another reason! ) hahah.. I was so happy that my ankle was doing occay today and I could skate happily... :) Last time we went skating, I need to take a rest every 5 mins to take away the pain from my ankle!

So, that was it :) What a great day we had! Wonderful. It was a short outing that it was very enjoyable and everyone had their fun. Even so, my holiday is reaching the end , just few more days left. I'll be back to the hospitals on thurday. Really not looking foward for that day. I wish we could have a few more extra days to enjoy ourselves. I want to go skating again. Who's coming with me?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

No Regret

My sponsor had banked in my monthly allowance but it's now nearly all gone since I had to pay my room's rent for the next 6 months period. Yeah, february ,mac and april arent the best months for me here. But, it'll be a different story from May! After we settled paying the rent, we (Shida, Sue and I) dedided to take a quick de-tour at the Ramstore Capital Shopping Mall which is located on our way back home or near Metro Universitet to be exact :) It may not be as big as The MidValley in Malaysia , but it has all the boutiques and shops that I need... ZARA, Tommy, CK, Lacoste, MEXX ( to name a few) But, I came back home with just some grocery. Not really in the mood for shopping yet. Had a quick dinner there, McDonalds Fillet O fish for me and pizzas for shida n sue. Only after the meal I found out thru a fren that there's a halal food store here in Ramstore Capital called "Sultan". I went thru the menu , middle east style , not serving any pork and I saw a few Malaysian girls bought their food from that shop. I'm not sure how "halal" the food is since there is no HALAL logo around the shop ... hmmm.. plus a lot of restaurant here claimed to serve HALAL food and at the same time they serve pork on the same plate... what's the point then... I might be the last person who should talk about this topic thou.. hahah.. will let the expert to give their opinion :P

What I'm about to write here is a MUST READ PART TO ALL MY READER!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!!

Since some of our dear frens are having trouble in their love life, I would like to give my 2 cents here about LOVE. Maybe not the best opinion or advice u can get, but I'll just write what I learned about LOVE. LoVE is like a deep sea. It's so beautiful and at the same times it's lethal. LoVE is full of suprises and miracles. So does the Sea... full of beautiful creatures, so adorable, the corals, colourful fishes . Love , full of happiness, excitement, passion, the tenderness , the affection that make ppl gone crazy. Unfortunately, some of us forgot there are also shark, killer whale, giant octopus and Godzilla in the sea. Same goes for love... it also comes with dilemma, hatred, heart broken, endless tears (the list goes on) So, it's up to u, how u choose to discover the sea. R u gonna swim? Take a cruise? Scuba Diving? the submarine? No matter which way u choose, there's no guarantee that it all will end up well. If u swim , u might get a cramp or the shark might eat u. The cruise might sink like the titanic. The oxygen for scuba diving might suddenly stuck or disfunction. The Russian torpedo might hit ur submarine. No guarantee at all. It's the same thing for LOVE. There is no guarantee for happiness, there is no guarantee for happily ever after. Marry an ustaz? Ustazs are the highest group to do poligamy. Marry a bank manager? U might be robbed in the middle of the nite. Marry a minister? U husband might have "florist" fren. Marry a race car driver? he might get killed in the race. Marry a teacher? he might be having affair with the students. Marry an architect? his drawing is more precious than ur wedding ring. Marry a farmer? He spend more time in the farm rather than in the bedroom. Marry a doctor? well that's a good choice! hahahahha. Some of us might think, occay let's not be involved then. HAha... u dont go to the sea, the sea will come to u. TSUNAMI! U cant ran away from LOVE. It'll come , and most of the time... it'll go and leave u alone heart broken! No matter how hard u try, no matter how many promises u made... LOVE is just unpredictable. Today U said u wedding vow... till death do us apart... the week after.. u are full of debt,I want a divorce! ( to all Men , stop making bullshit promises , dont promise the world coz it's totally impossible ) Occay, too much explaination I think , my point is, LOVE is about taking chance and risk. Being LOVE meaning u are risking ur heart. Be prepared for the outcome. To all women, I think we all agree that we shouldnt blame the word LOVE rite. It's just another gift from the God, same goes to the sea. There is no one to be blame if shit happened in love rite.. u cant blame God rite? U should give credit to urselves for taking ur chances and no worry , once u fail in LOVE, u could always try again. No worry, the heart will grow back, times heal everything rite? I'm taking my chance in LOVE and I'm enjoying every single moment of it ! Kiki, Zie, get a grip will ya :) Shida pls dont kill me :P

Friday, February 01, 2008

first cut hurts the most

"karna xkan pernah kau temui cinta sejati... jangan kau tangisi lagi" Kiki - beauty is pain , so does love.. it's more painful! be strong occay :) SMILE - told u never trust a man! - that goes for all women out there :P
Yes, I cut my finger. My left index finger to be exact :) What happened was, I was trying to cut the lemon to make my dinner last nite. I wasnt planning to have dinner since I'm still hoping to lose 10KG in days time (which is bullshit) , but then - I felt a bit hungry and decided to make some salad. As I was making the dressing for the salad , I accidentally cut my finger. It was a pretty deep cut and the blood rushing out from the vessel like a fountain. Then I went to the bathroom and put my finger under the running cold water for a minute to stop the bleeding. For a normal person, usually the bleeding should stop around 2-3 minutes. The cold water should help the coagulation process since it will constrict the blood vessel and at the same time clean the wound :P. Just in case, if ur bleeding time is more than 10 minutes, u should go and consult a medical personal as u might have the Von Willebrand disease :P. Occay , I got carried away a bit. Not too much I hope. Anyway, currently my left index finger isnt fit for typing the keyboard, which in this case- explain why I didnt update my blog, why I didnt reply ur sms, unreplied emails, the unanswered phone calls, unwashed dishes and laundry, unpaid bills, all the broken promises, all the break ups and tears , all the lies, the lipstick's stain on my shirt , why I was late for the date , why I didnt want to get married to Nora Danish 3 years ago, why a man could be such an asshole and a jerk at the same time, the world war and the global warming .

I hope everyone would understand my explanation above. Yeah, see - such a small cut in ur finger could cause such a difference to the world :P . Anyway, back to reality now - since our celebrity chef requested for a close up photo of my ceasar salad, here u are chef.. Taraaaaa... ... Sorry, the presentation isnt as good and the photo quality is not so great either. Nevertheless, should be ok considering I'm a chef and I learn how to cook on my own all these years. Another week to go until I'm back to the hospital. I had some bruises on my legs from the futsal game on wednesday. But tomorrow I'm going to play again. Yeah, bruises make a man! So, since I'm typing like a handicap now, I think this is enuf for today entry. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!