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Thursday, November 29, 2007

jejak kasih!

Who's the guy? What the heck is he doing here? Which planet does he comes from? Introducing to all my reader, this is my not-so-Gay-fren. (nama dirahsiakan!). Let's call him Mr G. ( for mr g-string) hahaha... Earlier today, he left a comment on one of my photos in my friendster. Well dude, it has been a while since last I heard anything from u. The last time we met was nearly 6 years ago! Now, he's studying in South Korea , ( u r still studying there aite?) . Still single I reckon, that's why I'm so confused either u r straight or not? ( let me put it this way Mr G, are u gay or not straight? ) Let's clear that up , shall we? ahahah... OK, now, story time - We met at INTEC, he was doing his preparation course to go to South Korea and me doing mine. He's from KL and in I'm from kelantan, which basically makes us have nothing in common,( except that we are both super HOT , arent we ?) We technically stayed in the same block , but different entrance. So happened that we have the same frens and always hang out together. But , we became very close friends during one of the camps at hulu langat ( ala... kem bina semangat la konon- nya... nak kasi semangat utk belajar la tu... ) . Yup... we had such a memorable time there!!!! Spend a lot of time together! ( Pls girls, clear ur dirty imagination ) and the best part was, both uf us - wrote a poem together! To make it even better, we presented it - together, in front of the crowd! Awesome rite ! ( not gonna happen again dude... hahahah ). Dude, when are u coming to moscow huh? Bring some girls along if u plan to come, if u do come alone, dont call me! hahahhaha.... Anyway dude, I wish u all the best in ur life. We shall meet again, this I promise u... someday somehow... hahaha... this is soooooo gay... uurgghh..Ok, I'm done with Mr G for rite now! No more guys photos for the next 1 million entries! I know what are u all gonna say in the comments! Back to my med-student life. I have one more day left at the tuberculosis hospital. Tomorrow gonna be the final day posting and then... say hi to WEEKEND! I need a rest... I need a lot of sleep... I need to just lie down and think of nothing for a moment! This morning, I was soooo damn tired , I even felt asleep, in the metro - standing up , leaning on the wall of the wagon. That showed how tired I was, and I'm still very tired rite until this very moment. That's why i need my weekend to come very soon. However, this weekend not gonna be a quite weekend for me, lot's of stuff will be going on... My life has no full stop.. keep running and chasing around... and I'm living it to the fullest!!!

the snow is back in town!

Yes, it's snowing again! The snow has stop falling for the past few days here in moscow. What happened was, the temperature went up, more then 0 degree. Therefore, the snow on the ground started melting and it kept raining. This is the worst weather u could possiblely see here every year! It's so damn dirty! Sigh..... Today I went to Oxodny Ryad shopping center, which is located near the Kremlin. Reached there by 3 pm and the sun was still shining. But, on the way back, around 5 pm, It was already dark!!!
Currently, I'm having my tuberculosis posting. Lucky me that the hospital located quite near to my home. But, the class finish pretty late everyday , which really drained my energy. When I got back home everyday, all I could think of is "sleeping". Aaaaaa.... I cant imagine how my HO life gonna be next year. I might need to sign a sponsorship contract with RED BULL , coz I'm gonna need a lot of that so called energy drink! I cant drink too much coffee coz nowdays, too much caffeine make me feel like vomitting.

Someone asked me just now. " x study ker? ". eerrghh... Gimme a damn break will ya! I've been study all day long! ( a bit of exageration here!). But, frankly, I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Never happened before u know.... hahaha... finally, I feel like a med-student. Being in the final year, really scared the hell out of me! Hope it's not too late... better late than sorry aite? To my dear fren waliz - pls cheer up dear!... to azra... put ur photo back! hahahaha....
My thought of the day-
Some said , "If u dont try, u wont fail" But, what's the point of living if u are scared of taking risks and keep running away from the possibilties?

Monday, November 26, 2007

look in the mirror

" I never have an idol in my life, coz I always believe I could do better! " -Hannan Yusof
Soooooo SORRY everyone!!! not been updating for the past few days. Nearly a week I reckon. It had been a very busy week, and also quite a dissapointment for england and man utd fan. Nevertheless, I'm not gonna talk about football here, gonna throw that away for the time being! WALIZ, thank you for missing me! I miss u too! AZRA, what's wrong being a metrosexual huh? hehehe.. I miss u too la dear :P. So much to write, but so little time. I ve been very busy with my classes lately. Today, I've been analyzing X-RAYS from early in the morning until evening, and to be continued tomorrow! The x-ray films make me sick! huhhu... feel like vomitting. It was raining today, and I'm very much sensitive to rain! hahahah... keep it to urselves azra, i know what are u gonna say about it. What kind of man cannot stand in the rain! hahaha... shut up dear... I ve my sensitive side laaaa... gimme a break will ya! Anyway, I promise I'll try to update the blog as often as possible, but... with the winter exams coming pretty soon, do expect me to be "invisible" sometimes ok!

P/S - KAK RED - I MISS U THE MOST!!! ( just in case mak merah kate gue sudah lupa sama dia)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

good news or bad news? huh... part 2.

"PUTRAJAYA (Nov 21, 2007): The cabinet today agreed to extend the mandatory medical housemanship from one to two years, to ensure that the medical interns receive sufficient knowledge, skills and experience by the time they complete their training, Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said.
He said the new housemanship programme, which begins next year, will require medical interns to undergo training in six different disciplines such as medicine, paediatrics, general surgery, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology as well as in the accident and emergency department, for four months each."

- The Sun 21 NOV 2007-

Not the most anticipated news of this year for me I guess. However, I'm not that suprised about this. 2 years of housemanship.... I believe there are both , pros and cons of this new rule. Frankly speaking, as a future HO - I would rather have 1 year housemanship. Unfortunately, our government have different view about it. Huh... what can i say then. Nothing much I can do rite now, and this new rule not gonna change no matter how much I blog about it. So, for the love of God, just let's forget it for the time being. I have all the time in the world to worry about it.... 8-9 more months ... hopefully. Live for the moment baby!!!! oooyyeeaassss!!!

I havent been updating my blog for the past few days. Why? Coz I have been sleeping a lot! 3 days in a row, I slept at 9pm and woke up at 6pm! That was 9 hours sleep everyday.! What a healthy life. But, in order to achive that so called "healthy life" I had to sacrifice my study hour, my blogging hour, my ps2 hour... which are a lot of valuable hours of my life! So today, thing gonna change, not gonna sleep by 9 pm coz I have a lot of stuff to be done, some revision to do and last but not least - watch the game of the week - england vs croatia. ( yes, england - the LUCKY bastard team!). I'm an england fan, but I'm so dissapointed by their performance in these qualifiying games! What a waste of talent Mr Mclaren! Anyway, enuf for tonite - gonna hit the shower... adios amigos!!!

NEWS FLASH!!! hip hip hooorrrayy!!!.... England lost 3-2 to croatia, meaning england didnt qualified for euro2008! YESS... I'm an england fan, but with Mclaren in charge of the team, they dont deserve to win! Crap, should have change the manager long time ago! Sven Ericson would have done much better!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

eurotour summer '07 - Venezia , Italia

I've not been taking any new photos lately, so here u are - some more of my eurotrip leftover. This time is venice, the romantic city ( at least, that's what ppl said). Well, it's actually to be honest. Up here, is the photo of the Venice train station, where I spent a nite, sleeping in front of it. No worry, I wasnt alone, there we at least 30 ppl - backpackers who did the same thing. Unlucky the police there didnt allow us to start the campfire activities! hahahaa.. It would have been so much fun. So, sleeping in front of the train station - that was totally romantic, couldnt ask for more!
Nevertheless, since I'm the one who founded venice, I'm not gonna talk about venice in detail coz everyone here already has the rough idea what is venice is all about... the gondola... the venice festical.. bla bla bla... boring. Let's talk about my life, more interesting for sure. Oyyeeahh... no doubt about it.

This morning, .. but wait... it's 2.o8 am here 19 nov... occay then.. yesterday morning, 18 nov , at the hospital , as we finish the morning doctors conference, we were sitting on the sofa, having 5 mins break before continue doing what we were supposed to do, a doctor came to us and asked us to help her to transfer a patient. Well, since she asked nicely, we all agreed. But I was wondering why she needed so many ppl to help her??? As we reached the ward, I could smell something very2 bad was gonna happen! A female patient, I would say weight around 240-250kg was lying on the floor! 250kg... dude... even 4 of us really having a tough time moving her up to her bed. The patient's body was sweating, really smelly, no pants coz I think she wanted to go the toilet and some of the S*** already came out and the foot is diabetic!
There were a few more interesting details here that really makes my day, but I think , it's enuf for now. My hand was covered with blood ( dont really mind actually) but what pissed me off was, there blood on my shirt's sleeve. OMG... not that early in the morning! hahahah... I'm so gonna get used to it!!! Well, the 1st time I did the rectal examination, I could eat after that. But yesterday, we even talked about the blood and the s*** as we having lunch. No problemo at all.. hahahha.... Good day everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

what goes around comes around. huh...

"When you become successful in any type of life, there are people who are not contributing to the motion." - Tom Cruise
Someone commented on one of my entry, saying that she doesnt like Dr Sheikh. I'm gonna refer to her as miss A. Well, to start with - u have ur own right to voice ur opinion , and it's ur life not mine so why should I give a damn about it. Ok, I totally understand that. Nevertheless, Sheikh is a good friend of mine. Knowing him quite well - I personally think Sheikh never ever did anything wrong to u , miss A or ur entire family. If he did - tell me what happened and let's just sort it out. Dear miss A , I'm not Dr Sheikh's brother or his biggest fan - but u shouldnt just go around and say " owh Mr SMS, I dont like him". What if other ppl do that to you? On top of that, I dont think Sheikh knows you , miss A. So pls Miss A, I know you dont like him , but that doesnt give you the right to do what u did. U can blog as how much you hate him in ur own blog, but not in mine!. I rest my case.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

i'm so gonna miss moscow!

hmmm.... i have only less than a year of life in moscow ahead of me. Damn! , how i wish i could stay longer here coz there are a lot of things I enjoyed doing and having here. But, on the other hand, there are also thousand of things that make me wanna go back home a.s.a.p. Moscow, how I'm gonna miss u - a lot! HAhaha.... this is sooo gay! Well, to start with, I'm sooooo gonna miss the snow here, but not the winter-freezing-cold-frostbite of course. Someone pls, build an indoor snow park in Kelantan!!! There are a lot of other things more I love about moscow - not just the snow of course...
Plus, one more thing that I'm gonna miss the most is - my internet broadband connection! With RM 80 per month, I'm getting this ultra high speed internet connection. That's no way Telekom Stream can provide me this kind of broadband with such price! Yesterday, I was downloading the Grey's anatomy, and it only took me less then 15 mins to finish downloading one episode. Why cant Malaysian's internet provider do the same thing... siggh....

Friday, November 16, 2007

big shot!

this is my new fav tv series! Big Shot. A story about 4 men, very much successful in their business affair but not in their relationship with women! . They are :-

From the pix above, on the left is - James Walker (Michael Vartan, Alias) is the group's moral center, but his professional life almost crumbles in an instant, thanks to a corporate shakeup at AmeriMart Industries. However, his work woes pale in comparison to what he later learns about his wife. He drive porshe cayenne in the series , which is cool, but not that cool yet!

2nd from the left, the not so handsome guy among the 4 musketeer is Karl Mixworthy (Joshua Malina, The West Wing) is the sweet yet always nervous CEO of a large pharmaceutical company. He has a loving wife  and a cunning mistress who is beginning to monopolize whatever free time he can muster. This guy drives a Range Rover - typical, not so interesting, match his job well!

3rd on the row from the left is - Brody Johns (Christopher Titus, Titus) is Senior Vice President of Alpha Crisis Management. Despite his professional success, his wife will be judging him by how magnificently he can put together her birthday party.Drives a S500. Nice car, but - doesnt suit the age yet...

And finally, the coolest dude in the series - Duncan Collinsworth (Dylan McDermott, The Practice) is the sexy, divorced CEO of Reveal Cosmetics. Having built his company into the industry leader, he now finds his personal life threatened by rumor of a personal indiscretion -- which is actually a fact -- that could turn his world upside down. Never mind all those shit happening in his life, he drives the SLR mclaren, that's sub zero super cool!

AGAIN , keep in ur mind - even thou I only put all the man photos here, there are some girls too in this series. THIS is not a GAY series, and I'm not watching gay series... hahahah... kak red, azra, I know u all have a witty mind out there , so pls... :P

Thursday, November 15, 2007

snow flakes!

8.00 am today, as I walked my way to hospital - the snow was falling, and the city is fully covered by snow. It was about -4 degree celcious. Not that freezing, just enuf to keep the snow coming. It was quite dark still and I cant really the snow. But, on my way back home, as the sun was shining brightly, I could see the sparkle from the snow flakes, and I really tempted to jump on the snow outside the hospital and have a snow fight. Unfortunately, my frens werent really into it. Maybe they were still tired after a day at the hospital.
So, I sms Shida, that we gonna go outing at the park today and have some fun with the fresh snow. She agreed , plus cik sue and sya also would love to join us. The best time to play with the snow is when it's still fresh - meaning during the first week of snow fall because snow flakes only fall down during the early part of winter. In the middle winter, there is no more snow flakes, it's more like a cotton - smashing onto ur faces. What's the different btwn snow flakes and other snow? If u want to make a snow man, or have some snow ball fight, u gonna need the snow flakes because snow flakes bind stronger.

Enuf with the snow flakes story then. So, 4 of us, head to the park. It was around 3.oo pm. Need to be fast because by 4.00 pm, it's already dark here. ( maghrib masuk dalam pukul 4 ptg during winter). The weather was really good, not too cold, around -5 degree I guess ; the snow was falling lightly, just enuf to bring the mood alive :)

As we reached the park, the photography session started! Yup, typical Malaysian, we just cant leave home without the camera nowdays... hahaha. The snow was fresh, not so many people, and it did look like we were in Alps or somewhere near there. The view was breathtaking. The lake was half frozen and the trees were covered with snow. I'm really gonna miss this view. This is my final winter here in moscow.

In the photo above, u can see the lake is half frozen. There were still some wild ducks having some last swin there coz I believe in few more days, the lake gonna be fully frozen and the russian will start sking on that. Yup, in photo also u can see the girl scouts , marching thru the snow. hahahhahaa...

and here the 3 girl scouts - sya, shida and sue. Three best friends, the musketeer, three future docs, 3 - whatever it is. :P. Anyway, we all had fun, shall we go there again girls???

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

winter ...owh winter..

My 6th year med student honeymoon is nearly over. Winter exams is coming - real SOON! It's about 2 months away to be exact. But, there are a lot to be revised. Now I'm starting medical posting. It's one of the most busiest posting in our calender. My previous posting was at oncology department. It was a walk in the park. No rush, no extra revision, no extra time hours - how I wish all the posting are also the same routine. Up there are my note books , nice huh? Yup, those make u feel hungry during classes... the spagetti... the fetuccini... ooooyyeesss... hahahaha.... I'm not a big italian cuisine fan, but I do enjoy the food.
As u all know, it's already winter in moscow. Now, the city it's already half white - covered with snow. It's been snowing for the past few days. So, whenever it started snowing, I usually will get flu. But, this time - I'm taking my precaution. I took some antivirus pills just for prophylaxis measure. These pills should hinder all the flu viruses away from me. " tapi kalau Tuhan nak kasi sakit tu... kene jugak.. x le nak elak punya.. hahah".

This is my photo before I had a haircut. Nowdays, long hair makes me very uncomfortable. Y? well.. because , I'm becoming a doc soon, so must have a very good self-presentation to the patients. Hahahha.. Yup, here there is no written rules that doc must have a short hair. U can even wear jeans and shirt to work if u want to. So, It's just self dicipline i guess - on how u want to present urselves :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

dinner with Dr SMS!

YES! Sheikh is back in moscow. I was lucky enuf to meet him. He's really busy, that's one of the reason I dont want to be an angkasawan, I hate all the publicity, all the rush, all the attention... aaaah... just not my style... so, I'll just let's Dr Sheikh deal with all these stuff. Sorry Sheikh, the pix above maybe one of ur worse photo pose in ur life, but - u r too tall!!! I needed to do s'thing about it... hahaha.., ( who's hotter? me or sheikh! ) thanks Dr, u are the coolest angkasawan i ever met! He purposedly bended down a bit so we looked evenly tall, BUT dont worry Dr, in the pix below - the truth is revealed.. hahahaha..

We had dinner with Sheikh at hotel crown plaza , near WTC moscow on friday nite. He looked very tired, but always smiling.... what a charm huh? Even thou with all the fame, with the celebrity title, he's still very2 humble when talking to others. That's what made me really respects him , a lot. Plus, he really cares about others. When I first met him last year, I told him a joke , and when we met again last friday, he still remembered it! My God, even me myself had totally forgotten about it.

Anyway Dr, it was great to finally met u, again. Yup, even thou u've been to space, nothing changed about u. U are still Mr Nice Guy, Mr Well Spoken and Mr Down to earth! Hahaha.... our government had made the right decision to send Dr Sheikh up there! ( no offence Dr Faiz!). The only thing that differ is, u've lost a lot of weight! Not sure, that's a good thing or a bad thing! But - either way Dr, u are the most handsome angkasawan ever! hahahah.. ( I'M NOT GAY! - just an affirmation). Even the newpapers here said that Dr Sheikh is the sex symbols or russian women! Wow... obviously the reporters havent meet me yet!
Again, I would like to thank sheikh for having dinner with us. Great to hear all the stories! Thanks a lot for all the autograph! U r the man Sheikh! ( me too... of course! ) hahaha... Really hope to meet u again, before u go back to Malaysia. All the best Sheikh! I'm proud of u !

Yup, this one is the pic of aliens who came back together with sheikh! hahaha.. Joking. This is me and victor. He's a multimillionaire, the coolest millionaire i ever met! ( obviously I havent meet a lot of millionaire!). The first thing he asked sheikh, "Dr , did u see any alien out there? " hahaha.. and we all bursted into laughter! What an honest question victor! Maybe u should go up there by urselves.... 25 million usd , u should have it! If u need a company, just gimme a call, I wouldnt mind spending some times in space!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

personality test~!

"The best way to cheer yourself is to cheer somebody else up"

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I did this personality test, and as expected, when the result came out... I'm a bloody entertainer, a creator, an energetic kinesthetic and linguistic. I agree with all of that, but the linguistic part! hahaha... If u know me well, u should agree with this test result as well... hahaha... u all should try !

Friday, November 09, 2007

TGI Friday

"Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed." ~Albert Einstein

I have been tagged by Dr Sara , on what is my "8 things that my ideal companion/gf/wife must have" ( or something like that ) . Wow Sara, I have to say, this is a hard one. I would rather answer my surgery exam now instead of this. WHY? well - to start with, "who am I to be so choosy". 2nd , " ajal , jodoh - ketentuan Ilahi " (death and marriage is decided by Allah ). 3rd, I have shida. hahaha :) ...
anyway, personally - i think, the most important thing u need is - to love each other. That's the main criteria and the rest, will come along. Like the elderly always said in choosing future wife " biarlah lawa pon , asalkan berbudi bahasa , kaya raya pon xper ". Is that rite miss waliz? ( cikgu waliz to be exact)

So, again, I'm so sorry Sara. I cant really answer ur question. Gimme an easier survey laaa... hahahah. This is an advance level. I'm still a beginner in this part of life. Ok, enuf with all the love story, now back to my real life. Since Sara been complaining why I didnt put my latest pic, here are my very latest pics! We went for lunch+dinner at TGI friday today after class. It has been a while since my last visit to TGI, so we went there, checked out the menu which is basically still the same, but they have lunch time special menu. We both had seafood chowder, ceasar salad and fish and chips. I cant believed when I saw the bill... only 510rubbles ( around rm80).... it was so cheap..... hahaha... so... TGI anyone? Let's go!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

eurotour summer '07 - Milan , Italia

Milan - was below my expectation! Unless u are super rich or crazy about old church architecture, or an ultimate AC Milan / inter milan fan, fashion designer , I dont see a reason why u should come here. Technically, for a backpacker traveller like me, nothing much interesting in Milan. Yes, there are a few beautiful building, like in the pic up here, the famous shopping complex in Doumo, located in the heart of Milan, full of designer boutiques - a heaven to rich-shopaholic. But, that was all. The rest, hmmmm.. If i knew that Milan was that boring, I would have gone to Mali or mauritus instead.. hahaha..But , still -this is just my personal view about Milan.. and a few of my frens who went there before, share the same opinion...
For those who planned to go to honeymoon to Milan, I would suggest Venice instead. But, if the wife is shopaholic, and the husband own an oil company, Milan would be a great choice. Maybe, someday, when I've become a super-rich surgeon ( aim for the sky baby!!! hahahha ) ... I'd love to come back to Milan and buy the whole LV boutique.... Unfortunately.... that not gonna happen!!! hahaha... even thou I become a super rich surgeon... still wont have enuf money! Y? Money will never be enuf to someone! We'll always want more! Yes, that's an evil mind. But this kind of thinking, move ppl foward, drives everyone to work harder!
Ok, back to reality, I'm still a med-student, under our beloved scholarship. I dont have a salary still... just relying on my small monthly allowance from JPA. Nevertheless, I'm grateful for that. I'm very grateful - indeed. If I'm already super-rich now, I wouldnt be here - busting my ass to get a medical degree. But , I have no complain of my life. I have a good life, and I'm thankful for that :)
hmmmm.. what happened to me huh? PMS??? this entry supposed to be about Milan. Maybe this is what some ppl called pregraduation-confussion-period. Too much thought about my future life. U know what, let's forget about my crazy future for the time being. I'm gonna live for the moment. Let's my life drives its own way - just follow the flow... just follow the flow.... like the elderly always said - "untung sabut...timbul... untung batu...tenggelam... " .. betul x ni ??? kalau salah tlg betulkan, kat sini xder jual buku peribahasa aaaaaa

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

hey.... I love all of u!

Minna-san !!! ( everyone )!hehehe... I was away for the weekend.. and weekend last week, included monday. Yesterday was the The Unity Day celebration in Russia. So, instead having a break on the start of syawal, we here, had a day of during the end of syawal. Well, i guessed, it was better than nothing. I was a bit bz during the weekend, mostly doing nothing. Now, I'm rushing to class now. Will write more about it later. To azra and waliz... thanks a lot for missing me!!!! hhehehe.. I miss both of u too. And... of course, not forgotten... my beloved lily and kak red!!! yes , kak red... how could i forget u... i miss u too!!! va va va... later aligators!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

~so messed-up~

" I'm living my life. And I'm doing the best that I can, and doing it in a way that I feel is right."

If God give me a chance to go to europe again in the future, I'm definately going to PARIS again. It was the best city I've been all my life. (with all due respect to my own city KL). There is just something about Paris that makes it so special, so different from other places. Something so romantic of tower made of oxigenized steel -Eiffel. Something so sensational when u walk along long strecth of boutique, the Champs Elysees , - and the night ariel view from the tower - was just majectic! YUP. I'm having my breakdown. Which, lead me to having some stupid hallucination - some imagination , I seriously need a break. I chatted with a fren last nite , ( yes chin joo... i mean u!) , told her how messed up I am, all this medic-student-final-year-life is killing me.
But, unfortunately enuf for me , I dont have any holiday in the nearest time. Yup, I do have one, 2 weeks (at most!) break this january, but I dont think I could last that long. Urrrghh... Luckily , this weekend gonna be a long one. Will be 3 days weekend. Monday will be a public holiday to celebrate the Unity Day. Yup... unity... and i need this 3 days to unify my body again. I'm not having the days in my life lately, and it's the worst too... yes, it could be worse.. but, I'll keep praying that I'll see the silver lining soon enuf... bye :)
champs elysees - the famous road ...full of boutiques and memories....

Thursday, November 01, 2007


It's 4 a.m - I just woke up. I slept at 6pm yesterday, planned to wake up around 11pm or 12 to do some revision or whatsoever.Unsuprisingly, didnt happen. I did open my eyes at that time, but didnt have much will power to really leave the bed. Maybe I'm too tired. I'm very2 exhausted for the last few days. My body is really weak... my mind- totally messed up. Thousand of stuffs linger around my brain, dancing on my nerves.....really ruined my days. Maybe it's the weather.. , no more sunshine today. It's officially winter today. Yup, 1st of november. Even thou there isnt snow yet, it's technicallly winter here in moscow. From early november, until end of february..... hope it's not winter yet in my head.... my summer need to do list isnt fully accomplish yet.