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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the challenges of opening your own private clinic

well, where do I start
it is an uphill task

it took a while before i managed to convince my parent that i will quit the government
frankly speaking they would prefer me to stay in the government for the rest of my life
my mom mostly , she is very pessimist about my ambition
she is not to blame definitely
coz my family is not very familiar with self own business
coz i m still young ( still in my twenties and i m jumping into this big hole )
coz i m inexperienced in business
the list goes on
there are moments , when i think about these risk factors
i thought it might be better for me to stay where i am right now
happy and simple life
no hassle... 8-5 job
free weekend
it is a good job actually
pays pretty well
but... i just dont have the satisfaction.....

Monday, April 22, 2013

The biggest decision ever !

It is about time
I finally decided it is time to jump
I m opening my own private clinic this year
Yes ,
Some says it is foolish to leave the government sector
Opening ur own private clinic is such a big gamble
Throwing away the subsidies I have right now
The security ...
Well, in a few sense... These people are right

But I have my own reason
I have decided it is time for me to fly solo..
Well not really solo.. I have a fren helping me with this clinic
A close fren of mine
He opened his own clinic about a year ago and he is doing pretty well right now
He told me it is about time I follow his step
And he might be right

Mama and papa are a bit worried when I mentioned to them about my plan
They worked for the government thru out their life and they have done well
Surely my parent want me to stay in the government sector that provide the security ..
But I m sorry mama n papa, please bless me on this
I want to have my own private clinic
It was a dream of mine all along
Since I was a medical student

Yes I know,
It is such a huge gamble
I m putting my life on the line here
But I believe ... Rezeki Itu di tangan Allah...
InsyaAllah .. My clinic will turn out just fine
It will be a struggle at first few months surely ..
But I will be strong .. Coz this is what I want and my dream.
It is do or die thing..

The other day, when i was exercising at the gym
I told a fellow doctor about my plan
He is my super senior... Works for the government for about 20 years already..
He told me " working for government could provide u the security , but hardly will give u the prosperity "...
He encourage me to proceed and catch my dream
Thanks for the advice boss

Well... This is just the first step..
Many more things and stuff need to be done before I get started ..
This is the beginning of a new journey in my life ...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fiesta wedding glam 2013 dinner

Well, surprisingly , they have chosen me as the prince of the night for the dinner
Many thanks to the organizer

It was a great event , sponsored by giffarine
But due to some technical glitch ...
The dinner ended earlier than it supposed to be
Better luck next time
Hope to be invited again next year

Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to win PRU 13 for dummies

I m not a political analysis
And neither do other 10 million Malaysians who will post their vote in this coming election.. May fifth 2013

I m just a normal citiZen
And this is a view of a normal typical citizen who sees the obvious situation which are going on right now..

Dear Pakatan rakyat..
Yes , there are a lot of people out there who want to change our country administrator right now
But there are a few things u guys could do to improve the voting outcomes and be a better government in the future ( should u guys win )

Number one. Drop ambiga at all cost. As Muslim ... It is haram to vote for ambiga who is fighting for the lgbt right and ambitions . Lgbt is wrong.. Dead wrong in any religious . Hence , it is a big no for certain people to vote for pr if ambiga is still there . Vote for ambiga means that u r supporting lgbt... Harammmmmmm

Number 2 . Karpal Singh n kit siang should support PAS to implement hudud . There is no need for the non Muslim to be worried about hudud as hudud will only apply for Muslim. So shut up guys, do not interfere in other religious matter .

Easy rite ? Should that are able to fix this issues , PR could get a few more thousand votes on their side ..

Now lets look at BN..

Well, they have been doing a good job running the country for many years. Kudos. But this coming PRU will be a big test for them. The biggest ever I presume.
But there are a few thing they could change right now that could bring them victory in this coming election. A few changes that will cost them zero cent !

Number one , get rids of those who are involved in bribery.. Including whose family... Yes.. U know who. How can u being investigate for bribery at highest level and yet .... U r the prominent figure inside the party ... Get rids of these few people and the citizen will see BN is serious about against bribery...

Number two... Our dear PM.. I don't want to be rude here ... But maybe u could ask ur wife to wear tudung? That small change will makes our rakyat believe that our pm is strongly religious ... Malaysia I a Muslim country right.. It is about time our First Lady to cover her aurat...

Well... I know I m no expert
But these little changes in both party could make a different
Could be decisive
Should they are willing to make these changes .. I ll vote for that side...

No hard feeling guys . In the end of the days .. PR n BN are pretty much the same with a few differences. DSAI was in UMNO ... Ibrahim Ali is everywhere
We don't care
We want people who will work and fight for our needs
Who will lead the country wholeheartedly
That is all

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nia sulking

Yes. Bad news for me
Used to be one lady who is always sulking . Now I have 2 !
The more the marrier rite ?
She is an exact copy of her mum
Her face and her attitude as well
" x bole kene marah sket , terus menangis ! "
Owh my goodness
It is gonna be very interesting


It is a feeling that hurts and irritate us So bad
When u do something .. Or hope for something:.
The end result just gone wrong ....
The expectation is just the other way around..
That the feeling we all hate the most

Fitness day!

Love the new home
With the 5 star gym is just downstairs
More time for me to have fun !

How I wish I have time everyday for gym
Rite now
My daily schedule is pretty hectic
Most of day I managed to squeeze an hour or two at gym/..
Which is very much adequate
But I hope I m able to do that everyday
Which is impossible as there are many other thing to oblige ...

Love the new appearance

Thank u blogger
Finally u guys come out with an updated version of mobile blogger
Which is better in many ways !

Friday, April 12, 2013

A perfect Friday

Yes , it is weekend here in kelantan
Friday is weekend
A day I would love To spend resting with my family
Something I was not able to do every week apparently
How I wish everyday I could just wake up late in the morning.. No need to rush to get to work.. Take my sweat time playing with nia , reading the newspaper , have a proper home cook breakfast
Yes , it is wonderful
But life doesn't work that way
It only happen once a week at most
The rest of the week will be hectic and tiring ...