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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

happy bday Stitch...

.. maka genaplah umur setahun stitch a.k.a kwn baik aku ni... so.. memandangkan die ni teman tido aku tiap2 mlm..maka bersempena ngan bday die, aku belikan kek special.. "Princess cake", dibeli khas dari sweden .. ( bole didapati di Ikea!!!). n pada hari ni.. genap la setahun aku x jumpe ngan wan, manusia yg menyebabkan aku jadi blogger.. thanks wan.. jasamu tetap kukenang..( so, princess cake tu ditujukan utk wan jugak.. tapi aku tlg makan yer wan!!).. anyway.. today I was a bit tired, so decided to update the blog ealier than usual.. maybe mlm ni aku berjaya tido awal kot.. sbb tadi main single game sampai 5 set.. heheh.. x berapa fit skarang sbb sebulan berehat gara2 nak exam. so skarang ni tgh berusaha kembalikan stamina yg x seberapa ni. Dulu kalau zaman2 skolah.. stakat nak lari 1okm tu.. langsung x heran.. skarang.. nak lari 10 round court basketball pon dah tercungap2... hampes.. xper.. usaha tangga kejayaan.. So, I'm still looking for my futsal team mate.. dah ramai yg offer... nanti kite buat trial bile aku balik mesia ek.. ( semata2 nak lwn team kak red....rela aku tubuhkan team futsal!!!). Actually, aku ni pon bukan pandai sgt nak main bola ni. Aku baru jer start main futsal, dlm 2 thn rasenya. Sbb mase kat skolah ngan kat Intec dulu, asyik main basketball jer. mase skolah rendah main badminton memanjang.. so.. skarang ni nak tukar la skit.. so lepas jer beli kasut futsal, terus melekat kat futsal. pasni ingat nak start main golf la pulak.. hehehe.. tgk la nanti aku ambik gambar main golf dlm salji... nantikan ek.... hehehehe.. Hmm. pelik betul, hari tu mase exam, rase bnyk jer mende nak buat kat internet ni.. skarang, biler dah free tahap cipan.. dah x tau nak buat ape dah.. habis semua citer, series, tv show aku download. baru jer lepas layan prison break s02e15... ntah biler la citer ni nak abis ekk.. anyway... aku pon dah rase ngantuk la pulak... I'm off to bed..... chiow kawan2..

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's 3 a.m and I'm lonely..

"No one believes that their life will turn out just kind of okay. We all think we are going to be great. And from the day we decide to be surgeons, we are filled with expectation. Great expectations of who we will be, where we will go. And then... we get there." -Meredith Greys
hey everyone... I'm still alive.. been a bit bz.. but still here.. kicking around. Anyway, ppl been asking why I'm more bz after I finished exams? hehehe.. coz, during exam, I was bz on my study table ( which where the laptop is..!!) , so I spend most of the time on the net rather than reading books.. just not my fault.. the laptop is in front of me.. and I just cant help myself...hehehe.. anyway frens.. I'm not that bz. Just doing some stuffs that I havent been doing in my exam period. Went ice-skating yesterday. Havent been skating for quite a while actually, heheh.. so my legs were a bit stiff.. but I got over it after a few rounds...Then, after ice skating ,we went to dinner at a chinese restaurant in Novoslavodskaya, quite a nice place. We had our own private room, 6 of us plus one big table full of diff type of chinese dishes (mostly fish!!!) and a karaoke set which we couldnt be bother to use it!!.. hehehhe.. Had a wonderful dinner coz we were a bit tired after the ice was a very tiring sport actually ( yes, u can sweat even it's snowing) ... and that was pretty much what happened yesterday. Today, we went shopping ( yes ..again!!!!).. bought a new home for my isolated fish -the angel fish-, then went to Ikea, bought some scented candle.. ( I'm a big fan of scented candle!!!).. heheh , afterward.. we accidentally entered Mark&Spencer.... and my dear bought me a special gift... a new M&S wallet.... hehehe... yes.. I use my wallet a lot, so I do need to change it regularly... It was quite a good bargain actually.. the real price was RM223 (to be exact!!)...and I got it for quite a cheap bargain. heheheh... thanks dear.. ( the wallet cost more than the cash I have now!!!).... So, this is it.. the moment I've been waiting for, the holiday.. hehhe.. not as exciting as I imagined .. but , still.. I'm enjoying this moment. Had nothing to worry about.. simple can go out anywhere I want.. anytime.. do whatever I want to do... It's great. But, I have a crazy brain... when I have nothing big to worry about.. I started to worry about even the simplest thing..such as.. "ikan dah masuk kandang ke belum, , underwear dah iron ke x?.. check tekanan udara kat dalam toilet.., sape jumpe melaka sebelum parameswara.. kak red menang or kalah ( I've a bet with her).. n many more" well.. I guessed, that's how life goes on... u just cant stop being worried... hehehe.. or is it just me who felt that way???? wondering..... hmmm.. - anyway... just my own thought.. I always think that my life is great ( but s'times I have to admit Life Sucks!)...coz in the end of the day, if I, myself dont have the intention to have a great, wonderful and fantastic life... who else would??? and believe me.. the "suck part" of ur life.. makes the wonderful part of ur life taste even better...I read a advertisement here.. a vodka advertisement.. It was on the billboard near the metro on my to class everyday, it says" Life is way too short to drink cheap vodka.." heehe.. true enuf.. if u want to die drinking vodka.. might as well drink the most expansive one.. ..<------- how stupid could u be,if u have nothing in ur life- might as well do a bungee jumping without rope into the sea full of hungry shark.. at least ur family dont have to gone into trouble dealing with ur funeral.. heheh... my advise.. "dont drink, just do drugs" ehhehe U'll die faster.... ...adios... ( tomorrow schedule - badminton)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Good News, Bad News

had a very2 tiring day today. Woke up, went to play futsal, then lunch ... then bowling... then watch MU won against portsmouth... then came back..sleep... but cant sleep coz I had too much capucinno when watching the game..(was trying to be awake for 90 mins). Anyway... had a few news. 1st, bad news ( for me)'s freezing cold out there... -10degree, but good news, tomorrow afternoon.. gonna go ice-skating at the park. 2nd, Good news, man utd won, bad news, still cant sleep b'coz had to many capucinno while watching it!!! (.. and here I am.. doing my blog..). 3rd, Good news, got a belated new year gift from a fren, bad news, she outdone me in bowling today. 4th, good news, finished all my exams, bad news, 2nd semester is starting in 2 weeks time. 5th.... the best news of the day... "allowance" dah masuk dlm bank.... , but bad news... my atm card ngan my mom.... (hampesss!!!!)..... 6th, good news.. I have my mastercard...( har har har), but, bad news.. cant use it for strip club ( my mom would find out about it!!!.... ) hahahha.. just joking... I'm a good boy... never been to any strip club ...yet... so, sape2 interested nak tlg bawakan... amatlah saya terharu dan berterima kasih.... Hmmm... ape aku nak buat ek.. 10 more days before new semester... nak pegi holiday??? way too tired !!!... ( yes... traveling is very-very tiring..) and rite now I do need a lot of rest....technically... . anyway.. I think I'll just hang around moscow this time.. ( actually xder duit nak jalan2.. and aku memang xder mood nak jalan2 skarang).. anyway, will keep myself busy with futsal, bowling, badminton, ps2, eating, blogging... bla bla bla.... until I'm bored with all of this stuff... Anyway kak red... sahutan cabaran mu ku sahut.. .. so skarang nak rekrut pemain pompuan la kot... ok.. syarat2 nak masuk team aku.. 1st- pernah mewakili Malaysia/negeri dlm bola sepak. 2nd... hmmm.. tu jer la kot... hehehehe... aci kan kak red???
Word of the day
mashina = car
avtobus = bus
samalot = kapal terbang

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Couldnt ask for more....

Alhamdulillah... thank God.. everything is over now!!!! .... Finished my psychiatric exam just now. Got a good mark... ( thank u Allah), good ending for such an agonising period. Thanks everyone for all ur support...thanks for praying for my success... woww... I love this feeling... so free.... heheheheh... just woke up from a very2 pleasant nap... .. what a day... what a stressing 3 weeks... and still.. I came up.. alive.... finally... I could see the silver lining... yup... well done to all my frens who also have gone thru this suffering state... hehehe... Yes, I know, this is only a small part of my life.. and I do still have a lot to go thru... or some of u might this is nothing to be talked about... But... for me.. I took every exam seriously... and when I do s'thing.. better do it right... or dont do it at all ( ayat poyo!!!!!!!!!!) ...anyway.... my next exam will be on june.. which is very far2 away... so... for the time being... ---enjoy!!! mode---... hmm.. nak buat ape ek.. hehehe.. actually, jadual weekend dah penuh dah... besok pergi main futsal.... , pastu dinner.. pastu pergi tgk Man Utd game... pastu... SENSORED activity.. heheheh.... ( tido la tu!!!). Sunday.. pergi ice tennis... Sunday... shopping again... hehehehe... Plan baik jer.. tgk2 tido jer lepas ni.. hehehe... biler dah abis2 semua ni.. xder la rase letih sgt sebenarnya.. anyway.. besok nak main futsal... x tau larat ke x.. dah 1 month dah berenti main gara2 nak exam... .. anyway, thanks again everyone.. U all have been so supportive, and I'm very glad to have ppl like u all around me.. It's an honoured to me to share my happiness with everyone of u... (Chewwahh.. ayat poyo lagi!!)..
P/s.. kak red... ade ke kite ni muka study, x geng la... hehehhe.. k.ween.. teruskan usaha nak jadi multilinguistic tu ek... (betul ke ejaan tu?).. Bro Zul.. jom sambung chatting nanti... hahahha... Member2 kat moscow.. besok futsal kul 3-5 ptg.. free, aku sponsor.. GOOD DAY EVERYONE!!!
Word of the day...
kakoi/kakie/kakaya/kakoe = which
kagda = when
gdie = where
kto = who
pachemu = why

Friday, January 26, 2007

in the end of the day....

It's 5 am in the morning. still cant sleep. I'll be having my psychiatric exam in 4 hours time. Dont think I'll get any sleep before that. Just be awake until everything is over.. hehehe.. desperate time called for desperate measure... Now, I'm more desperate than the desperate housewives..... Just hope that everything will be over soon.. soon enuf so I could get back to sleep and be normal again.. For the past 3 weeks, my life has been so hectic. Can't remember when the last time I have a good sleep. Been sleeping at 7a.m everyday, and woke up around 11 am...(or s'times 2 pm!!!) .. really.. want to get over this... so, everyone. pray for my success today... I really need all the luck in the world.. technically, right now.. I'm the patient... not a psychiatric... how ironic... hehehe... chiow bello...
p/s : russian class for today.
da svidania = bye2
kak dela = how are u?
fine/good = kharasho
bad = plokha

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Me? Anak mama? hmmm

Pengalaman bakar sate kat moscow, suhu -2 degree....

I'm a the worst son every parent could dream of.. hehhehe... I know... being me.. is crazy. My parent does had a hard time raising me up... i guessed so... kinda true actually., hehhe. since I'm very "degil, keras kepala, very2 rebellious, pemalas, x suke kemas bilik ( mase kecik n skolah2 la, skarang x le tgk mende sepah2 dah) , memang langsung x dgr cakap org tua- semua la sifat2 anak yang x berapa baik. But, still... I'm thankful to have a parent like they. But , it does take me quite a while to be grateful- how lucky I am to have a great parent. Mase kecik2 x reti nak appreciate org tua. Tapi, bile dah besar...and tambah2 lagi dok jauh dari parent... baru la rase nak hargai org tua...nevermind.. It's not too late yet.. Mama, papa.. I love u so much... heheh, tapi perangai degil ku xkan berubah sampai biler2 kot... biasa la.. mane cool dengar cakap org tua <--- kata2 anak derhaka (jangan jadikan amalan.. nanti masuk neraka)... hahahah.. aku xder la jahat mcm tu.. I do listen to my parent.. in certain cases.. but... if I dont agree with it.. I just do it my way ( in most casses).... anyway, thinking of buying mama a new handbag. Looked around Guess Shop that day, and there is a lovely handbag.. cost around 4000rubbles(RM520)...mexx handbag.. black leather..around 1500rubbles --> which is quite cheap ( cant afford to buy LV or Gucci stuff for mommy yet!!!).. but, summer break is still very far away... 5 months still... and there will be another summer SALE on jun n july.. we'll see what's the best deal by that time.. but need to save money.. hahaha.. too many wish list... I PHone is still no 1 at the moment. Kawin? not in the wishlist yet.. will try to look for sponsor for my future wedding ( maybe from GooGles or Yahoo!) ... or just join the "cari menantu" programme... hahaha.. dasar lelaki x gune... Anyway... I found out there are quite a no of malaysian silent reader in my blog.. so.. thanks for reading.. and it just cross my mind to teach u all a bit of russian language... since u r already spending a lot of time reading my stupid story.. might as well learn s'thing new rite.. ok.. we'll start with very2 basic...
yes = da
no = nyet
satu/one = adin
dua/two = dva
tiga/three = tri
hehehe.. senang kan bahasa russian ni... senang la sgt.. sampai skarang pon aku x fasih2 lagi.. even most russian cant speak proper russian with the right grammar.. anyway.. continue..
saya/ I = ya
awak/ you = ti
love u = ya lublu tebya.
sbb ape x le ya lublu ti??? sbb russian language ni giler.. heheheh.. tapi memang salah n xder org sebut ya lublu ti. heheh.. so, ni la pengenalan kepada bahasa russia. It's nice to know and master another language.. but the process is not very nice.. hehehe.. We have 3 years of intensive russian class... but still.. it's so hard to master... heheh. but, I do speak russian.. even thou not very fluent, it's enuf for me to understand what my patient said, and my patients did understand my russian...good enuf.. hehhe.. nevertheless.. I'll keep studying the language.. I know I would regret it in the future if I didnt master the language now. ( I studied Japanese language for 4 years and now I forgot almost everything except how to ask a girl to marry me in japanese language...) hehehehe.. penting tu... yang lain x ingat xper.. hahahahah.... Hmm.. next exam will be on friday- psychiatric examination.. not my fav subject.... still have a lot of stuff to read b4 the examination day.. but my mind already in holiday mode coz after this final exam on friday... gonna be 2 weeks holiday for me.. gambatte nee....

zaman kanak2 kat moscow.... mase ni thn 2.. .. 2nd time raya kat moscow.. kitorang ambik catering buat sate... USD 1 , secocok.. sbb nak bakar dlm salji..( org giler jer buat ni.) hehehheheh...lepas tu kitorang jugak yg makan...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

once upon a time...

zaman2 jadi basketballer dulu...skarang dah pencen..

Today, I just find out one of fren was already married and didnt told me until...this morning. But, it was a bit funny about the way I found out about this, thru ym...
me : hye, morning , selamat pengantin baru
her: heyy... tq2...

then I was like ...What the heLL? I was just fooling around with the "selamat pengantin baru" part...and she said tq. BlooDy HeLL... kalau aku xder niat nak buat lawak bodoh ngan die ari ni. x tau la pasal die dah kawin. Die kata baru akad jer.. reception x buat lagi, sbb tu x heboh2 lagi.... So moral dari kejadian kali ni... rajin2 la buat lawak bodoh ngan kengkawan ande yer.. Ok, back to my boring life here. Woke up a bit late since I slept at 7 am this morning. was chatting with some silent reader of this ugly blog...hahaha..thanks guys for reading this. And u are always welcome. Last nite tgk the apprentice season 6, episode 3. kali ni ade sorang pompuan tu "quit" dari show ni sbb die dah x thn dok tido dlm khemah.and x thn ngan ahli team yg x suke kat die .. dan die tahu yg die bakal kene fired.. ( season 6, loser team tido dalam khemah, winners have the mansion.) So, mase kat boardroom die tarik diri sblm Trump fire die. Which is... quite a smart idea. tapi kene kutuk kaw2 la dek trump sbb tarik diri tanpa berjuang habis-habisan... and to be called "a quitter" by trump plus ppl around the world was watching the not a good thing. But, it's her life. Who am I to judge??? heheh... anyway, in my life... I sometimes found out being a quitter is a good choice. Being a quitter, doesnt neccessarily means that u r a loser, bukan nak tarik diri, tapi just choose to do s'thing better. A fren told me..." quit-if it's not worth it.." ... and that what I did.... There is no point to fight to be who's the biggest asshole, who's the best jerk, to be s'thing that u r not...rite??? " stop being stupid and start thinking how to make more money!!!"... hahaha..that's what I always thought when I intend to do s'thing unreasonable.. panjang la pulak aku membebel kali ni... xper.. dah bosan dah bace buku ni. tadi tgh2 baca buku, ade jumpe ni..
"Sexual anhedonia is known as 'ejaculatory anhedonia'. This rare condition means that the person will ejaculate with no accompanying sense of pleasure. This condition is most frequently found in males, but women can suffer from lack of pleasure when the body goes through the orgasm process as well."
Aku rase semua kat sini dah 18thn ke atas... so.. x kesah la kan. So, jgn la sape2 ade penyakit ni ek... hilang nikmat idup....tapi kalau ade gak.. nak wat camner..dah dugaan.. ( ni bukan sajer2 letak...masuk exam ni soklan gini...) Ok la.. dah la tu.. nak sambung study lak. Anyway, kpd kak red n kak ween... dont worry..saya ni pakar membeli belah... x caya tanye emak+kakak ipar+mak sedara+cousin+ nenek+ cikgu+ posmen+ accountant+ toke mastercard... heheheh, nanti kalau nak kirim ape cakap jer.. perfume kat sini murah2.. hehehek..

Photo no 1. Aquarium ku tanpe Angle..( angle si ikan telah dipindahkan) No2. Stitch tgh sedih sbb angle dah xder dlm aquarium. No3. Tommy Hilfiger, my fav brand.

Mane lagi lawa... biru ker merah... penin nak pilih mane satu... korang tlg pilihkan utk aku bole x.. harga same jer .. dlm 2500rub(rm 330)..murah sbb tgh SALE...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Bayar Hutang..

Stitch.. teman sejati aku tgh main kejar ngan angle (ikan dlm aquarium kat bilik aku.)

Finally... duit sewa bilik dah setel sehingga summer ni... so.. skarang aku tgh xder duit sbb technically dah bayar sewa sampai ogos. So, lepas ni... dpt duit.. enjoy sakan la sbb dah x yah pikir pasal nak bayar sewa lagi.. Ni yang buat aku gatal nak pergi melancong lagi ni... ke mane ek... prague,czech? turkey ( sambil2 beli bot RM30juta)? UK? hmmmm... tgk la dulu camner... last time mase pergi paris pon aku decide last minute giler sampai duit pon x cukup. Ape2 hal pon.. kite tgk la nanti. Tapi 90% , aku rase lepak moscow jer kot. Tunggu summer ni la.. Tour europe no2. Anyway... memandangkan MU kalah ngan arsenal semalam.. membuatkan jiwa aku x tenteram.. ergghh,. hampes... dah la semalam lepas dpt result exam.. terus pergi Sportland nak tgk game ramai2... dalam2 letih2 x cukup tido kutabahkan hati jugak pergi tgk game semalam.. tapi xper.. MU still premiership leader. What? Liverpool menang ngan chelsea??? memang.. hebat giler la looserpool, eh silap.. liverpool.. skit lagi nak potong MU kat league tu... x bnyk sgt beza point.. dlm 11 mata jer... xper2.. teruskan usaha. Tahniah kepada Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong sbb menang Malaysian Open.. cayalah... Tadi lepas bayar sewa, pergi Oxodnie Ryad (shopping Mall), skarang ni tgh SALE. Winter SALE.. so.. tak thn jugak la aku tgk barang2 murah ni.... So, alang2 SALE kan.. baik beli la sementara ade rezeki ni.. heheheh...memang sah la kot aku x ke mane2 winter holiday ni.. duit dah enjoy sakan beb... hahah..Ni ade tawaran, sape berminat nak ikan aquarium.. aku nak kasi free angle fish aku tu sbb ikan tu suke belasah ikan2 kecik lain dlm aquarium tu. Dulu mase beli kecik jer.. skarang dah besar gabak... nak makan x le...

P/S- Photo No1- muka x cukup tido... No2. Kedai2 On SALE sampai 70%.. No3 investment kat mexx utk yg tersayang.. cube teka amenda dlm kotak tu. size kotak dlm 50cmX30cm.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I hate exam.. so much.

Alhamdulillah... setel jugak exam ari ni.. okess... 3 down, 1 more to go. SUCKss.. anyway.. I'm considering myself very2 lucky to finish all my exam, so far. Thank God actually. Not that I got a damn good mark... but who care.. I just wanna pass all my exams. hhehehe.. ayat sedapkan hati tu. One more exam will be on this friday. the last one- psychiatric. Well, to be honest, never accross my mind to be a " pakar sakit jiwa", but, to a general doc... we have to know a lil bit about "sakit mental n jiwa" ni. So, kene la ambik exam jumaat... so.. memandangkan jumaat lambat lagi bak kata zak.. malam ni.. I'm off to watch man utd vs arsenal game. Malam besok jom kite main futsal ramai... hehehhe... dan kat sini aku nak kasi beberapa ucapan utk kawan2 aku. Kepada :-
Budak2 10-06-syabas... bnyk sungguh ilmu ozi izi anda...
Michelle - no reseat exam for us :) LuCKy..
Alan - alan... we all dah 3/4 finish winter exam for 5th year... tido la cukup2 yer sebelum masuk clinical year ( mcm susah jer... heehe. senang jer... bak kata buya..)
Feminin - kene la ade mcm2 lagu utk pelbagai jenis pembaca :>
Buya- 1/3 nasi, 1/3 air, 1/3 asap .... kenyang la jin dlm perut tu...
Semua kawan.- syabas... n gambatte utk next exam..
Semua pembaca- teruskan baca blog ni dan doakan kejayaan kami... tq

No Title...

For the past 2 days... I wrote 2 testimonial for my frens b'day. Happy b'day to Michelle Tan and Alina Hasni... and my b'day testi was....michelle, me n TKV
hannan Posted 19/1/2007
Happy 52 birthday. May all ur grandchildren passed their pmr&spm this year. And may u get a good in law for ur 4th daugther....... and say hello to grandpa... dont forget to visit his tomb... heheheh.... Happy birthday beauty.....
hannan Posted 20/1/2007
happy bufday alan... u dont look a day after 40 years old...
and here are their replies.... hehehehhee..
Posted 19/1/2007
thanks for the bday wish... wahhh.. do i look THAT OLD to u!!?!?!?!??!! good luck for ur oziz.. wishing u a 3 at least.. if not.. we reseat for it together la.. haha..

Posted 20/1/2007
err..very funny!NOT.did u know the more older a woman gets,the bitter she is?exactly.
[huhu..i know,still sweet.thx]

hehehe. i know it's not that funny to make fun about women's age, but still..cheer up everyone.. "life is way too short to spend all day long being angry at someone."- my personal thought.... this is what happened when I'm gone half crazy. Trying to make fun of other since I'm so **** up before my exam tomorrow. Still have a lot to read. Too much info must be digested before the judgement day besok. I just hope that I'll pass the exam tomorrow regardless how bad my score will be. All that matter now is just to pass it and sleep well after that.( + watch man utd vs arsenal match- if everything goes according to plan..). So, everyone.. again. do pray for my success tomorrow. One more the chelsea (chelshit) have been beaten by looserpool (liverpool) 0-2....hmm doesnt make any diff for us man utd fan. - not like liverpool will be on top even if man utd lost tomorrow.. heheh.. chill shiv

Saturday, January 20, 2007

the day after friday....

yup, it's saturday ... and nothing had changed much since yesterday... except that Lee Chong Wei lost in Malaysian Open and ppl still argueing about Beckham move to MLS. I have to agree that beck is not the greatest footballer in the world. But, nowdays, football is not just about skill.. strenght, power... there is lot's of other thing that must be considered to be a big star like beck. I bet Galaxy wont pay the same amout as they gonna pay to beck even ronaldinho wants to play for them... coz even if Galaxy won the MLS 10 times in a row, they wont get the same ticket money, tv sponsor, shirt sponsor ++++++... that they gonna get when Beck plays for them next summer.. anyway... Beckham, u deserve 500K usd per week salary. F1 gonna start real soon. Mclaren- my favorite team, without raikonnen this year, but alonso is the new driver..launched their new car for 2007. Hope this car will be the champs car... I cooked fish n chips for dinner today. Last week was chicken chop.... here are some photos of them. It may be the best fish n chips and chicken chop in the world... but, at least... it comes from my own stove ....hehehheeh..... sape nak order...sila2... bayaran bergantung kepada kadar perubahan angin kat Mt Fuji... kalau angin xder... murah la skit... kalau mase tu matahari tengah naik,, or time nak subuh.. mahal la kot.. heheheh... anyway.. this sunday is my next exam. not having fun. Man utd vs arsenal at 7pm on sunday. Gonna go and watch the game if I pass the exam, and hopefully.. I will... everyone.. doakan aku.. hehehe.. x sabar dah nak cuti ni... arghhh... my final paper will be on next friday- psychiatric... .. suckkss.. gonna have a big wild party when everything is over.... ehh... silap2... nak solat hajat.. insya Allah.. ( niat kene betul...) hehhehee..

p/s- yang kat kanan tu fish n chips. yang kat kiri chicken chop... hehehe... yang kat atas tu kete mainan aku...

Friday, January 19, 2007

It's friday.... yup.. again..

the kremlin at night a.k.a rumah En Putin
Hmmm... tup tap2, tgk2.. dah 5 bulan dah aku kat moscow setelah cuti summer july dan ogos lepas.. cepat betul mase berlalu, still can remember the 1st day I arrived in Moscow. Damn cold. But now, thanks to global warming, it's mid january, and there's still no snow and the temperature is around 0 to +5 , which is, very warm, considering at the same time in the previous year... it was -20 degree during mid jan. Well.. another ppl gain, is another ppl pain.. heheh.. I pity those juniors who were hoping for heavy snow, so they can go snowboarding, sking, ice skating at the park... hahaha.. no chance this year.. sorry guys. Since I've been living here in moscow for 5 years now, and already gone thru 4 winter with heavy snow, I couldnt be bother if there is no snow at all in moscow this year.. heheheheh... not that I'm praying for global warming. ( I do realize that global warming coz big flood in Malaysia, but... that's the price we all have to pay to the enviroment).... Ppl never thought of how nature can damage us, and we didnt give a shit about taking care of nature... and here we are.... I'm so sorry for all those ppl who are involved in the flood especially in Johor. I would have offer myself to be a volunteer if I'm in Malaysia rite now...( cakap senang la ko kat sini Hannan oii....) heheheh... Anyway.. sama2 kite semua doakan agar banjir kat mesia tu akan reda secepat mungkin. ( kalau bukan kita yg nak doakan.. sape lagi... nak harapkan Bush? lambat skit kot..) Dan doakan keselamatan semua rakyat Malaysia. Aku tiap2 kali bukak utusan, sedih la pulak tgk negara kite ditimpa bencana alam ni... satu negara lumpuh... org hilang umah... hilang harta benda.. budak2 x le gi skolah.... hilang pekerjaan... urrghh.. sedih2... Semoga banjir cepat2 la surut...aminnn.
p/s- gambar kremlin dicuri dari fotopages zak, gambar banjir tu kat utusan.... hehehe

Thursday, January 18, 2007

50% screwed up....

Hey everyone...thanks again for reading my blog.. reading how suck my life is rite now.... hehehe.. everyone is welcome here...keep filling the chatbox... I just woke up. It's 3.30 am here in moscow. Alhamdulillah, I've passed my opthalmology exam yesterday, not with flying color...( but with flying heads!!!!).. but who cares... as long as I did it, and I passed.. it's all that matter rite. Coz in medical university, there is no such thing as first class degree or third class degree. We dont have those kind of thing.. ( ayat nak sedapkan hati jer ni.) . Anyway... I'm happy that I am 50% away from my 2 weeks winter holiday..... (which is supposed to be now, but we are having examss..). Have 2 more exams coming.... Social hygine exam will be on this sunday...( isnt sunday is a public holiday????) aaarggghh... sunday... hate it... coz saturday nite is man utd game against arsenal. I missed 1 man utd games already during this exam period... not fun.... this is the sacrifice ....xper2... nak jadi doc punye pasal... berkorban ape jerr....As u can see in my latest photo, I do look like a zombie now... not enuf sleep... feel nausea everyday.... hope this torturing period will end very soon... cant take it....Just now, after the exam, decided to go to the mall for my scheduled "psycho theraphy" or in another word= shopping. Even thou my atm card is with my mom now... still got my mastercard... plastic card. Have no plan to buy anything in particular actually, but end up buying a cheap khakis at Collin's Jeans, since they are having offer... buy one get one.. so.. why not since my wardrobe is full of jeans lately, need to have a change once in a while. The khakis only cost me aroun 680rub(rm 80??)... so.. it's cheap... good buy I guess... hheheheh... just like to shop. But, still couldnt find the right sneaker... I hate it... Hmm.. thinking of collecting my insurance card tomorrow , but I think I'll wake up late, and I need to start studying for my next exam on sunday.. Maybe I'll pick it up when I've finish with all the exams... still need to pay the rent for the next semester.. my room cost around rm800 per month. Yup, a room rent is rm800 in moscow. An ugly flat with a living room and a bedroom + small kitchen would cost rm 2800 here... and my room is like 4.5m X 3.5 m ...that's small...very tiny roo,.. but.. this is the price u have to pay to live in moscow..... And... new pools everyone.. since aku tgh dalam process nak beli kasut sukan baru.. korang vote la ..which is the best... maybe aku akan beli yg menang vote kot.. sbb kepala aku pening sgt nak pilih sendiri ni..

p/s- all photos were taken using my phone cam.. not very clear... heheheh

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

La..La..aLa..alaaaa...laaaa....alal laalaa

14 hours prior to my opthalmology exam, I'm supposed to be studying... but, my brain is too full rite now.. cant absorb more stuff... so, take a break for a while. Anyway, I just call back home to find out that my parent had successfully change my atm card and they told me that the bank manager is a very well mannered ppl- berbudi bahasa and ringan tulang. Tomorrow I'm gonna give him a call and thanks him. Maybe I should write to Utusan and tell the world how great he is... hehehhe...well.. credit to maybank.. well trained staff.. Maybank... worrrlldd class.. So, now my atm card is with my mom until I go back to Malaysia this summer- meaning, she'll control my finance for 6 months... errr... not a good idea... but, no choice... no shopping for me.... hmmm... anyway... skarang ni tgh study pasal strabismus/squint/mata juling. Mase kecik2 dulu, suke jer gelakkan org mata juling... haa.. skarang... bab ni la pulak gelakkan aku ... hampeh... bnyk betul nak kene study ni........
Ni aku jumpe iklan kat internet... ucapan ikhlas dari BMW bersempena hari deeeepaa jer raya ari tu..."Congratulation to Audi for winning South African Car of the Year 2006" daripada "Winner of World Car of the Year 2006"

Pastu, biler time tahun baru 2007 hari tu, mase bunga api tgh meletup, audi pulak antar ucapan kat BMW...." Congratulation to BMW for sbb menang 2006 World Car of the year 2006", daripada Pemenang Le Mans 24 hour race 6 kali berturut2.....
Pastu, org Jepon yg terasa sbb mamat2 pembuat kete kat Germany tu lupe nak antar kad krismas kat diorang mase krismas and mase sambut deepavali pon x call diorang utk makan kari same2... diorang pon buat la satu ucapan khas bersempena ngan Gong Xi Fat Choi utk dihantar kepada member2 kat Germany tu...... "Syabas kepada BMW and Audi for winning the beauty contest, daripada pemenang International Engine of the year 2006...."

Tu la kisah 3 abdul ni yg suke sgt buat lawak bodoh bersempena ngan sambutan2 perayaan ni... hehehe.. kalau la diorang ade antar ucapan kat proton.. ape agak nye ek....

ni la balasan yg dpt daripada kawan baik aku sorang ni... dah la tiru post aku.. xper2... die ni memang cool... hehehe. so memandangkan die antar kat raya kuih bulan kat aku.... so , aku pon nak kasi kad raya thaipusam kat die... ni baru kawan sejati kan,.... x gitu wan???
p/s- aku sebenarnya xde idea sgt nak balas .. memandangkan kepala aku tgh penuh ngan ilmu2 opthamology ni... so, ni jer balasan aku stakat ni... lepas exam nanti bnyk lagi aku nak kasi kad kat wan ni... jgn risau ek wan.. ade lagi Hari Gawai... hari buruh.. hari kanak2.. harian metro.. harimau pon ade.... hehehhe

Tolong kawan.

Tadi ajed call aku pasal ade tiket murah utk bebudak2 kat russia ni utk balik ke mesia utk cuti summer ni. Thai airways, return ticket, USD750 plus tax. ni superb murah la kire. Aku bukan nye jadi agent ke ape.. coz utk dpt harga 750 tu kene ade 20 org at least yg akan berlepas pada date yang sama.. so, help me help u occay!!.. sape2 yg nak join group ni... sila la msg aku kat ym or datang jumpe kat bilik occay....

Anyway, pools kali ni menunjukkan sedikit penipuan aku rase... mcm mane lak abuya bole dpt vote tertinggi setakat ni.... hmmm.. mungkin para pembaca x tau apekah abuya itu sebenarnya.. heheh.... kalau nak tau.. abuya ni.. memang la sejenis kartun.. tapi xder la sepopular bart simpson ker.. tapi... eiii.. ni mesti abuya pergi vote gune com org lain ni... x adil...x adil.... actually aku tgh boring gambar mase kitorang baru habis kelas paediatric... ntah paparazi mane la ambik gambar ni... anyway..tq mr paparazi..jasamu dikenang.. ambik la lagi ek.. Skarang ni kul 4 pagi dah kat bumi moscow ni.. still x le tido... sbb rase x sedap hati la kalau tido lebih2 time nak exam ni.. besok ade lagi exam-opthalmology.... errghhh....tension.... tu la...dulu org offer ambik kursus perubatan tradisional utk jadi tok bomoh kat AP University x nak.... tgk mcm zak.. dah jadi org kanan AP dah skarang... stakat nak balik mesia tu... pilih jer mane2 kapet... bace doa skit, terus terbang.. heheheh

p/s: AP= ayah pin university kat besut ....

Monday, January 15, 2007

New shoes...

When I went to Mega ( the superstore), I was looking around for new sneaker.Since my fav sneaker is kinda old now... and have a bit "defect"-here and there.So, upgrade time. The last sneaker I bought was a Vans sneaker although I knew that low cut sneaker is very2 uncomfortable for my ankle- still I bought the Vans coz it was on SALE in dubai. I bought a converse sneaker also... but rarely wear it coz it's also low cut. So, two pair of shoes went to waste. What to do... I'm a very2 particular person when it comes to attire.... hehehe.... Last time when I still play basketball... wanted to buy the air jordan shoes, but I decided to retire in basketball... so no air jordan for me... hehe.. save me around rm800 .. i guessed. But, when I was soooo crazy about basketball (after spm)... I did spent rm700 just to buy the new Nike Shock sneaker.... and it was worthy..hehehe... Actually, my brain is so full at this moment.... trying to think about anything else but my exams... hehehe.. maybe I should start planning my summer trip- again EuroTour no2...
Photos : right- the vans that I seldom use... Lelt-air jordan 18, wanted to buy.....

Being me..

Life- as usual, boring and not so fun lately. Yup , the exam period is the worst time in my life. Trying to learn all the stuff that u r supposed to learn in 6 month, in 3 days is-seriously not a very good idea. After 5 years of medical school, I never learned to prepare earlier for exams. I mean, even though I have lots of free time before exam period, I couldnt be bother to read to revise everthing that will come out for exams. WHY????? I, myself couldnt answer that. Not that I dont want to read books... but when the pressure is not there.... study is a very-very-very uncool+boring part of my life. So, when it's near the exam, reading become so interesting and my brain could have burst out anytime soon. <--- NOT A GOOD EXCUSE!!!. HAhahah.... still I love to bitch around when I dont get a good mark during exam. ( study malas, tapi nak markah power.... <---- x sedar diri mode) ehehhehe... So Hannan... lepas ni... rajin2 la baca buku walaupon exam lambat lagi ek... awak tu nak jadi doc, nak rawat manusia.... bukan keje main2.. ilmu di dada kene la cukup. Kalau ilmu x cukup, camner nak jadi doc.... jadi James Bond bole la... ambik lesen 007... licience to kill... hehehe.. ni sesi menasihati diri sendiri. Yer la.. kite dah besar. Kalau org lain yg tegur.. x nak dengar, so, kene la tegur diri sendiri eek..