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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

10 days after new year 2007 had past, and what have i done? Technically nothing much. Since I've been sick for the past few days, (thanks God I'm OK now). Now, getting ready for peadiatric exam on this saturday.. (pls pray for my success everyone). So... no new year resolution for me. Just living my life as the same way I did before. Nothing gonna change so far. Still a boring student life in Moscow. Well, something gonna change this year thou... I'm gonna be 23 in this June. Hmm.. 23 years old... that's quite old I guess.. But s'thing did bothering me... How much have I improved myself for the past few years...??? Or I'm just the same guy...???? Hmmm...
Man Utd won against Villian 2-1, thanks to Mr New Signing.. Larsson... at 35 , he still can performed, be at the top of the game.., I wonder, what am I gonna be when I am 35..... couldnt imagine... seriously, coz this life is full of supprisses, like today liverpool were beaten again by arsenal , 6-3 after losing to arsenal on saturday....3-1... hehehehe.....Mr Por must be head over heels now.... Good Job arsenal... But.. Man Utd is always the best!!!

hehhehe.. why nobody vote for disneyland for the best tourist attraction.??? hehehe... hope malaysia will build one soon... maybe in Kelantan.... heheheh.. who knows rite.. take care everyone.!!

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