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Monday, January 15, 2007

Being me..

Life- as usual, boring and not so fun lately. Yup , the exam period is the worst time in my life. Trying to learn all the stuff that u r supposed to learn in 6 month, in 3 days is-seriously not a very good idea. After 5 years of medical school, I never learned to prepare earlier for exams. I mean, even though I have lots of free time before exam period, I couldnt be bother to read to revise everthing that will come out for exams. WHY????? I, myself couldnt answer that. Not that I dont want to read books... but when the pressure is not there.... study is a very-very-very uncool+boring part of my life. So, when it's near the exam, reading become so interesting and my brain could have burst out anytime soon. <--- NOT A GOOD EXCUSE!!!. HAhahah.... still I love to bitch around when I dont get a good mark during exam. ( study malas, tapi nak markah power.... <---- x sedar diri mode) ehehhehe... So Hannan... lepas ni... rajin2 la baca buku walaupon exam lambat lagi ek... awak tu nak jadi doc, nak rawat manusia.... bukan keje main2.. ilmu di dada kene la cukup. Kalau ilmu x cukup, camner nak jadi doc.... jadi James Bond bole la... ambik lesen 007... licience to kill... hehehe.. ni sesi menasihati diri sendiri. Yer la.. kite dah besar. Kalau org lain yg tegur.. x nak dengar, so, kene la tegur diri sendiri eek..

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~ C y c L i p s ~ said...

haa.. btul tuu... awak tu nk jadi doctor.. nk rawat manusia.. bukan nk jadi beruk, melompat sana sini... hahaha!

thank u for the word of advice yesterday.. felt gud for a while but then cried again till i sleep.. haih... guys suxx.... =( awak jgn layan awek awak mcm ni tau..