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Sunday, January 07, 2007

149 cases, 300 question.........

this is the 1st supermarket in Moscow. 105 years old. in tverskaya street "Elekseev Shop"

Patient, male, straight, good looking, 22 years old.
no history of any congenital disease.
had acute respiratory disease >4 times a year (more case reported during exams)
Clinical Symptom.
Tiredness. Laziness. Easily get bored. Cant read book for more than 10mins. Cant stay away from laptop for more than 30 mins. hyperphagia (eats a lot.) and many more....
Breathing- normal. Pulse- normal , but tachycardia when start thinking about exams. BP -normal, but may rises when heard ppl talking about exams. Organs are still normal.. so far...
eyes may come out a day before exam.
Diagnos = absolutely me!!!!!!!!!!!!.......... heheheh.. all the best...

moscow man utd fan.

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