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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My new year wish

I wish I could make this 2 pretty ladies in my life the happiest people in the world.

Happy wife + happy daughter = awesome daddy!

My next car

My next car gonna be either an ev or at least a hybrid
And it is gonna be a supercar
Hopefully not gonna be a bloody vellfire
Mpv looks ugly!

But who knows

Last time I said I will only buy sports cars..
Currently driving a crossover!
A little bit "tersimpang"

The crossover is for my princess nia. Moving around with a baby require big vehicle
A sedan is not enough
The stroller... The baby sit... The rug
Mommy's handbags...
Maybe I should buy a lorry instead...
Just throw everything inside
Hassle free!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Women deserved it

I came across this article in utusan Malaysia few days ago.
Pretty much concerning about ladies who spent a lot on cosmetic to look prettier

Honestly, I have nothing against it unlike most men who disagree when women spend a lot on cosmetic .

We all love being pretty
And being men... It is our nature , we love to see pretty ladies. Nothing new there

Hence, If ladies want to spend thousands per month on cosmetic , let them be... The deserved it. They work hard for it.. Let them have fun with it.

If men want their car to look prettier than others,
Then women wants plenty of make up as well

Everything is fine as long u r not being thrifty and spend beyond ur limit

We all deserved to be beautiful

Nia nia nia

Nia nia....
Engkaulah ratu hatiku....
Bila engkau berduka...
Daddy tido x bangun bangun..

Life as a father, has been very exciting to date
It has been thrilling... Tiring... But full of joy and happiness
Seeing my little princess growing up everyday.
Of course, comparing what mommy did and what daddy has done to nia so far.... Daddy seems to do very little
Mommy has been a great mother

It got me to realize what Allah said "syurga terletak di bawah tapak kaki ibu"
U will only understand this once u ate a parent
It is not easy to raise a baby
Nevertheless , in the end of the day... The cuteness of the baby took away all the pain

Thank you mommy for being such a wonderful mother to our little princess

Nia... Be kind to ur mommy occay darling?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good intention and good riddance ??

Good intention and good riddance , those four words do not always come together

There are moments in life... When u do something with purely good intention... But in end of the day... U end up in the courtroom. Worse case scenario... In jail.

That is life . It sucks but it is true

For example
Life as a doctor .
People expect u to save life
And we do.. All the time
No question about that
But then,
Nobody remember how many life we have saved
Nobody keep track on that
But once u screwed up..
It will be on ur record forever and
People will remember u as a doctor who screwed up.

I knew a few doctors who refuse to take or treat critical cases
Just to keep their record clean and clear
U can't blame him
We doctors have family as well to take care of
We need to keep our job safe

Plus, in this new SPBA system, we want high marks for our skt
Hence we will get higher salary every year

It is a normal human instinct
We want to be safe before others

No one to be blame for this

The system has made our life so rigid
Everything must be done accordingly

Rules comes first... Other people life comes second

But we all need to keep our periuk nasi right
How I wish all doctors could work
As freely as u seen on tv... House md for example...

When "good" is not enough

Just signed the SPBA
Much has been discussed regarding the SPBA.
Some said... It brings more benefit to the government and less for the citizen like me.
Some said... It is a way to make sure that the government servants work harder
Some said.... If u have to choose between two evil.. Stick with the one u knew... The old school SSM

I signed for the SPBA
Because everyone does!
Well that would be the common answer!
Basically in the SPBA ( who those who r not working in the gov sector) it is a new system where they government want to reward the good workers and easily get rid of the bad ones

The higher ur skt marks... The higher ur salary raised..
If ur skt marks is only satisfactory... U will be given offer to quit ur job! Or the gov can fire u....

In a way.. It s a good way to improve productivity
But , does it...

Skt marks depend on ur boss. Some bosses are very good and they give skt marks to their worker.. With honestly and no bias...
Unfortunately.. Bosses are human as well.
In this system.. The bosses could easily give u bad marks and u will br out of job or u won't get ur salary increment, should ur boss hate u or u r not in a good term with ur boss...

Well.. That's the dilemma.
Fortunately my boss is a very good boss! Heheheheh
This is so true... Tiada niat untuk puji utk Dapat markah skt lebih occay..
My boss is a wise man.. He is trustworthy and I believe he gives people what they deserved.
Which is the reason why I choose to stick with SPBA and remain working at the gov hospital

Monday, December 26, 2011

HIV via tattoo???

is it possible to be infected with HIV via the tattoo's needle ?
well , that what happened to an australian tourist who went to Bali for a holiday , got a tattoo there
came back home and later on found out she/he got HIV
at least , that what he/she claimed

clinically , is it possible?

let's go to the basic here. how does HIV transmitted? occay , easy as abc ...  number one.. blood to blood... mother to baby and the famous unprotected sex
let's look at how tatoos being "tattooed" on human body..
they use a special needle to paint the artwork on the skin

when we talk about needle..
it's a nature of the needle to prick
and of course ,during the process of tattooing ...
the needle pricked the skin a lot..
contacted with the fat tissue.. and also small vessels
meaning.. anything from the needle.. could go inside the vessel

so , in this case..
one sunday morning..
a HIV person went to the tattoo shop
and got a tattoo on his ass..

and the next person came in into the same shop
let's say some australian tourist he is..
got a tattoo as well...

and apparently the tattoo master use the same needle as he used for the hiv infected customer
and he forgot to clean and wash the needle thoroughly ...

there was a big chance.. the second customer could get the HIV as well
easily infected from the unsterilized needle
the same one used on the HIV patient

well ,
if that the case
he's such an unfortunately guy

moral of the story , dont get any tattoo...

but then.. same scenario also could happen at the barber shop or the sallon
when the barber use the same blade for shaving...

something to think about...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Working hard to lose weight

It is hard to lose weight when u have a big appetite and live with ur mother!

Currently staying with my parent while my wife is still her confinement period.
It's a good thing for me and my wife
But not so good for my belly!

Coz there will always be plenty of food on the dinner table at every moment!

U know every mom loves to feed their child. So am I. Whenever nia is crying... I feed her milk.
So everything I went into the kitchen or pass through the kitchen , my mom thought that I am hungry. Hence she starts cooking all sort of food..
Me ended up eating like there is no tomorrow
The final result.... Obesity
Not something to be proud of indeed!

Trying hard to lose weight.
Went to the gym everyday
But still not enough to lose the excess fat!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HIV mother

had a busy oncall last night at work
i was in charge of the obstetric OT
giving spinal and general anaesthesia for c section operation..
a lot of emergency cases being posted after midnite
not something i was looking for
coz honestly ,
after midnite
half of our brain has already shut down
and people become a bit cranky when they stay awake after their usual sleeping hours
occay , nothing new there
just another day at work...

at 4 am , came a case of HIV mother  , already in labour
for my readers info ,
HIV mothers are not allowed to go thru normal delivery
because we want to reduce the risk of mother to baby infection
all HIV mothers must be operated to make sure there is some chance for the baby to be HIV free

plus , all HIV mother must not breastfeed their baby as well...

so my patient , still a teenager
already has one baby when she was 14 years old
and she came for her second baby with her second husband
she claimed she got the HIV from her first husband... when she was 13
since then she was on medication for her HIV
nevertheless , for her 1st baby 4 years ago.
the baby was delivered manually...
hence , we were not sure of the status of her 1st baby...
could be a HIV positive ... and hopefully not

it was a sad story ..
and crazy as well
not sure about her second husband HIV status
but her husband claimed to be HIV negative
which is impossible

then before the operation started
i popped the big question to the couple..
do u still want more children after this????
u are HIV positive... and giving birth to another children..
well .... not the best idea
since u are struggling with ur disease
how are u gonna take care of the baby
what if ur baby turned out to be HIV positive as well?
pity the baby right?
we gave all the meds available on earth to make sure the baby delivered last night not infected
but the risk is still there
and we would not know the result of the baby HIV status immediately...

it's such a complicated situation
SHOULD people who are HIV positive   conceived babies?
what will happened to their baby?
they cant breastfeed them
and when the baby grows up .. what would he or she felt , when he found out he got HIV from their parent...

God goodness..
this is beyond my imagination
nite2 guys

Vitamin c plus collagen

Anyone interested ? Do privately contact me via email or facebook occay :)

She calms me down

Works, stressed me out all the time...
But lately I have found the cure and the remedy for that..
Whenever I feel so stressed at work..
I took out my iPhone and browse thru nia's photo..
Always makes me smile
Always makes me laugh..

Thanks mommy... Nia is the best thing happened to us...

Best ever anniversary gift

They said that diamond and gold are women best friends
I used to think that was crap and women love other things than those bling bling thingy
Nonetheless as I grow older and more mature
I come to a conclusion that the saying is so damn true
Nothing has changed ever since

Gold and diamond always bring smile to the ladies... Big big smile of course...
Am I right dear ladies? Hehehhe

Hence she got hers during our anniversary .
It s a token of my appreciation of what she has done for me..
A way of saying " thank you for being my wife "
Some said action speak louder than words
In my case , gold definitely speaks the loudest .

Then , mommy asked daddy
" what do u want for ur anniversary present daddy? "

Daddy said " don't worry, I already got mine.... She is currently pooping on daddy.... Nia is the best gift ever ! , thank you mommy :) "

Monday, December 19, 2011

Nia got injected!

We went to the clinic yesterday for nia immunization .
My goodness, there were so many babies there..
The waiting line was agonizingly long..

Worse case scenario... The doctor was on leave as well... Can't blame her... She is the only doctor at the clinic and she needs rest as well

Luckily , I know the clinic very well as I was supposed to be transferred there previously, but one way or another... I decided not to go...
Long story short... The staffs also knows me very well..
In view of the long que, mommy herself injected nia while daddy was holding her tight

We took preventive measure to make sure that nia was pain free during the injection.... Remember that I am an anaesthetist...pretty good at dealing with pain...

Nia was hardly crying during the injection... Just one tiny scream and she was ok already.... Thank you Allah... After the injection... She was doing well... No crying.... And until this morning ... Alhamdulillah... No fever.....

Sunday, December 18, 2011

From sweden with love!

Another coincidence...

We were not planning to give each other these on our anniversary,
It so happened that these precious box arrived all the way from sweden this afternoon while we were out.

So happy to see this white box on the table as we reached home.
Very nice wrapping
Carefully packaged... 5 star to
First class delivery and service
And above everything....
Love the smell of the perfumes

Burberry for daddy
Incanto for mommy!

Definitely, 18 of December brought a lot of joy to us
Thank you Allah.
God bless us all.

And may nia sleep well tonite

Nia is 30 days old

Today is nia's 30th days of life...
Going out for immunization at the local clinic....
And also.... Today is our anniversary ..

What a coincidence - a good one
Daddy can kill two birds with one stone today!

No nia... Daddy is not going to kill any bird.... It is a metaphor ...

Don't cry too loud k nia...
Daddy nak inject sket Je ni...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

owh mak cik , what have u done!

one of the challenge working as a doctor  ;
is dealing with patient who believe hospital is the last resort

many patients, mostly the malay ethnic
more commonly in kelantan
prefer to seek treatment from bomoh whenever they fall sick
or something happened to their body

case and point happened to me at the clinic today

a makcik brought her 4 month old baby
with impetigo , and infected wound all over the body
something like the photo above

me : mak cik , when does it started to become like this?
mak cik ; eh.... baru saje.... semalam baru makcik perasan..
me : mak cik , please dont lie to me , i am a doctor.. i know what i see
mak cik : dah lama dah sebenarnya... dah dekat sebulan... mula sket jer.. pastu makin teruk

me : then , why dont u come to the doctor earlier? x kesian kat anak u ke dah jadi mcm ni...
mak cik : mak cik pergi jumpe bomoh... bomoh kasi air tawar... lepas seminggu 2 makin teruk baru mak cik bawak datang sini...
me : kesian anak mak cik ni... dah teruk sgt. .. dah kene jumpe pakar kulit...  x tau bole pulih ke x nanti ...
mak cik ; tu la mak cik bawak dtg sini nak ambik ubat la...
me : apsal mak cik x pergi follow up dengan bomoh jer? bomoh pakar xde ke?

well, this is the attitude of our people
still believe in bomoh
still believe that bad health caused by the black spirit
for crying out loud

please come to the doctor first,
then if we cannot treat u ...
then go find ur bomoh
not otherwise

the best part of this cases..
when these people come to the doctors at the terminal stage of the disease
some of them , died at the hospital
then these people started to blame doctors for their relative ill fated.
ridiculous indeed!

I am keeping it !

Sometimes we made decision ...
That we are going to regret so much in the future.

Last month I wanted to sell my red bumble bee...

The reasons?...
None of the is valid

After a long thought....
I decided not to sell it
This is my first car ,
And I love it...
It is a part of me
It is associated with me
Some people knows me coz I was driving this car
I made so many friend in the car club
I had so much fun with the car...
It is something priceless
Hence... I am keeping the car

I had a few good offers for car
Some were too good to refuse
But everytime when I meet with the buyer and people are test driving my car...
I felt a part of me was taken away

Some said, it was not a smart decision to keep the car
A car is a liability , not an asset
It need maintainance ...
And it costs a lot of money...

So what..
I have money ( not that much actually)
I love my car
I am loyal to it
Bumble is here... To stay...


Friday, December 16, 2011

Open letter to mommy nia

Dear mommy nia,

Daddy knows that nia is at not his best behavior right now
She has been crying a lot..
Keep u and mama awake all night long...

Daddy knows that mommy has been working hard to take care of nia
Daddy knows that mommy is doing her best to make sure nia grows up healthy

Mommy has been pumping her breast milk 24/7 to make sure nia gets the best milk in the world.

Daddy also knows sometimes mommy felt very tired
And frustrated at times as nia keeps crying non stop
Mommy has been doing superb job as a mother so far and daddy really appreciate that

Daddy knows that daddy has not been around a lot
Daddy is working hard for our family
Make sure that mommy and nia get the best in life

Once nia is old enough to travel around... We will go a wonderful holiday .

Daddy knows that mommy is so damn bored staying at home for the past one month.

Soon daddy will take mommy n nia out occay...
Daddy knows mommy loves shopping a lot.
In fact daddy has been working hard to make sure mommy gets whatever she wants to.

Dear mommy.... Above everything... Daddy loves u the most
Please remember that

And nia , when u are older and knows how to read... Please remember all the hard work mommy has put for u
Be a good girl.

owh my God... am I that famous...

owh my God...
honestly  , never thought this will happen to me...
am i that famous?
just found out that a guy has been using my picture and info
and created a fake facebook account
worse case scenario
he's been using it to court girls

u must be kidding me..

when i heard the news
i was wondering why the heck is he using my pics and info
of all the people in the world

he's been using my profile..
telling other that he's a bloody doctor
looking for a girl to be his wife
apparently he's divorced in his profile
cheap way to get women falling into his arms

bloody hell
now i am considering making police report...
this kind of people has make something fun such as facebook
turned into something scary and dangerous as well

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vitamin c injection

Dear readers,
What do think about vitamin c injection? Any of u have tried the injection ?

I am doing a research regarding the vitamin c injection.
Kindly share ur experience here please

It is a very common procedure nowadays ,
Nothing to be shame about
It's not against the law
And it is not against the religion as well.

Medically, the only reported side effect from the vitamin c injection was the infection from the injection site...
Which is caused by improper injection technique , not by the vitamin itself.

So please share the info here guys!

Thank you a lot in advance!

I love you like a love song baby

Baby nia , daddy is back
Flu is gone
No more fever
Super aggressive treatment of antibiotic and antiviral did the trick

Very much not recommended for other people to do it.
As good as it get, it brought so many side effect as well
The antiviral itself caused nausea and vomiting.
And many more
The best thing to do is, to keep away from being sick

Yup, sound cheeky right.

But everyone got sick sometimes, at some point...
Yes it is true.
But there are many way to avoid fever from viral and bacteria infection.
We need to increase our immune system...
How do we do that....?
Eat a lot of vitamin c...
Sound boring right ?

If u cant eat... Just find a doctor who can inject it into ur vein....
Now it sound scary,
But interesting as well...

Mmmmm vitamin c injection huh...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

baby with colic

peanut said...
DR Hanan, i would like to refer to u and may i get ur opinion on my nephew's problem..

my nephew is only 28 days old..
he is active..
mom breastfed him well and he drink a lot..
sometimes he burp easily but sometimes it takes time for him to burp...
and he poo a lot too..
about 5 times a day...

the problem right now is he will cry damn loud in midnight untill 3/4 in the morning..

i ve saw I LOVE YOU massage and a few more technique to reduce the gas. but, it doesn't help a lot..

we had brought him to the clinic 2 days back..and the doctor said the baby is having COLIC.. a lot of gas in his stomach..
the dr gave a red colour liquid medicine to be taken 2.5 ml, 4 times a day..

as a result, the baby is soo sleepy..
is it fine for him?

and yesterday we try to reduce the dossage to only 1.5ml...but he cried out loud again in the midnight..

he is doing fine in the morning..

is it colic was caused by the antibiotic gaved to mother when the amnion liquid burst 24 hours before delivery?

i really hope that u can help me with this problem..
thank you! =)

Dear peanut

looks like ur nephew is about my princess nia age
and dont worry ,
u r not alone
Nia also has the same problem

she has colic as well ,
the abdomen become distended
and she is always awake after midnite until early morning
no new issue here
her mommy and granny are also busy trying to keep her calm and asleep

this issue is very common among infant
nothing new here
but it's very tiring for parent
and very frustrating as well

there are a few solution for this problem
first , u can go to the doctor
and they will prescribe u with GRIPE WATER
it's safe to use for infact to reduce gas
after taking this syrup ,
the baby will fart , a lot

hence reduce the gas inside the stomach

however, should ur child still having this issue despite this medication
u should bring ur child to the pediatrician for further assessment

in the market currently
there are also special feeding bottle that can avoid colic
nevertheless,  the effectiveness of these bottle are pretty much questionable

occay , those are my answer as a doctor

should u ask my mom.
she will advise u to "mendemah" ur baby
in the photo above is my princess hanania being "demah" by my mom
she put some sand inside a piece of cloth
warm up the sand
and use the sand inside the cloth to slowly massage nia's stomach
after that being done ,
nia does look a bit comfortable and sleepy
she was quite calm during the process
how effective does this method?
God's know

Faces of princess nia

What is she thinking.... Mmmmmm

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

subaru BRZ , a car to die for... is it?

this is totally the most awaited car next year
the subaru BRZ
also known as toyota AE 86
and also being copied by the american  , rebadged as scion FRS

nonetheless , next year  ; 2012
this subaru BRZ will be available for malaysian market
somewhere in the 3rd quater of the year
price range...
i reckon it will cost the same as the subaru impreza
should be around rm200 k to 250 k... for manual version

owh my God ,
now i need to figure out the way how to get 200k
i want this car sooooooooooooooooo bad
the boxer engine...
produced around 200hp
that's more than enough for his small sports car
it's so seductive  , so sexy  and yet... elegent in some ways

sportier than the expensive audi tt
sexier than BMW M3
this car makes honda type R looks like a crippled gay elton john

i got this tingling feeling when i see this car first official photos
screw hybrid car , screw EV cars
this is the real man's car
the real deal ...


It is a sad sad day for me.
I reckon I got the adenovirus infection.
Currently on tamiflu treatment already
Worse part is I need to keep a distance from my little princess.
It has been 3 days I practically didn't touch her!
I was oncall on Sunday,
Came back home on Monday... Feeling sick already,
And today is Tuesday...
No nia for 3 days is killing me.

Dear mr virus and mrs bacteria...
Please kindly go away,
Not the best time to visit me right now.

Luckily I have my tonsil removed already. Or else, definitely I ll be having my acute tonsillitis right now .

Monday, December 12, 2011

breast feeding...

people make babies everyday
million of babies are borned everyday
i work at the general hospital
when i was in charged of the labour room few years back..
the labour was busier than the bloody factory

bak kata my friend from terengganu who was my fellow houseman back then..
" kilang keropok pong tutup.... labour room ni dua puluh pat jang penuh... "

well , good for us
we need new generation
these new generation will lead the world someday
and we are the one responsible to produce future leader..

unfortunately ,
not all babies have the best care from the mother..

when i said best care , i am not talking about baby court made from gold..
best care from parent meaning... exclusive breast feeding  or breast milk , on time vaccination... and most important ... love and care from mom and dad...

nevertheless , most of the young parent nowadays already failed at the first part..
the breast feeding
i do understand not all young and new mother can produce enough milk for the babies
and some babies do have trouble with sucking
hence making breast feeding almost impossible

however , we live in the 21 th century with all kind of technology and endless list of drugs
there are so many medicine on the market that can increase lactation for those who produce little milk
for babies who has problem with sucking the nipple
the mother could just pump out the milk and feed the baby using the regular bottle
yes, the intimacy of breastfeeding may not be there but at least the baby is getting mother's milk

there is no excuse nowadays for not feeding ur babies
unless u are a HIV patients , then we understood why u r not giving ur milk to ur babies...

i am a father , and  i want my princess nia to be fed with breast milk
hence she will grow up and be as pretty and as smart as her mother
x nak jadi anak lembu plak kan ....

unfortunately nia is not a big fan of breast feeding hence my wife keep pumping the milk everyday..
as long as nia getting her mom milk everyday, it's more than enough :)

so yes . to all mother, please .... breast feed ur babies  :)
it's the best milk in the world
contained all the vitamins, mineral and antibiotic that ur babies need to grow up healthy and strong!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

open letter to people up there

A doctor must work eighteen hours a day and seven days a week.  If you cannot console yourself to this, get out of the profession.  ~Martin H. Fischer

before i start my blabbering
i know i may not be the first doctor who is going to write about this
there were already so many open letter , articles 
written by medical officers, specialist 
regarding the current issue of the houseman'
also know as the internship .. or new doctors

the new rules implemented by the government says that houseman must not be overwork
they must not work more than 12 hour per day and must have 2 days off every week
no oncall for houseman

then , they also must not be scolded and must be pampered ( occay , i added this part )

well , good for them.
when i was a houseman not long ago , i work every day  .... maybe 4 days off in a month at most ,
everyday we work more than 12 hours ... if we were to be on call.. we work 36 hours non stop

yes .... if u compared the condition during my time and current condition ... it's a lot of different
in a way , it's an improvement

in a lot of way , it's bull shit and  a lot of crap
like the proverb above said.. doctor must work more than the current houseman rate
i dont know who decided to give this houseman such a ridiculous schedule
but in the end of the day , it is not a way to teach houseman to be a good doctor

to be a good doctor , we need a lot of training
to have a lot of training ... we need to spend a lot of time treating patient
to spend a lot of time treating patient
we need to stay extra hours at the hospital
12 hours per day is not enough

currently the houseman works in shift system , am is 8 am to 8 pm... pm is 8pm to 8am...

sound very systematic right...
yes ... if u work in the office dealing with document it's fine
but not for doctors

we doctors have CME everyday , a place and time where we learn new things every morning .. so , those who come in PM shift.. they will miss the CME... how do u expect houseman to learn?

then , for those AM shift houseman ... they supposed to work from 8 am , to 8 pm... but 
generally in hospital ( unless in the emergency department ) 
from 5 pm to 7 pm is visiting hours and during that time , doctors dont do round's time for rest...  hence the houseman end up doing nothing from 5 pm till 8 pm....
might as well allow them to go back by 5 pm right?
this is logic thinking

then.. for those who work from 8 pm to 8 am...
they actually work from 8pm till 11 or 12 at most...
by midnite.. everyone fall asleep ...
eventually learn nothing for the rest of the shift

i wonder those who suggested the shift system ever work in the ward :p
i'm sorry to say  , but i strongly disagree with the shift system
it's such an disadvantage for those houseman who wants to learn more
for those who want to relax , it's a golden opportunity
with this kind of system.... anybody could be a bloody doctor nowdays

dear people out there...
do u want to be treated by doctor whom did not have a proper training during their houseman period ..
imagine ur family member being treated by these unskilled doctors?

back in my time ... we got scolded by medical officer and specialist badly if we made mistake and being screw upside down if we do wrongly..
we learned for our mistake 
and came to work very early in the next morning to do better
it was a good way to teach as we will always be reminded of the consequences...
and eventually make us good and capable doctors...

nowadays... if u scold a blood houseman ...
the houseman wont even bother to turn up to work the next day
and u ll get a letter from the people up there

crap isnt  it?
but this is the fact
wondering ...

It's raining heavily

It s Sunday and I am back to work.
Yes , in kelantan we have Sunday blues instead of Monday

It was raining heavily this morning...
On my way to work, the traffic was very slow...
Yeah, I know it is raining but doesn't mean u have to drive at 10km/h speed . It was killing me!

Worse case.... Those slow drivers were driving on the right lane. Don't these people ever saw the sign .... Laluan kanan hanya untuk memotong... Keep left if u r not overtaking... Stay on the left lane if u r so freaking slow...
Instead these tortoises choose to stay on the fast lane... And cause more traffic... Bloody hell..

Seriously Dato hishamudin... If those who drive fast can be punished... Those who drove slowly on the right lane should be as well....

Well.., this issue has been bugging me every single morning.... How I wish I could just slap a big sticker on those slow driver windscreen... " move u ..... Ttuttttt"

Just my Sunday blues... But it so damn annoying!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

it irked me !

this is a real story
happened yesterday at my clinic
it really irked me
it pissed me off

tiada niat untuk memalukan sesiapa , tetapi  sebagai pengajaran kepada semua manusia di alam sejagat ini,,

one fine evening.. at the clinic..
business as usual.. patients came in and out..
mostly due to fever...

until , came this old granny ; holding a baby...
accompanied by a young boy
who apparently is the father...

me : salam... how may i help u mak cik...
granny : salam... this baby is not well , maybe having fever .... she is 3 month old..
me : owh occay.. let me take a look ....does she has running nose?
granny : yes.. that too..
me : very well ... how about feeding? where is the mother? does she breast feed her baby?
granny : the mother is away ... the baby was never breast fed ...
me : mmm.. that explain a lot... may i know where is the mother? is she working?
granny : no , the mother is not working.... she went to KL to attend some birthday party with frens.. hence leaving the baby with us to take care of...

owh my God... for crying out loud!  ( well, i didnt said this actually )

Me : mak cik... the baby need her mom milk... the milk which contain all the vitamin and antibiotic which will keep the baby healthy... no drugs can replace the mother's milk... why does the mother refuse to breast milk?

granny : die malas... die kata susah nak susu badan..

and.. that was it..
i was speechless
the baby was so cute
so innocent..
3 month old.. the baby knows nothing
and the mom did this to her...

kalau x pandai jaga anak,,, please dont make anak on the first place...
what kind of mother leave an infant to the old granny... just to and have fun with frens for a bloody week????

Good Morning Malaysia

Hye Hye!

Finally ..... I am totally free today...
No work at all
Could spend all day long playing with princess hanania
And also starting on my presentation..

Damn... There is still work after all...
So lazy to start on the presentation...
Can I have a robot to do all those research thingy..

Woke up early this morning ..
Went to buy nasi bungkus for everyone....

No place like kelantan when comes to cheap and tasty nasi bungkus every single morning!

Friday, December 09, 2011

hanania and tom cruise

 yes.... the two photos above are very much related...
no , tom cruise is not nia actual father
even thou we all know the fact that nia's father is as handsome as tom cruise
true fact it is
occay , back to the story how do these two photos related :-

one fine evening at home while mommy and daddy were watching tv as nia was sleeping soundly..

daddy : look , MI4 is showing in cinema next week  , we must go to kl then... gonna be awesome watching it in 3d !

yes, apparently daddy is a big fan tom cruise and Mission impossible

mommy : yeah... about that...  we could only do half of it...

daddy : how is so?

mommy : well ... we could go to KL ... but we cant go to the cinema anymore... it's now 3 of us... and that little princess is not a big fan of tom cruise yet...  plus they are not selling seat for infant...

daddy : ooppppsieee.. forgot about that.... damnnnnn ... no more cinema... mmmm.... i guess there is only zoo negara left for us now...