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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It is a sad sad day for me.
I reckon I got the adenovirus infection.
Currently on tamiflu treatment already
Worse part is I need to keep a distance from my little princess.
It has been 3 days I practically didn't touch her!
I was oncall on Sunday,
Came back home on Monday... Feeling sick already,
And today is Tuesday...
No nia for 3 days is killing me.

Dear mr virus and mrs bacteria...
Please kindly go away,
Not the best time to visit me right now.

Luckily I have my tonsil removed already. Or else, definitely I ll be having my acute tonsillitis right now .


misha.w said...

get well soon dr daddy!:)


Semoga Allah permudahkan urusan Dr.

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

get well soon! :)

peanut said...

DR Hanan, i would like to refer to u and may i get ur opinion on my nephew's problem..

my nephew is only 28 days old..
he is active..
mom breastfed him well and he drink a lot..
sometimes he burp easily but sometimes it takes time for him to burp...
and he poo a lot too..
about 5 times a day...

the problem right now is he will cry damn loud in midnight untill 3/4 in the morning..

i ve saw I LOVE YOU massage and a few more technique to reduce the gas. but, it doesn't help a lot..

we had brought him to the clinic 2 days back..and the doctor said the baby is having COLIC.. a lot of gas in his stomach..
the dr gave a red colour liquid medicine to be taken 2.5 ml, 4 times a day..

as a result, the baby is soo sleepy..
is it fine for him?

and yesterday we try to reduce the dossage to only 1.5ml...but he cried out loud again in the midnight..

he is doing fine in the morning..

is it colic was caused by the antibiotic gaved to mother when the amnion liquid burst 24 hours before delivery?

i really hope that u can help me with this problem..
thank you! =)

Dr Hannan said...

thanks you all for the warm wishes..
getting well already

peanuts... answered!