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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Need help... Dear I phone users

My dear bloggers and I phone users...
How do u upload photos into ur blog post via iPhone?
Something I can't figured out until today
A bit of hassle not able to do that
Coz picture does say a million word rite?

Hence, should anyone has any tips regarding this issue, kindly update me.
I know there is a special apps to upload post n pictures for Wordpress users
But I can't find any for blogger yet.

Thanks a million yeah and happy weekend :)

1 comment:

mamayiyen said...

Hello DR :)
apps store mmg ada app utk blogger then ada cara nak upload gambar thru email direct ke blog kita :)
ni pun saya belajar dari kwn2..
Tapi kalau dah gunna apps blogger tu dah kira ok xyah guna email lagi..
masalahnya gambar xberapa teratur kalau guna blogger.