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Friday, December 09, 2011

hanania and tom cruise

 yes.... the two photos above are very much related...
no , tom cruise is not nia actual father
even thou we all know the fact that nia's father is as handsome as tom cruise
true fact it is
occay , back to the story how do these two photos related :-

one fine evening at home while mommy and daddy were watching tv as nia was sleeping soundly..

daddy : look , MI4 is showing in cinema next week  , we must go to kl then... gonna be awesome watching it in 3d !

yes, apparently daddy is a big fan tom cruise and Mission impossible

mommy : yeah... about that...  we could only do half of it...

daddy : how is so?

mommy : well ... we could go to KL ... but we cant go to the cinema anymore... it's now 3 of us... and that little princess is not a big fan of tom cruise yet...  plus they are not selling seat for infant...

daddy : ooppppsieee.. forgot about that.... damnnnnn ... no more cinema... mmmm.... i guess there is only zoo negara left for us now...


Ipang said...

hhahahahaha.say bye 2 former easy life

akuzle ayu said...

hahahahaha... this daddy doc is so creative! consider earplug 4 the little Nia?