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Monday, December 12, 2011

breast feeding...

people make babies everyday
million of babies are borned everyday
i work at the general hospital
when i was in charged of the labour room few years back..
the labour was busier than the bloody factory

bak kata my friend from terengganu who was my fellow houseman back then..
" kilang keropok pong tutup.... labour room ni dua puluh pat jang penuh... "

well , good for us
we need new generation
these new generation will lead the world someday
and we are the one responsible to produce future leader..

unfortunately ,
not all babies have the best care from the mother..

when i said best care , i am not talking about baby court made from gold..
best care from parent meaning... exclusive breast feeding  or breast milk , on time vaccination... and most important ... love and care from mom and dad...

nevertheless , most of the young parent nowadays already failed at the first part..
the breast feeding
i do understand not all young and new mother can produce enough milk for the babies
and some babies do have trouble with sucking
hence making breast feeding almost impossible

however , we live in the 21 th century with all kind of technology and endless list of drugs
there are so many medicine on the market that can increase lactation for those who produce little milk
for babies who has problem with sucking the nipple
the mother could just pump out the milk and feed the baby using the regular bottle
yes, the intimacy of breastfeeding may not be there but at least the baby is getting mother's milk

there is no excuse nowadays for not feeding ur babies
unless u are a HIV patients , then we understood why u r not giving ur milk to ur babies...

i am a father , and  i want my princess nia to be fed with breast milk
hence she will grow up and be as pretty and as smart as her mother
x nak jadi anak lembu plak kan ....

unfortunately nia is not a big fan of breast feeding hence my wife keep pumping the milk everyday..
as long as nia getting her mom milk everyday, it's more than enough :)

so yes . to all mother, please .... breast feed ur babies  :)
it's the best milk in the world
contained all the vitamins, mineral and antibiotic that ur babies need to grow up healthy and strong!


juliaismail said...

Betul tu Doctor. From ur entri sebelum ni about a young mother tak nak menyusukan anak, gave me idea to write my experience with BF. Feel free read

Dr Hannan said...

read ur entry , brilliant~!