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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

electronic cigarette

Blogger BayuTimur said...
assalamualaikum dr hannan,

doctor i want to ask u about electronic cigarette,did it gives us the same effects as usual cigarettes as it stated there no nikotine?pls answer me doctor

Dear bayu timur ,

thank you for ur brilliant question

electronic cigarette has become very famous lately
the manufacturer claimed that electronic cigarette or also known as e-cigar is less dangerous compared to the normal cigarette and it's also a method to stop smoking.

well , that's what the manufacturer said they also firmly stated that their e-cigar does not contain the dangerous chemical such as the carcinogen which is found in the traditional cigarette 
again... that's what they claimed of course they are putting good word for it coz they want to make money

nevertheless... WHO said otherwise 
WHO said , e-cigar is harmful as the normal cigarette studies have been done and showed that e-cigar also contained carcinogen which can cause cancer

well , that should sum it up...
it's not a solution to smoking after all the only good thing about e-cigar is  , it's less smelly and less smoky

the rest - only bring more harm - it's more expensive and in a way , it does encourage people to start smoking as they said e-cigar is not a real cigarette

my advice say no to any kind of smoking  , e-cigarette , normal cigarette , shisha - all of there will only lead u to the palliative ward eventually

* palliative ward is ward for people with cancer which cant be treated!


BayuTimur said...

assalamualaikum Dr, u have answered the question perfectly, tq so and very much Dr!

Dr Hannan said...

most welcome dear

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