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Friday, December 30, 2011

Women deserved it

I came across this article in utusan Malaysia few days ago.
Pretty much concerning about ladies who spent a lot on cosmetic to look prettier

Honestly, I have nothing against it unlike most men who disagree when women spend a lot on cosmetic .

We all love being pretty
And being men... It is our nature , we love to see pretty ladies. Nothing new there

Hence, If ladies want to spend thousands per month on cosmetic , let them be... The deserved it. They work hard for it.. Let them have fun with it.

If men want their car to look prettier than others,
Then women wants plenty of make up as well

Everything is fine as long u r not being thrifty and spend beyond ur limit

We all deserved to be beautiful

1 comment:

BayuTimur said...

berhias bg wanita hanya utk tontonan suami but not for public.. just my two cents