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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HIV mother

had a busy oncall last night at work
i was in charge of the obstetric OT
giving spinal and general anaesthesia for c section operation..
a lot of emergency cases being posted after midnite
not something i was looking for
coz honestly ,
after midnite
half of our brain has already shut down
and people become a bit cranky when they stay awake after their usual sleeping hours
occay , nothing new there
just another day at work...

at 4 am , came a case of HIV mother  , already in labour
for my readers info ,
HIV mothers are not allowed to go thru normal delivery
because we want to reduce the risk of mother to baby infection
all HIV mothers must be operated to make sure there is some chance for the baby to be HIV free

plus , all HIV mother must not breastfeed their baby as well...

so my patient , still a teenager
already has one baby when she was 14 years old
and she came for her second baby with her second husband
she claimed she got the HIV from her first husband... when she was 13
since then she was on medication for her HIV
nevertheless , for her 1st baby 4 years ago.
the baby was delivered manually...
hence , we were not sure of the status of her 1st baby...
could be a HIV positive ... and hopefully not

it was a sad story ..
and crazy as well
not sure about her second husband HIV status
but her husband claimed to be HIV negative
which is impossible

then before the operation started
i popped the big question to the couple..
do u still want more children after this????
u are HIV positive... and giving birth to another children..
well .... not the best idea
since u are struggling with ur disease
how are u gonna take care of the baby
what if ur baby turned out to be HIV positive as well?
pity the baby right?
we gave all the meds available on earth to make sure the baby delivered last night not infected
but the risk is still there
and we would not know the result of the baby HIV status immediately...

it's such a complicated situation
SHOULD people who are HIV positive   conceived babies?
what will happened to their baby?
they cant breastfeed them
and when the baby grows up .. what would he or she felt , when he found out he got HIV from their parent...

God goodness..
this is beyond my imagination
nite2 guys


MissyNursy ♥ said...

adeeii..awalnye pregnant!
cian kat baby 2..

Anna Mohamed Amin said...

wait.wait.wait..... she got a baby at 14?!! Why are HIV positive men are allowed to get married?? and marrying a 13 year old girl??!!! ok. fine. they can get can married, but but but.. don't they know about condoms? a 13 year old girl???!

Dr Hannan said...

nursy - dah jadi trend dah skarng beranak zaman remaj

anna - welcome to real medical life... heheheheh