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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Working hard to lose weight

It is hard to lose weight when u have a big appetite and live with ur mother!

Currently staying with my parent while my wife is still her confinement period.
It's a good thing for me and my wife
But not so good for my belly!

Coz there will always be plenty of food on the dinner table at every moment!

U know every mom loves to feed their child. So am I. Whenever nia is crying... I feed her milk.
So everything I went into the kitchen or pass through the kitchen , my mom thought that I am hungry. Hence she starts cooking all sort of food..
Me ended up eating like there is no tomorrow
The final result.... Obesity
Not something to be proud of indeed!

Trying hard to lose weight.
Went to the gym everyday
But still not enough to lose the excess fat!


Anonymous said...

u'll gain more by going to gym

misha.w said...

u already look good doc daddy.

Dr Hannan said...

nfana - yes ... u have ur point there ...

misha - hehhehe... not good enuf yet!