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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Nik Aziz worse than ayah pin?

Before I get started
Please understand that I am not into politic... Not representing any political party. But currently I am against pkr becoz they have Ambiga in their team who supported gay and lesbian.

Anyway, I stumbled upon an article in utusan Malaysia today, title Nik Aziz di anggap nabi? Or something like that.

Honestly, I don't know what the writer trying to prove here... The writer pen name is "awang" , not sure about the real name. But clearly he is trying hard to suck up to the umno leaders here as the perhimpunan umno is going on right now.

Even Najib himself never mention this issue. Pas supporters know that the last ever prophet is Muhammad saw. That's the end. Nik Aziz is just a khalifah... As we all do. We all are khalifahs. To accused people of thinking Nik Aziz as a prophet is wrong. Way wrong. I am not Alim ulama but I know it s wrong.

Yes, pas has made stupid decision to work together with dap n keadilan as they can't really be named Islamic party with karpal singh around. That guy is against whatever pas wanted to do.

Yet and still...

The writer even mention that even ayah pin is way better than Nik Aziz.

Seriously mr awang here need to have his brain thrown into the washing machine.

Ayah pin is kurafat... Murtad... Syirik.... It s proven in court. That guy considered himself as God. How could u compared Nik Aziz to ayah pin.

I may not be a pas follower. But I have been to Nik Aziz house to see for myself how he lives his daily life. That guy prays 5 times per day... He is the imam at the mosque... Thousand of people flock to his house every Friday to bring their babies....
And the writer awang here called him worse than ayah pin...

Seriously... This guy name awang need a fix....

Dude... U r trying too hard to suck up to Najib... Even Najib himself would think u r a crazy guy.


BayuTimur said...

awang you are real cuckoo ,menuduh org alim yang cuba mendaulatkan islam.. astagfirullah.pemimpin adalah org yang sepatutnya boleh mengimamkan solat,menjalankan kepimpinan mengikut yg telah di tetapkan di dlm al-Quran,itu adalah pemimpin sebenar

Dr Hannan said...

True enough... This guy has gone overboard... That's why he is not an assemblyman