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Sunday, October 20, 2013

selamat hari raya aidil adha....

Dari Abdullah bin Amr bin Ash r.a : Seorang lelaki bertanya kepada Rasulullah saw, “Orang Islam yang bagaimanakah yang paling baik?” Jawab Rasulullah saw, “Ialah orang-orang yang menjaga orang-orang Islam lainnya dari bencana lidah dan perbuatannya”

klinik primer kb is already 2 months old..
wow... time really flew veryyyyy fast!
faster than anyone could imagine
it felt like yesterday the clinic was still under renovation
a lot has happened here
good ones, bad ones..
but i am enjoying every little second of having my own clinic

sometimes when i wake up in the morning ,
i still cant believe that i m working for myself nowadays
no bosses...
it is fun
but at the same time..
i m the one who takes the risk and responsibility
to make sure the clinic runs smoothly
to make sure that the clinic is making money...
insyaAllah... everything will be silky smooth
praying each second to Allah to make my clinic successful 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

online skin care consultation

 i received a lot of msg via facebook , email, whatapps and instagram from a lot of people asking my view and opinion about their skin condition and which product suit them the best...
they sent me photos and some recorded videos
and unfortunately , i decided not to answer their questions
not that i dont give free consultation
is just that i m trying not to screwing somebody face

 truth is , photos are deceiving and videos , they are not sharp enough
it would take a very special doctors who can do consultation accurately online by just seeing the photos of the patients
for me , i believe it is unethical for a doctor  to give aesthetic treatment virtually
it can go very wrong
the camera could not capture what doctor needs to see
hopefully everyone would understand why i didnt reply ur question when u ask about ur face
most of the time , i would invite u guys to come to my clinic for a proper examination and check up

different skin type needs different treatment
all the small detail must be considered to give the correct medication and to suggest to perfect skin care

therefore , if u really love ur skin
find a doctor who is good
not all doctors know how to treat skin problem
acne management for example ,
it sound simple , but wrong treatment would make it worse and cost patients a lot of money

ladies especially if u have skin problem , seek treatment from a qualified doctors
find doctors who really good with skin problem
doctors who can diagnosed ur skin condition and has the proper treatment for it
not all doctors are good with skin and aesthetic
there is no such thing as jack in all trade doctors
every doctors has their speciality
i m good with skin and aesthetic but i m an amateur for gynae cases

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The tale of a cyclist

When I was a kid,
There were many things I wanted
I was not from a rich family
But we were happy family
Nonetheless,  It was such a great feeling when something special,  something I wanted so bad...  became a reality

So here is a story of a young cyclist name uwais. He is 13 years old. His father zafrullah was a former national cyclist.

A very unfortunate accident happened to uwais a few days ago, which led he came to my clinic with bruises all over his body. He fell from his bicycle n had some injury and the bicycle was pretty much destroyed.

When he came to my clinic,  told me the whole story...  I had this urge in me.. That it is the time for me to give back something to the community. I spoke to his father,  and apparently uwais is a very promising rider. In my mind,  he is the next azizul hasni, the next national champion.

Hence I told his father,  I would like to be his sponsor ; yes...  uwais will be riding for Dr Hannan,  klinik primer kb.

So _ first thing first...  he needs a new bicycle for training... 

So happened...  I have one..  so today I invited the whole family to my house and presented uwais his first pro bicycle. 

I m happy to make him happy; the expression on his face when I handed over the bicycle...  that was priceless!

Yes..  priceless.

It is good for him. And hopefully good for me.  he will be wearing my name during races.  and I hope I could give him more in the future. And I would really love to see my fellow friend follow my step. Let s help uwais be a champion. InsyaAllah!  u go uwais. 

Make ur parent proud and make me Happy to have my name appear on the podium!!!