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Sunday, October 20, 2013

selamat hari raya aidil adha....

Dari Abdullah bin Amr bin Ash r.a : Seorang lelaki bertanya kepada Rasulullah saw, “Orang Islam yang bagaimanakah yang paling baik?” Jawab Rasulullah saw, “Ialah orang-orang yang menjaga orang-orang Islam lainnya dari bencana lidah dan perbuatannya”

klinik primer kb is already 2 months old..
wow... time really flew veryyyyy fast!
faster than anyone could imagine
it felt like yesterday the clinic was still under renovation
a lot has happened here
good ones, bad ones..
but i am enjoying every little second of having my own clinic

sometimes when i wake up in the morning ,
i still cant believe that i m working for myself nowadays
no bosses...
it is fun
but at the same time..
i m the one who takes the risk and responsibility
to make sure the clinic runs smoothly
to make sure that the clinic is making money...
insyaAllah... everything will be silky smooth
praying each second to Allah to make my clinic successful 


BayuTimur said...

assalamualaikum dr son got eczema recently. i went to a few doctors n also dermatologist.the medicines prescribed by doctor all contain it the only way to treat eczema?it has been 2 month for my son to use steroid.i decide to switch to steroid free product named moogoo.(starter pack for eczema)then the scar getting red it the TSW(tropical steroid withdrawal) symptom?pls gv ur comment dr hannan

BayuTimur said...

should i proceed with the product cuz b4 i applied the product i did the patch test n my son didnt not allergic with the product.i dont want ny son depend on steroid for entire of hislife

Ahmad Aidil said...

eczema is another type of hypersensitivity... in other words, your child immune system is "over-reacting"... steroid function to depressed the "over-reacting" immune system... its a good thing that you choose not to let your child be dependent on steroid. My suggestion is, try to "re-regulate" his immune system. potent anti-oxidant like vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione given at a high dose can regulate them. can try to consider taking transfer factor as well. hope this help.
- ahmad aidil, author of

Fara Fadzil said...

So young and so successful..
Congrats on your achievement!
Semoga Allah sentiasa membuka jalan untuk kita menolong orang lain yang memerlukan :)

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