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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm glad

truth is
i was oncall yesterday when the article about me came out in the kosmo newspaper
so , i just read the full article about 5 mins ago
i would like to thank the reporter for publishing the article
love it :)

no wonder a lot of unknown people were smiling at me yesterday!

why u should not marry a doctor! ( for ladies )

Orang kata... "Money is not everything"
But seriously... Nowdays.. Money is everything..
Yup... Technically everything.. From root of the evil and good deeds such as " sedekah" using money from horse racing betting. Ooooppss !

Anyway, that's not my point here.
Some people want to get married to doctors coz they thought we are rich.
The fact is... It's 50 percents true.
Some doctors are rich.. Some are not. Some are borned rich ... Some already have 3 wives and 20 children.. And being married for 4th time will unlikely make him any richer.. Unless he's marrying janda kaya.

So, ladies... Think twice before choosing doctors as ur husband. The title "dr" is sometimes very deceiving. Here are the tops reason why u should not marry a doctor

1. Doctors are hardly at home coz they always oncall.
2. Doctors sometimes have to work on weekends and even hari raya.. So u might have the possibility of celebrating hari raya alone or with ur crazy mother in law.
3. After a hard and stressful day at work, they go back home- super exhausted... Ended up sleeping on the couch and worse case scenario... Anda akan jadi mangsa pelepas stress. ( Nauzubillah)
4. They have legit reason to go out anytime .. Day or nite.. Duty calls babeh! I need to go now.. Oncall katanya! Padahal balik ke rumah bini tua!

Well... Those are few reason.... Ade banyak lagi ..
But then... That's a true fact about life. It's not just for doctors, but for other occupation too.
Not all doctors are like that.
Ramai je yang baik dan soleh macam I ni.. Oooopps.
Therefore, the point is.. Love someone for who he is.. Not what he is..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

they said... " u bukak kedai nasi kukus ek?"

I got this question a lot.
" Are u a real doctor? "

Well, I don't blame them.
Coz if there is no stethoscope around my neck, no white coat, no name tag.. People would hardly recognize me as a doctor.

General perception about doctors are..
... A group of nerd people, who has no sense of humour, no sense of fashion, always in serious mood, no nonsence, must use spectacles coz they read a lot , drive an mpv coz they have no time to take care of their cars.. Instead just use one for multiperpose use... Have no friends and never go out at night to hang out.

Well .. Me.. Is the exact opposite of what most people thought how doctors should be.

Hence, a lot of my friend who met me at the 1st time, hardly believe I am a doctor.

I don't blame them thou.

Instead of convincing them I am a doctor, I told them I am working nearby the stadium. ( The kota bharu gh is located near stadium) hence , when I told them that, they ended up gueesing I am penjual nasi kukus kat depan stadium :)

me in kosmo!

I was driving to work this morning and a fren sms me..
"Dude.. U r famous"
I replied " nothing new , she screwed me badly.. Did she told everyone?"
He replied... " Not in ward lor! U r in paper!"
That reminded me about the photoshot the other day...
The article about me came out in kosmo today.
Tq miss reporter!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

biskut raya...

more photos from raya open house
damn it , i gained a lot of weight after hari raya
all the hard work gone into the drain!
thanks to lemang  , nasi impit... biskut raya!
u guys screw me upside down!

i'm a big fan of biskut raya
nowdays , after hari raya
i eat biskut raya for breakfast
whenever i visit my frens house
i'll ask for biskut raya
even at work , I''ll ask my mates ... where's ur biskut raya? i want to try some!
i eat biskut raya even it's not raya month anymore
and i never tired of eating biskut raya!

i want more biskut raya
someone please antar biskut raya ke depan pintu pagar umah saya!

the key to happiness

at the gym earlier today,
i was chatting with a fren

he  : how's work
me: same thing , different day
he : oncall again tomorrow?
me : yes  I am
he : wow , u must be damn rich , being oncall almost everyday
me : i wish!
he : hehehe  , macam tu la bro , keje gomen ... lu nak kaya  , keje ngan gua, join business
me : it's ok dude.. i'm fine being me rite now ...
he : well , u may not be in the most luxury situation and job now , but ur job is the most noble... that's for sure
me : ameen

well , being a doctor not gonna make u rich ,
unless u are a hot shot private surgeon
nonetheless ,  i feel good everytime i saved people lives

i do not expect my patients say " thank you" to me everytime i treat them
Even better , they said that it's a doctor job to save life and no need to thank them
they are paid to serve sick people
yes , i heard that before
and it's hurtful
nonetheless , i dont really bother about that
it's a blessing if my patients say "thank you doc! "
it's like a bonus
and if they say nothing ... i'm fine
i'm sure , God up there is counting everything ...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

offer of my life

yes , man city just beaten chelsea 1-0
carloz tevez is the hero :)

take that chelsea
me not a man city fan , i m a man utd die hard fan :)
no worry ancelotti , next man utd will beat u guys!

anyway ,
raya celebration has been going on thru out the month
i ate a lot
and gain a lot of weight
met a lot of people
met a lof of fren

during hari raya , a lot of my frens came back home for raya holiday
and we all meet up
some are very successful nowdays
super rich and influential people

a good fren of mine ,
he said he's tired of seeing me work day and night
and still earn no more than people who less double less time than i do
hence he offered to open a clinic for me
so i could have my own GP
my own business instead of working and busting my ass at the government hospital
and lets my dream of having the latest M5 become a long life dream

another fren of mine
just bought a showroom in KL
asked me to become a manager there
coz i'm the only people he trusted
he asked to resign and he'll pay me 5 times more than what i earned rite now

i have a lot of choices in my life rite now
sometimes u are so lucky

 nevertheless , i told my friends that i'm happy with my life rite now
i wish i could have my own clinic
i wish my salary could be 5 times more
but being a doctor at government hospital
is what i am rite now
i'll just keep my head down to earth for a little while
try to be a specialist if i could
if things do not turn the way i planned
then  maybe i'll go begging to my frens

Thursday, September 23, 2010

a dream

last time,
i remember asking Dr SMS , before he became an angkasawan
I asked him , what's ur dream car?
he told me ... bmw X5

last time i saw him after he became the angkasawan
he was driving a Z4

a dream comes true

i want the latest 5 series
yes , the f10
Not many units on the malaysian road now
long que for the order
sooner or later,
i'll be driving an F10
that's a dream that i know will come true
God willing. amen

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

lunch talk

The beauty of being a doctor.
No one could argue what time u come to work and what time u go to rest and what time u can go back home.
As a doctor... It's hard to decide our daily schedule.
We always come to work early in the morning, hoping that we could finish our job and go back on time.
But then, it hardly works that way.
We come to work @ 730 and if we r lucky we could be home by 6pm.
In most cases... We could be home by dinner.

Should a patient comes at 450pm.... It's not the doctor on call duty yet...
So we have to settle it. Hence we ended up going back home by 6 or 7pm.
And we cannot claim overtime on that..

Worst case scenario would be the day after on call.
For example.
I start my oncall at 8am on monday.
I ll be working non stop until 8am on tuesday.
Then, I have to continue working from 8am on tuesday until 5pm on tuesday. So that would be about more than 30 hours of working.
And if the situation like above happened and we have to work till 8 or 9 pm...
So that explain why doctors are quite agitated at times

But I m happy with my life

a facebook story

a true facebook story ,

i was hanging out my the guys the other night
most of my frens are married
so, they were telling their marriage life
showing off this... showing off that...
then someone bring up about facebook
about how facebook currently one of the biggest cause of divorce in the State
then he told us his experience with fb
he's still new with fb and he's top businessman but he's married
and he's definitely not a lawyer
let's called him Mr P

Mr P met  a new friend in fb  , a girl name Miss L
miss L is a law student  , a final year student.

so, they added each other as fren
one fine day , Mr P commented on Miss L photo

Mr P : owh... nanti bile dah abes study bole la keje kat law firm saya ye ...
Miss L : ye ke ... tq.... bile bole antar resume ni...

and not long later
another comment followed

MRS P : ramai ke nak pakai lawyer kat law firm awak tu....

Dr Han - reply to miss ain

miss ain,
i  x sure mane la u dengar pasal kalau perut buncit sama ngan aras gula tinggi
i reckon, by aras gula tinggi u mean diabetic rite?

diabetic could happened to fat or thin people
but it also common in fat people
it's actually true that diabetic people are mostly fat
but it's not an absolute
a lot of fat people dont have diabetic as well

maybe tu kata orang-orang tua....

not a good day in the office

well , i had a rough day in the ot today
luckily my seniors were super nice to me ...
if not , i would have jump out from the window
there will always be a day when everything just doesnt work out well
it happened once in a while in our daily life
and i had the day today

everything just fall apart for me today
maybe i was a bit tired
being a new guy in the anaest team
i have learned a lot since the past few days
and my brain has been working extra hard
trying to learn everything as fast as i can

one thing about me...
something that i feel ashamed about myself
i just cant my feeling
when i feel depressed or sad,
u can see it straight on my face
yes... it was so obvious ...
even my seniors noticed i was a bit depressed today
i just cant help it
i just cant hide my feeling
whenever i felt angry  or sad .... it will be clearly potrayed on my face...
so damn clear
i wish i could hide it
but i cant...

i need a break
i want to go to holiday
baru keje dah nak cuti...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ur body weight

I had my issue with weight gain.
Hence, I did a lot of reseach and self experiment regarding this problem.

After years of discovery...
I had my conclusion.
The only way to lose weight and stay alive and healthy is to work out.
I joined the gym and and work out almost everyday and the rest will be just fine.

Regarding miss ain question about weight.
She said she is 150cm tall and weight 50kg.
Technically that number indicate that she's not fat. Maybe a bit petite. But not thin for sure.

Nevertheless.. According my experience... If u are 150cm tall.. U should be around 50kg in weight to look good. But this rule apply for guys only. So if u are 170cm tall... Ur weight should be around 70kg. And u have a great body. Not much fat.

But for lady... it's different. People are so obsessed seing skinny pretty model. Those people are at least 175cm tall and the weight no more than 50kg. So, it's a bit different. Lady... If u want to look great...u need to work hard. Yes... nothing new here. If u are 150cm tall.. U need to be 40kg weight then u look great. No offence to miss ain here. But to be healthy... U r just fine miss ain :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

help me dr han - losing weight

it has been a tiring few days at the new department
learned a lot!
my brain is congested with new knowledge
need another break again.
thinking of going for a quick holiday :P

anyway, here's a story taken place at a clinic ...

lady : dr , can u help me.?
dr han : well , in certain issue , maybe ..
lady : i need to lose weight..
dr han : owh  , u look just fine! ( deep inside my heart - u should! )
lady : please prescribe me something doc!
dr han : how about list of gym u could visit everyday?
lady : no,  exercise is not my thing... give me pills
dr han : everybody wants easy way out... but it's just not the right way
lady : a fren of mine took slimming pills and she looks awesome
dr han : u'll visit her in 10 years time dying due to heart disease or kidney failure
lady : no kidding!
dr han : yes .... unless u cant walk ... the best way to lose weight is by exercise ..
slimming pills would give more harm than good, might as well u get a lipo suction rather than taking all those pills
lady : yes... i want lipo.... cant u do it now?
dr han : what? u just dont get my point ... sigh...

truth is ... if u want to lose weight  , do not start with all those slimming products ... all those pills or herbs usually would harm ur body and could eventually causes kidney shut down.
exercise everyday.
go to the gym
walk in the park
play badminton with ur kids
be active :)
eat properly , less fat.. less cholestrol
and if all those dont work
then we talk about medication and surgery

moment with kak red

i had a quick visit to kl recently for a very special occasion
well.. 2 actually
i'll keep those 2 as a secret
but i'll reveal one of them very soon :P

everytime i visit kl , i will always dropped by to meet my beloved sist kak red
we had lunch together
and bla bla bla about stuff

everyone must be wondering why the heck kak red posed like that in the photos
yes.. she had something going on with her fingers...
some kind of malformation i guess
that's the reason y she looked a bit spastic,
kidding kak :P

Sunday, September 19, 2010

what a day.....

being a newcomer ...
i came back home today - totally exhausted and so damn tired
very sleepy and i want to sleep rite away
but then ,
i felt something different..
usually when i started on a new department ...
i came back home feeling tired with a little bit of suicide feeling
it felt different today
i have a great 1st day as an anaest
it has been wonderful so far
maybe being an anaest suit me

i met a former boss in the OT in the morning..
he's a surgeon
he told me that anaest suited me well
i asked him why?
he said ... i just know
well.. we'll see about that then...

a new life...

Welcome to anaest team dr hannan :)

Yup...the tagline of the day.
I came to the anaest dept today with a mixed feeling..
For ppl out there.. Anaest or dokter bius.. is doctor who in charge of the icu.. The operating rooms and the doctor who will be called when other doctor gave up on dying patient.
We are the final called..
So.. It's sort of an elite team actually.

Me.. I never thought of being an anaest or doktor bius...
Coz it's not an easy job.
Being just a doctor is a pain in the ass... Being an anaest double the pain..

So.. I was very devastated at first..
Scared of my senior mates..
Afraid that I ll kill my patient on the very 1st day...

But all those feeling are all washed away when I am one of them..

The seniors are very nice.. The boss is very flexible ..
I think I like anaest..
Dr hannan...pakar bius..maybe... Someday..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

party over , back to business

one of my unfulfilled ambition .... to be a singer!
part of the reason is because i'm too busy with my current job
the other part is i dont have the golden voice
but who cares
i'm not good enough to join all those reality tv singing competition
but i think i'm good enough for karaoke!
hari raya open houses ... wedding reception...
dr han will be there to entertain u..

party is over
no more raya2 for me
back to work...
icu and ot are waiting for me...
sigh... scary

umar alamgir

Series of photos of my beloved nephew
he's dennis the manace...
the clown...
the cheerleader...
the bumbleebee...
the one who screams at everyone
the one who makes my mama n papa learned at the transformers character!  - yes , my mama can tell u which one belong to autobots and which belong to decepticons
thanks to this little baby
he's the king in the house
everyone must remember his fav food ... his fav drinks
his fav movie ..... his fav games...
he makes everyone smile...
he makes everyone laugh
he's just adorable....

20 years later he's gonna be the next best thing! ladies watch out!!!

guess who

tangan siapakah ini?

more story coming up later ....

please doctor help me!

Lady : doctor, my baby has fever for few days, she's not feeding well... Refuse to take oral medication... Please treat her...

Me : ok... Let me examine her...

After thorough examinantion...

Me : cik puan... Ur child is sick... Most probably due to the lung infection.. She needs to be hospitalized ...

Lady : doctor, please give her the best meds but I don't want my child to be hospitalized

Me : owh... Really?

Lady : yes... Give her the meds and we'll go home..

Me : just now u said ur child refuse oral meds?

Lady : then give her injection of antibiotic!

Me : owh.. Fine.. So I guess u ll be giving the injection @ home?

Lady : no...u give one now.. And tomorrow we come again!

Me : it doesn't work that way madam...

Lady : alaa.. Bole la doctor.. Demam biasa je ni..

Me : dah tu kalau demam biasa apsal sampai ke kecemasan?

This is some of "unthinkable" examples of patients I have to face everyday ....

my life , my way

i am 26 years old this year
some said i'm still young
some said i should have become a father
some said go out and play
some said - go get married

others said - u have a long way to go...take it easy
the others said - it's time to get real and really serious in life

well , life as it is... always complicated
age is just a number...well .. maybe two number in my case
technically as it get bigger , it should be equivalent to ur wise and wisdon
which i hope so
the longer u live, the more u learned


no matter how much u learned
how many education degree u have
how many exam u passed with flying colors

u ll make mistake in ur life
sometimes , a stupid mistake such as made a wrong flight booking for ur parent :P

or a big one ...
which i hope i wont be making any soon...
frankly i made a lot of big mistakes in my life - which i wont be writing about those here
but all those big mistake made me a man.... a man i am rite now
i screwed my life upside down
but thank GOD , i'm still breathing the fresh air until rite this moment
my point after all these crap i wrote above...
it's ur life... do it ur way
but u have to consider other feeling as well
life is what happened while u busy making plans and arrangement
enjoy it to the fullest
dont be afraid to make mistake
but dont repeat the same mistake
take ur chance but be smart
u'll be just fine

Friday, September 17, 2010

selamat hari raya aidilfitri

these are due photos from hari raya :) me and my parent . Ampunkan anakanda zahir dan batin yer mama n papa
me and beloved niece
the eldest and the youngest
papa , minta ampun sepuluh jari.... yang tersilap beli tiket lepas raya pon masuk skali la dalam maaf ni
mama n papa.... ketawa mesra .... if only they knew their flight ticket salah destinantion... adeiii
umar alamgir... my notty nephew... never fail to amuse u
scene yang susah sangat nak capture
something chicky was running in umar head.... nak lompat atas sape dulu ek katanya....
one big family ... happily ever and after... Selamat hari raya aidilfitri daripada kami sekeluarga !

i need a new phone?

my current blackberry , the curve sometimes really makes me go nuts and crazy. it does hang a lot and sometimes it just getting on ur nerves! i love blackberry.... i love the blackberry a lot . i love the qwerty keypad , i love the bbm... i love the os , love everything about the blackberry but the fact that it hangs a lot and sometimes take forever to open a file really tick me off!

hence i was thinking of getting a new phone instead
i m not in a hurry , still in thinking and deciding process
these 3 phones above are those running inside my head rite now
yes, another blackberry , the torch
and of course the latest i phone is on the list too!
and the outsider, the sony ericsson... which is very unlikely to be mine
coz i still prefer blackberry and iphone compared to other regular phone

still thinking,
we'll how my current blackberry perform for the next few weeks, or maybe month....

guilty mode

i still felt guilty from what had happened yesterday to my parent
i felt bad
i felt terrible and horrible
i knew my dad was very angry,
but he was very calm when he spoke to me...
the one who got to listen to his blabbering was my younger brother
i m sorry dude
really sorry
it was an honest mistake
a stupid one
still cant get over it
need to do something to turn back the table

Thursday, September 16, 2010

papa , mama - I m sorry I screwed up!

Today was a sad day for us.
And maybe one of the worst day of life.
I feel like giving myself a headshot,
If I am on the bridge rite now, I would jump into the sea or river straight away.
I made a stupid mistake.
Something I shouldn't have done.
I should have known better.
I was careless.. I was wrong... I was ignorance..
It is shameful..
And it's pretty much unforgivable.
Damn I should have checked twice!

Sorry mama n papa I wrongly booked ur flight! Instead of kota bharu to kl, I booked kl to kb!
No wonder the price was cheap!
Damn u internet!!!
Well... It was pretty much my mistake actually.
All my life I have been doing online booking for flights and hotels..
And I screwed up for my parent flight..
Rasa macam anak durhaka pon ade...
Adoi la..
Papa n mama... Ampunkan beta...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

question to dr han..


Mother number uno : dr, my baby isn't feeding well, less than usual and vomitted after breast feeding.. What is wrong?

Dr han : well... Maybe ur breastmilk doesn't taste very good lately... U should start eating extra vanilla and chocolate for xtra flavour!!!!
Just kidding...

Actually there are many reason why ur babies aren't feeding well. The most frequent reason is the baby is sick.. Maybe due to fever, or most common...sepsis.. Could be any kind of bacteria infection.
Other cause, could be due to gastro esophagus reflux.

The treatment? Go and see the doctor! Treament is depending on the cause of the illness :)

long live the new king

Long live the king
the palace had made the decision,
it's tg faris petra turns now to be the king
i say " it's about time"
it has been a year of topsy turvy for kelantanese people regarding the "sultancy" issue
now it's over.
i'm glad and so does everyone else
well... mostly everyone

Long live the king

p/s - the only connection btwn me and tg faris was just that i studied in sms faris petra before :p

but who knows , in future he ll grant me a datukship!

a story of a ferrari

Some dreams , are just meant to be dreams.

Well, that what I have learned lately :)
There are dreams that we should pursue, and a few of them we should just keep them neatly in our secret drawer.

Story of a ferrari.

Everyone dreams to have a ferrari. But , in real life ... How many of us who have the money to buy a ferrari? For crying out loud... We are more than lucky if we could even test drive one!
I dreamed of ferrari since I was a little kid. So far, I don't see me buying a ferrari anytime soon. Not until I am a hot shot specialist. But I thank god that I have already driven a ferrari f430. It was the best moment in my life... The feeling was heavenly. but that was not my point here.

For those u can't afford a ferrari.... Like me.. Even looking at it gives me such a warm feeling. So, that applies to our daily life. We want the best in life , but sometimes we have to settle for what best for us... Not the best we could find. Coz not everyone can handle the best.
Hencefoward, be grateful for everything u have. This is a reminder for me actually... Be content with the best we have...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

good bye babies

good bye babies

i said good bye to the paediatric department today
i've completed my 4 months here and time to move on
after raya i'll be joining the anaesthetist team
yup.... doktor bius katanye.
no more kids and babies

truth was , i really enjoyed my stay at paediatric ward
love treating the babies
love playing with them
love to see they get well...

a part of me , tell that I will be a paediatrician someday
but,  i'm not too sure about that
have not decided yet what i'll be specializing in yet
one thing for sure , i'll be in anaest team for quite sometimes
maybe years ... or maybe just a few month

currently , i'll just let life flow the way it wanted
follow the flow....

still havent decided yet on my future

Friday, September 03, 2010

happy birthday to u

happy birthday to my beloved shida
happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u
i love u

Thursday, September 02, 2010

a story

this baby is not mine!
he was one of my patient
currently he's cured :)

funny story in ward today,
i just came back to kota bharu GH from a short stint at hospital tanah merah

nurse : doctor, do u remember me?
me   : mmmmmmmm
nurse : really? look at my stomach ?
me : yes , u r pregnant...
nurse : still dont remember me?
me : i'm pretty sure what inside ur belly has not my DNA!
nurse : gosh ... doctor! not that part... , 2 years ago u conducted my delivery ! u was incharge in the labour room ... remember???
me : owh ... still cant remember...
nurse : good .... i cant work with u if u still remember conducting my delivery!
me : no worry , we are professional ....
nurse : so , next one  , r u gonna be the doctor who conducted my next delivery?
me : why not rite :P

i felt bad that i cant remember my patients name and faces...
working at general hospital...
u have way too many patients..

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

selamat berpuasa

i hope it is not too late to wish happy fasting to everyone
life has been very busy lately
gosh, i dont know what i was doing at times
time was just flying like that

it's our third week of fasting
so far i have lost 4 kgs
thank you God
well, definitely that's not the main reason for fasting month
truth was i have been joining the gym a month prior to ramadhan
hence since then i ve been losing weight
must look good for hari raya rite?

i had gained a lot of weight this year
i was a bit suprised when i weight myself a few months back
i was very upset
tried quite a few slimming type of meds and techniques
to no avail
the only one thing the surely guarantee u'll lose weight
is to exercise and eat less
for me, since i ve been joining the gym,
my appetite has reduced and i cant eat as much as before..
lets wait and see how much i'll weight after 3 months joining the gym!