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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Selamat datang Ramadan


Me wishing all my beloved muslim readers - Happy fasting! To all the guys -> " harap-harap penuh la puasa tu ek" , to all the young ladies " kalau dapat puasa penuh tu... pergi jumpe doctor yer" :P - just kidding...

This year ramadhan is very special to me. This is my first ramadhan at home in malaysia with my parents! For the past 6 years , I had my ramadhan in moscow. THis year, it's gonna be different. I miss the fasting in moscow a lot thou. I miss how we all "break fast" during the anatomy class in front of the cadaver! NO kidding. I miss moscow sunset at 3pm ! Yeah!... that one wont happen in malaysia. But the thing I miss the most was going thru ramadhan with my beloved one :) u know who la.. :P

However , this year - I have my mom and my dad! Sound like fun! heheheh.. Earlier today when I was having dinner, my mom asked me...

mama : How do I wake u up for "sahur" tomorrow? Should I give u a call? My legs arent fit enuf to climb the staircase.
me : hehehe.. no worry la mama... for the past 6 years, I've been doing this own my own.. :P
mama : but then , this is a diff enviroment ... I'm affraid u wont wake up..
me : hehehe.. I'm used to not "sahur" too...
papa : No worry, I'll wake him up tomorrow.. 5 a.m!
me : I'll be downstair by that time :P

Friday, August 29, 2008

the pool

one day in melacca. My work burden is lesson. I've got 2 new assistants now. so, i ve more time to hang out and more sleep. Finally :p this is my spot at the hotel. Near the pool side. Sitting alone, watching the cat catching the rat... Tikus lagi... Hehehehe...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

how much does he loves his car

As u all know, I'm currently jobless and yet, I "accidentally" bought a car. My viva la vida to be precise. This " accident" has made me a workaholic for the past few weeks. The car represent a responsibility to me. Without the car, I'm pretty sure - right now I would just sit at home doing nothing rather than busting my ass working in melacca.

Yes, I know, I whine a lot! NO JOKE! It's true and that's one of my many downsides. But , when I whined in my - blog -> it helps me to release some of the tension and by whining to my dear readers here - some of u actually came out with some good solutions for my problems. Therefore, I would like to thank all my reader for always being there for me. U guys are my viva la vida too :)


my busy life at the resort has started

the good and the bad news

well, next week gonna be the d day for me.

The best news ever, my car dealer just called me and told that my viva la vida is ready to be picked up! I'm so happy and hyped up rite now, it was the same feeling as i was receiving my medical degree

But the bad news is, i'll be stuck in melacca for the next few days.
The worse news is, shida's mom is sick.

back in melacca

a week passed by, and i'm back in melacca. Yes, i sold my soul by doing this community service job. Not my best interest, but since i promised my boss that i'll join the programme... A man just need to keep his wordS...
Earlier today i met with jed and his russian gf - sophie. We hang out at the midvalley food court. The appearance of a rat while we were eating was the highlight of the day...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

juliza adlizan

yes, she is juliza adlizan, used to be a very popular singer in malaysia. Now she's a vocal teacher. We met at chinox klcc yesterday. Well, what happened was - i thought i could be a sinGer. Yes, this boredom made me do crazy things. So, she read my blog an offer me an audition. The result? She said she'll keep in touch :p hehehhehe....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i was meeting with someone very special at klcc today..... We had a very serious discussion. hehee... Do u know who's this beautiful lady?

back in KL

I'm back in KL. Going to KLCC later at noon. Kak Red, get ready yea - ur lil bro is coming for free lunch!!!! Hope she'll read this post. Anyway, since I have another jobless month coming ahead, I had a few part time job offers. Some are good offers, some are pretty ridiculous. Ranges from being a gardener to selling at "bazaar ramadhan".

My parents are not so happy me working part time. They would rather me stay at home and just enjoy my days off. But then , since I'm a man - and being a man , I do have something what people call as "ego"

The ego which later leads to what we call the "need" and neccestiy. Then translated to " I need to earn money by myself" - which eventually made me looking for part time job :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

back to work

my 2 days break in kelantan is over. I'm going back to melacca. Another session, another round of my part time job. Thanks to my dear darling shida for her answer about the posting. As she said, those who came back early to malaysia and registered early at the Kementerian, managed to join the august induction group - and now they are already posted to the hospitals around malaysia.
For those who came back late and registered late ( for ex -me!) , I didnt manage to register in time, therefore I have to wait until the next induction course, which will be after raya. There is no induction course during fasting month , which in result gave me a long holiday. I'll only be informed about my posting at the end of the induction course.
For gov workers, as soon as we started the induction course , our salary has started as well. So, the induction course is considered as work as well. For more info u can call the kementerian kesihatan themselves. I'm tired of answering the same old question. :P

the news

This what came out on the paper today. I believe , the gov is right on this issue. As a matter of fact, I highly suggested that the price should be double up till a pack of cigaratte costs RM100! No kidding. Half of the money should be given to the hospital - to treat the lung cancer patients. The other half should be given to the government to clean up the polluted air.

Me? I hate cigaratte. I hate it a lot. I hate ppl who smoke. But then, this isnt a perfect world. Half of my frens - smoke cigaratte. I hate to tell them to stop coz it's their life. But at the same time, they are killing me too. I seldom advice my frens to stop smoking coz I know ppl hate to be told what to do. Unless I really care about that particular frens , somehow I'll ask him/her to stop smoking. Therefore, to all my dear frens, for the love of GOD , stop smoking cigaratte will u? Love u all a lot!
I just got the news that my housemate for 2 years in moscow , Dr Taka has been posted to HKT. He's so happy about the posting since he lives in KT. I wish him all the best in his future. My other fren, Dr Erina has been posted to HKB . I'll see u guys soon . chiow bello!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

missing adam

me missing adam a lot :) wonder what's he doing in moscow... sigh...

Since most of my frens already well informed about the fact that I'll only start working after hari raya, the next best question been asked lately is " So, what are u doin now? "

Yes, typical question!

The answer is , I'm doing nothing.

Well, if that answer didnt satisfy u, u could either choose the answer from the list below
1. busy "beribadat"
2. doing community service
3. "menolong ibu saya di dapur"
4. starting a national park behind my house
5. looking at the star

back in kelantan

i'm back in kelantan ..... For 2 days. Going back to kl again. Yup, been very busy in my own world. Gosh. People been asking me " arent u tired of travelling?" yes i do! It's tiring but it's more tiring sitting at home n doing nothing. after a brief nap this morning, i went to see my viva la vida. Still in the process... It's coming out very soon... But not too soon.. :p

Saturday, August 23, 2008

compliment to the camerawomen

During my stay at bidara puteri beach resort , I had a special guest! It was adi who gave me a visit at the hotel! I managed to sneak out from my "job" for a quick chit-chat session with adi at the hotel lobby.We really enjoyed each other company. These photos are taken using adi's nikon D40 :) thanks a lot dear!

I forgot to take adi's photo coz I was a bit tired that evening. Sorry adi , next time kite jumpe lagi. I reckon I'll be back to melacca real soon. ANyone else live in melacca? let's meet up next time. To adi , DEFINITELY, we'll meet again dear!

p/s - adi was so pro with the camera , I almost didnt realize she took all these photos while we were chatting!

in seremban

me currently not home yet, in seremban. Supposedly went home last nite to pick up imah but then, something happened and I needed to go to shah alam last nite for a very dangerous mission. Yes....very threatening I have to say. But I cant write in detail, maybe in future I will :P

Any blogger live in seremban? Let's meet up for coffee !

Since it's saturday and not so many ppl are reading my blog , might as well I do something typical :P

Welcome to the xhansx blogger award!!!!

Blogger paling aktif? Hmmmm.... let me think...... :) ... wait.... wait... wait... the winner is......KAK RED!
Blogger paling comel :) mmmmmmmm.... a lot of candidate for this particular blog. Semua blogger ni comel-comel seadanya, but for this time I'll give it to my ex wife!
Blogger paling cun? No doubt.. my beloved Dr Shieda :P

Blogger paling mesra ? The one and only Mrs Sheikh!

Prettiest? Well since SHida won the Most Cun! I have to give this one to EJ! and mummysyafie :P

Blog paling hebat? mmmmm.... I'm giving this one to Ceera! She's the new star rising !!!

Paling Kreatif ek...... the winner is.... CHIKA! I just love her blog template ... eye catching!

most sophisticated? I'll give this one to AZRA BONEYTA.... :P She looks simple , her writing looks simple but her mind is very complicated!

Blogger paling hensem? for the sake of my future - I'll just give this one to DR SHAH... mane la tau kot2 jadi junior Dr shah nanti.. kene la pancing boss baik2 dulu kan... :P

Friday, August 22, 2008

going back home

bye bye melacca! I had my fun and i'm totally exhausted! Cant wait to get home now. I'm not sure either to be back or not to melacca for the next session. A part of me telling me to keep continuing, the other part asking me to do something else. Definitely i just cant sit still at home. So far, no idea yet of my next plan. Heck, i dont even have the ticket to go back to kelantan! In kl now.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

part 2

continue from previous post.

Since i'm very busy...with all the stuff which i hardly understand, i dont have much time to update my blog..soooo sad :p
Therefore, everytime i have a little gap in btwn, i look for the wifi to go to the net and get me connected to this virtual world. So, there will be a lot of short entries for the next few days

me half dead

the photo below was taken at the pantai puteri, just opposite my hotel. well, not mine, just where i am staying. Anyway, i was so bored yesterday evening then i decided to go for jogging along the beach. took the photo of the sunset on my way back home.

the work i am doing now - is not as fun as i thought it would be. totally not what i'm lookin for and not my field at all. I'm at a different planet.

the sunset

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

save mee!!!!!

still in melaka, at pantai puteri, at the bidara puteri beach resort. Still doing the coolie job and i'm bored to death... is any of my reader live in melacca.... Please come n save me. I cant go anywhere since i have no car.. Sighhh

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

bidara puteri beach resort

me- woke up very early today. Not much sleep last nite. The room is pathetic. This resort is totally a mess. Not the place to have a good holiday. But i'm here to work - all bcoz my viva la vida....

busy :p

me currently at bidara puteri beach resort ... Working + doing a little community work. 2 am and i'm still awake doing the clerking , administration job. It's very tiring but it suit me well coz i just cant sit home and do nothing. Well the real deal is i need to do something for my viva la vida....

Monday, August 18, 2008

mom is sick

yesterday for the first time in my life I took my mom to the clinic. She's been complaining of muscle pain at her left leg. Me - very worried coz my mom seldom sick. For those who didnt know , my mom is the only lady in the family. I have 4 siblings , all boys. So, for the past 29 years, my mom has been the superwomen in the family. She is the backbone of the family. Day in, day out taking care of her beloved 5 kids.

After the check up at the clinic, the doctor said nothing serious - just muscle strained and overworked. I felt really bad. Wish I could help her out on the daily basis. But one thing about my mom - she wants to do everything by her own. Even if I tried to help , she will carefully supervised me and should I do anything wrong , she'll just do it again. Therefore , it's pretty much helpless also.

I talked to my brother about hiring a domestic helper at the house. But we both know it wont do any good coz the same reason I wrote above. She wants the house to be in her order. It's very hard to get someone else to take care of the household things.

But, should her condition getting worse , I'll force her to hire a domestic helper - even thou it's against her own will. Sigh.....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Georgia Dispute

The world has been shocked by the recent news of the russian attack on Georgia. But, to those who have been following the development of ex soviet countries - it's no suprise at all. But, what most ppl dont know about the attack is - who started it?
The mass media all over world reported that the Russian who started the attack on Georgia. Then, the world started condemning the russian. Nothing new about that coz Russian is always being potrayed as the villian in every war. What tickled me the most was - of all people in the world , mr BUSH - was the first people who gave warning and condemning the russian for the attack on georgia. To US president MR BUSH - after what u did to IRAQ ??? and u still talking like that? funny as it is...
Anyway, back to the russia - georgia conflict. According to mass media ,it was the russian who started the attack at the russia-georgia border . Was that all true? Should the russian really want to attack Georgia ... why dont they send their SUKHOIs and all the tanks to georgia straight away??? It's no secret that the russian military power is among the best in the world and if they REALLY want to have a war against georgia , the could finish it in less than 24 hrs....
So... something to think about there. Did the mass media reported the real thing? Plus, does the mass media and the whole world forgot about what Bush did to Iraq? Dmitri Medvedev ( russian president ) and Vladimir Putin ( russian prime minister ) may not be the most noble man in the world but I'm sure he's a better man than Bush!
Just my 2 cents on the current world issue. Since I'm pretty free rite now... my mind started to think about all other think such as the world peace :P

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday morning..

armani minitures... souvenier from PAris :)

a fren asked me :
her : since u r so free for the next one month , why dont u join the political party. Big election coming soon and u could earn some extra cash as well
me : I would rather be a panda in the zoo lor....
her : typical....
me : hey.. it's me..and panda is cute !

Friday, August 15, 2008

My wineyard

I'm not jobless rite now, I'm workin on my wineyard. My project " menanam anggur" is going perfectly well and according to plan. I went to KL yesterday for less than 24hrs and now I'm back in kelantan again. Going to KL again very soon .... well, that's pretty much my daily job nowdays, either I'm driving or someone else is driving me. I just cant sit still. The worse part is coming soon, the fasting month

FYI, for the past 6 years, I've been celebrating ramadhan in moscow. None in malaysia. So, those were 6 busy fasting month for me. No holiday during the fasting month at all. There were times we had our breakfast inside the classroom, in the ward, in the morgue... but those were the days.

Doing nothing in this coming fasting month may sound "brilliant" for some ppl. But certainly not me. Furthermore , I'll have an extra "super big" responsibility soon. Therefore, I need to utilise my daily activity efficiently. Unfortunately , I dont have much "money project" rite now. Looking for part time job during this fasting month. I might be occupied for the next week, but for next month - I'm very free. Someone pls help me find a part time job during this fasting month. No kidding.. :P ! Jadi domestic helper pon beta sanggup.. hehehe

top gear

since the health minister havent call me up yet, I decided to work for the top gear crew and all I do is test drive new car :P Hhehehe... Yeah, that would be the next best thing should I'm not a doctor! I love car a lot and I love to drive. Yesterday I had the chance to drive the honda civic for one whole day around KL city. THE verdict? I love the car. The civic definitely stand out better compare to other model in the same class. The ride is very smooth , the 2.0 Vtec Engine is very powerful , fuel consumption is pretty appropriate and the digital speedometer is the highlight when u r driving :) Design wise .... the only ugly part about the honda civic is the tail lamp.... it looks like two swollen frog eyes. I love the front part a lot and the body kit from mugen is just the perfect combination. Overall , u should buy this car if u are married and still wanna look cool. WHy?
Why do I call the honda civic a married man's car? Coz this civic isnt the eye opener to the hot ladies! Hahhaha... To all women , if u want ur husband to look old and un-attractive to young hot chic , buy him this car :) That's why u can see a lot of honda civic on the road today. The women are getting smarter and keep asking their husband to buy honda civic. To single women , honda civic means - I'm married and the passanger seat belong to my wife :P

Thursday, August 14, 2008

my political stand

Since I was at the gpms meeting earlier this morning, a few made their own assumption about my political stand. The fact is , I just happened to be at the meeting coz I'm driving someone. No more than that. I'm not a gpms member , maybe yet. The best part is , me myself havent even register with the SPR yet! So, what the heck is my political stand? I'm a democrate :)

I rest my case.

Due to some technical problem, I'm going back to kelantan again tonite. Yup - still in kl now, waiting for my helicopter to pick me up. No an interesting day for me - tiring would be more appropriate. I've been driving all day long and rite now I'm totally exhausted. I just cant wait to lay down my head until the next morning.

Next Issue

When will I start working? HONESTLY, I'm getting tired of answering this one. It used to be an interesting subject to talk about, but after a while , it turned out to be pretty much an annoying issue :P
The real answer is , most probably after hari raya. At least that what the ppl in minister told me when I gave them a call. Since the health minister are not doing any new intake during the fasting month , so I have to wait for next month to start working.

Where will I be posted? HONESTLY , I have no freakin' idea. Anyone with big "cable" out there ? please help me out will ya? me no cable at all... wireless broadband got lor :P
I just pray to God that I'll be posted to the hospital on my wishlist. Amin

How much is a newly grad doctor's salary?
Not much :)

Could I issue MC for my reader?
Yes! for the right price :P

community service

awek cun : dik... Borang dah isi dah?
Me : borang ape?
Awek cun : ni , borang gpms dah isi dah?
Me : saya driver je... Kene isi jugak ker?
Awek cun > tersenyum manja... Malas nak kayan aku neh...

Yup... Me started working as a coolie, driver and whatsoever.... Viva la vida punyer pasal , gua nak kene layan lagu gpms.. Siap ade bacaam sajak lagi...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

After an exciting afternoon driving luxury cars , I headed down to TESCO KB to meet some of my frens. In the economical mode, instead of having lunch at the fancy restaurant , we all ended up at the food court :P Sorry ek kengkawan... biler i dah dpt gaji nanti kite makan best2 balik .. heheh.

Dr Fieyra n wenkt
shazwani ( tokei tesco ), urs truly and fatin

fatin was my "adik angkat" during the secondary school. Now she's also in med school. I wish her all the best in her future. Then, to those who are interested in working at tesco and renting shop lots in tesco, u can contact miss shazwani. Ni orang kuat kat tesco, semua pekerja jumpe die berhenti tabik hormat kejap baru bole lalu..... no kidding.

Well, that was my day, eating ABC for lunch . It was a good day, very productive I have to say. Now I'm getting ready to go to KL. My private jet is waiting for me at the airport!

test drive

orang tua kata, alang alang menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengAn. Orang muda kata, alang alang nak beli kete > hang pi la test drive semua kete yang ada kat showroom tu.

yup, as i went to check on my red viva la vida , the dealer offer me to test drive the m3 bmw. Ni dah jadi kes orang mengantuk disorogkan bantal n aircond la. So today i test drove a few bmw and 1 mercedes! Hehhehe.. x dpt beli sendiri, test drive pon dah puas hati dah...

my first letter

my first letter yg ade title DR kat depan... ni nak kene simpan buat kenangan ni...

I'm sure there will be more letter with the same title in the future , hopefully not "surat saman". But the first one is always the sweetest one :)

I have this kind of phobia everytime the postman came to my house -> scared that it would be the speeding ticket! Yeah, happened a few times in my life. For the love of God , why cant the police stop sending people speeding ticket! It's like sending ur HIV test result to ur parent! But doctors dont do that.

Anyway, back to my previous speculation and what so ever ... since I have this new responsibility , I need to earn some extra cash - therefore I'm going to KL today , doing a little bit of part time job. I reckon if I work part time for the next one month , I should be able to settle the monthly payment myself!

Anyone with any info of good pay part time job, please contact me :) I'll do anything!!!! NO KIDDING. Now I know how hard life is... damn it..

And yes, to those who have been asking about the asset ... I would like to call it "viva la vida" :P and it's gonna be red in color! The real photo will be posted when the asset reached the house~!

Jadi, inilah kes - bersenang-senang dahulu... bersusah-susah kemudian. Adik adik ambil ikhtibar yer... :P

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the speculation

REMINDER - the photos in this entry "adalah hiasan semata mata" :)
regarding my previous entry , I received quite a few sms and phone call. Some are very happy ... some are suprised.. and some just cant believe it. Well, actually some said I'm crazy as well. The crazy part is true for sure. It's proven!

What actually happened was.... ermm... how to say it , I did a so called "long term investment". No, it's not marriage and no.. I'm not adopting any african baby as well. I just decided to acquire a little asset in my life. It's actually my biggest & most expensive asset so far. Well, it's not mine yet actually.. need to wait still.

Frankly , I'm not sure how ready I'm to commit myself for this thing. However , my parent manage to trick me to get this asset. Yeah, again - my mom manage to trick me....

Actually, those who know me personally should know how thrifty I am. I'm a shopaholic and I could shop till I drop. No kidding. I live on the principle that - the money I have is meant to be spent rite away. My mom does realize my problem in the area and for years she's been advising me to be more "smart" with money. Yet - me, being a stubborn child , never listen to her advice on that particular matter. I've keep spending money like nobody else business.

Until... today , after I decided to buy the asset - suddenly a single cent means a lot to me. Suddenly , I felt the need of to be more efficient and economical in my daily life. Suddenly , filling RM50 for fuel is damn expensive. Suddenly, eating at KFC is such a waste of money... DAMN... my mom got me again this time. Earlier in the afternoon , I went to the MAYBANK to update my saving account passbook , I was so suprised that I spent nearly RM XXX K for the past 3 years! No kidding. And yet , I see no big asset acquired with that large amount of money!

as I was chatting with my mom earlier ..

me : mama.. I've spent RM XXX K for the past 3 years.
mama : u could have buy ur dream car with that money!
me : Yeah, I know... I wonder where did all the money gone...
mama : sigh......
me : heheheh.... yeah.. mostly gone to the airline company... my euro trip costed a lot!
mama : tell me about it.... sigh.. U could have save a lot of money...
me : let bygone be bygone lor mommy... I'll be a good boy in the future :)
mama : sigh....
papa : ni ... sape tengah leading medal utk olympic ni????

I really need to be more economical since this new asset require a lot of monthly payment. For this reason , I've decided to work part time until I get the posting letter. Since I registered at the ministry quite late , and there will be no intake during fasting month - most likely I'll only start working after hari raya. Therefore , for the time being - I need some extra cash and be really smart in my daily expenses.

This new asset to me , isnt just an asset. It's way more than that. It's a symbolic. It's a sign to me. It's new EVOLUTION in my life. Things gonna change a lot after this.

dream does come true

La La LA La LA La LA la...
Papaku pulang dari kota...
Papaku belikan kereta
Kereta "kecil" warna merah..
bole ku bawa jumpe awek....

Careful of what u wish for... it just might come true. Well, I guess , dream does come true. In a very happy mood and shock as well.... :)

Remember what I said about "me hated making plan"? Yeah, it was proven today. I cant write in detail of what happened today ( will write about it when everything is done ) But I did something very spontaneous! Well other would take days... maybe months to think about it.. but typical me... I made the big decision in just a few quick second. Adoi la... Honestly , not a good thing being so spontaneous .. but then, it's just me , me and my trademark. Sometimes it made my life easier , sometimes, it screwed me upside down. I hope this one is good deal. It better be .....

P/s - lukisan di atas adalah lukisan saya. ade copyright tu, jgn curi yer ...

Monday, August 11, 2008


We went for a short trip to the historical city - melacca last week. It was my 2nd time there. My 1st time was .... erm.. 8 years ago I reckon. Back then , the mahkota parade seemed to be a very big shopping mall and A famosa was the place to visit. 8 years ago , I went there via the school visit , so called "lawatan sambil belajar".
I was so eager to see melacca again after so long. The first place I wanted to go was the mahkota parade. It was raining that day so I thought of going to A famosa when the rain is over. As soon as I reached the mahkota parade, the mall suddenly become so small to me. I looked around the mall - it was more like a funeral store , selling the tombstone and what so ever. It's un-lively and it looked very old.

I went to check out the arcade area at the mahkota parade , the 3rd floor. Well, the arcade is still the same as 8 years ago. I remember - about 8 of us , 8 years ago , racing against each other at the daytona simulation racing game. It was a lot of fun. But then , since I've been driving a lot , I didnt have the "urge" to play the game that day.
After a short trip at the mahkota parade , we drove to the dataran pahlawan shopping mall which located about 10 meters away from the mahkota parade. It's actually just opposite the mall, but then the heavy main stopped us from walking. Thanks to my loyal WAJA , ( it's my mom's car actually)

From the dataran pahlawan, we went to the A Famosa. Not many people was there since it was raining and there wasnt any souvenier stores open at all. No souveniers from melacca ... so sad.
But, I'll be back to melacca again next time coz I heard there are a lot more interesting places to visit in melacca.... I'll be back for sure...

living the dream

cube teka gambar ini di ambil di mana? sape jawab ngan betul , saya belanja connetto sehelai..

People always asked me , was it hard to finish the med school? How do u managed to study day and nite to earn ur medical degree? Well, the real answer is - it's not as hard as u think but not that easy as well. Frankly , to get all 1As in the spm is harder than 6 years in med school. That's my personal opinion and I believe a lot of ppl agree with that too.

Talking about SPM , my youngest brother is in form 5 this year and he'll be facing the big exam very soon. His results from the previous exams and tests are not very convincing I have to admit. Maybe being the youngest in the family - spoiled him a bit. Well , I know I dont deserve to say that coz I've not be at home a lot for the past 6 years. But, my parent are very concern about his future.
There were times my mom asked me to give some advice to my brother , to encourage him to study harder and strive for the best result in SPM. But then - I dont have the slightest clue of what to tell him. WHY ? becoz , when I was in school - I hated to be forced and I do not prefer people telling me what to do. Yeah, maybe that was just me. So, when my mom asked me to do so about my brother - I'm speechless. A part of me tells me that my brother is a big boy , he should know what to do, he should know how important the SPM is....
but, maybe.. I'm wrong about this. Some ppl prefer to walk on his own path , some ppl need someone guidance. I just hope for the best ...
To those who'll be sitting for the SPM exam soon.. good luck. To all the parents , make sure u remind ur children of how important the SPM is.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

meet the bloggers!

1. My first victim - kak red. This lady needs no introduction in the blogger world. Whenever I go to KL, it's kind a must to meet her ( dengan kata lain , pergi menyusahkan kak red) . She told me to go to KLCC whenever I want free meal and that what I did :P hehehe... Lots of love to my beloved kak red :P
2. Mummysyafie - since my brother lives in seremban , putrajaya isnt that far away. Me n shida dropped by at alamanda to meet with kak nor :)
3. Ceera n Kiki - these two pretty ladies look prettier in real life :) trust me on that. hahaha... We meet at VA , on my way back from kak red's house.

4. My partner in crime - mr por , or u can called him Dr Por. Need a place to stay in KL? give him a call.. :P

5. Dr SHAH - jumpe on the way balik dari rumah kak red, tapi x sempat nak ambik gambar :P

I'm really looking foward to meet other bloggers too.... EJ , datang la kelantan wei.. han x larat nak bawak kete gi penang :P