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Saturday, January 31, 2009

being noble..

Well...the bad news continue.
Heard that another fren of mine - also quitted from being a doctor.
I didnt expect him to give up in this challenging job...
but at the same time, cant really blame him.

TO BE a doctor , 1st u need to be a houseman
As a houseman - u have no dignity, no pride, no honour.
Expect urselves to be treated like a crap.
Believe me on this, u'll get scolded - day in , day out - regardless of place and time.
In front of the patients, in front of the relatives or maybe in front of ur own family.
U could be "screwed up" endlessly.
Hence, a doctor is not a job for those who cant take this humiliation.

I felt sorry for my friend who couldnt continue being a doctor.
after years of hard work in university....
But, at the same time , looking at the other view- he's lucky to get out of this living hell.
I wish him well in his future.
Maybe he's not destined to be a doctor.
He's meant for something better...

Another week, another houseman gave up from being a doctor
these kind of news did make me feel a bit shaky,
and it somehow left a question mark inside my head.
Nevertheless, in spite on everything that happened,
I just hope my journey will be smooth sailing.
God willing.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


this is not an alien. This is just another newly borned baby - but this one has a congenital problem called the anencephaly. What is anencephaly - in the easiest sentence , this baby is borned with only half of the brain is intact or maybe no brain stem at all. Unfortunately for this kind of baby , the brain wasnt fully developed. Nevertheless, as far as I've seen , these kind of babies are usually born alive - but they are blind , deaf and couldnt feel the pain. No crying , no emotion.

Well, the main reason I highlighted regarding this case was becoz - about a month ago , it came out in the TV , about a case of anencephaly baby. The parent wanted to sue the hospital for not saving / resuscitate their anancephaly baby. Not that I'm saying the parent is wrong. But here's the logic.

The thing is - this kind of baby , he/she might be alive for the first few hours after delivery. But without proper ventilation back up - she/he will die quietly. Just bear in mind that with our medical technology , we are still not able to produce artificial brain. Hence, there is no way we could do any surgical effort to save the baby. If u keep the baby alive in the ventilator - it's kinda torturing the baby.

Therefore , the best thing we could do is, to let the baby die in peace after he/she is borned. There is no point for CPR coz we still couldnt treat this congenital disorder.

There's so much a man could do.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the good and the bad...

well... let's start with the good news. Yes, I got myself another gift - to cheer up myself. This time - the lcd tv :) heheheh... It costed me 2 month on-call allowance and I have to admit that this piece of black box is a miracle and it worth every cent! :P
It's basically my baby at home. This where I plug in my ps2, my dvd, my astro and I even use it as my pc monitor.
Well, that's the good news for this month

But, here's the not so good news.

Well, I just heard about it. Not sure about the truth, but I reckon it's 90% true.
Heard that one of my fren just quit from being a doctor.
It's a shocker. But then , as I think about it - it could have happened to anyone of us..
Being a doctor - a houseman especially is such a stressful and dreadful job...
If u been reading my blog for the past 2 month , u should know how stressful it was... and it is..
When I heard the news that my fren is resigning.... gosh... it strucked me like a thunder.
Too many time I thought about doing the same thing....but Thank God, for giving me the strenght to keep going..
I just hope that I'll finish this 2 years and go on with my life...

Monday, January 26, 2009

surviving the internship

I've been receiving a lot of emails and sms-es from the medical students on how to survive the intership/housemanship. I know I've been talking about this a few times here. Nonetheless, as I been in this intership longer - I've been learning a few more tricks on surviving this horrible 2 years. It's actually not that horrible once u learned that this is ur destiny :P ... yeah it's kinda "till death do us apart" job! Pretty much too late to learn to be something else... hahhaha...
well, like those bastard at the coffee shop said " u could always changes ur wives/gf , but hardly ur job! "

To those overseas graduates - expect urselves to be blabbered more compared to those who studied in malaysia. Since u know nothing about malaysian system - u'll start from ZERO! No kidding.

So, trick no 1 - whenever ur specialist/consultant/medical officer started their long speeches - look straight into their eyes as if u are listening attentively. BUT, as u are looking at them , try imagine their face turning into ur favourite cartoon character , donald duck for instance and change ur listening amplitude so that all u heard are just donald duck voice :P No kidding - do this and u'll find it very amusing.

Trick no 2 , when ur bosses finished their motivational speech to u - say "thank you! " in the softest way. As if u are very touched by their inspirational words....

Trick no 3 , I call this one "hikmat kebal loceng emas" - when the bosses open their their mouth , think of something else. So, in the end of the day , it will be the case of " masuk telinga kiri , keluar ikut telinga kanan, hidung n mulut " nothing left inside the brain. And dont forget to say " thank you, I'll work harder next time" ... this one works all the time.

Friday, January 23, 2009

life is good

life is good , have been pretty settle and calm for the past few weeks. Nonetheless, I'm still missing the excitement and the craziness. I miss being me!
Being a doctor - does changed me a lot , in most parts - changes toward a good way :p
Not that I love being a bad boy - it's just me , just my bloody personality.

Funny thing , a few days ago , as I was discharging the patients from the maternity ward , one of my patient asked me - "are u the doctor who has the blog ? Dr Hannan is it? U look more chubby in real life "
hhahaha.. sorry to dissapoint u dear :P
Anyway, who those who missed me , the picture up here is my latest photo available. I started to gain a little weight again after losing a few kilos during my first month at the labour room. Not my biggest concerned thou - there are a lot of other things running inside my brain rite now.

I wish I could have more time to spend writing more stuff inside my dear blog. I do miss my beloved blog a lot. Will try to update as frequent as possible :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

what goes around comes around

after a wonderful day off spent in KL last week,
I'm back to where I belong , the maternity ward..

as sad as it sound.
worse thing happened - after a few days break,
It does affected my work....

It hadnt been the best week of my working life..
it had been a very tough week
lots of thing happened
I thought, after being a senior in this department...
the work stress and pressure would be lessen
but I was wrong..

sigh.. it has been very tiring week.
Need to get myself together..
need to be strong
need to get back my aura :P

Friday, January 09, 2009

one day off

yasmin hani, sazzy and urs truly

cindy ( winner of malaysian dream girl ) and urs truly

Call me crazy ( yes, that is who I am ) - took a day off and I fled to KL yesterday. Just for shopping and some quick indulgement events - which include a lot of pretty girls!

Considering all the hectic job and 2 month of un-socialize life in hospital , I deserved to be entertained by these ladies yeah. U can read more about these photo above at I was invited as a special guest.

To cindy, sorry for not recognizing u at the 1st place , I wasnt in malaysia when the malaysia dream girl tv show was on air. But I totally admit that she's such a beauty in person. Outside and inside.

She promised me that she'll to come when she gets pregnant - someday... hopefully :P

Sazzy and jasmin hanin - totally awesome and cool. Down to earth and fun to be with. Hope to see u guys again.

Being around these people made me realize how boring and depressing being a doctor is. But then , that are the price u have to pay to be in such noble prefession. Despite of all the pretty ladies, tons of joy and fun, the glamorous world - I still have no regret being a doctor :)

One day , I'll make sure being a doctor is fun and glamourous and yet , still noble all at the same time!

Me ? one day joy and fun is over. Back to work lol!

*I definitely need to get my business card done !!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

swing swing swing

looking at those holiday photos of me and my frens made me wanna take off and go somewhere and have a lot of fun.......lots of fun.

Last nite I was ON CALL ... I was doing the 2nd call. For the 1st time in my working life , I could have some rest during on call. It was quite a calm day at the hospital. Not so many deliveries and it was the best on call ever! ehehehhe....Pity those who are working today -must be a lot of ppl coming in for ceaserean and IOL.

Beyond my conciousness - I started to enjoy and love my work as a doctor. Last nite, since there were not so many mothers coming in for deliveries - I felt kinda empty.

I went to sleep for a couple of hours and then I woke up again. Being the 2nd call- labour room isnt my territory anymore. Those delivery baby's job belong to 1st call doctors. So, technically my job was to look after the 4 postnatal and antenatal wards. If there is no problem in those 4 wards - my job is to sleep :P

So happened last nite - nothing much happened in those 4 wards. I was so bored of doing nothing. Hence, I went to the labour room and conducted 1 delivery. The 1st call doctors were suprised that I was there conducting delivery coz it wasnt my job :P

After that , then I could go back to the on call room and sleep happily. Well.. what can I say.. it's in my blood now....

One month ago ... I never thought that I could enjoy n love being a doctor ...

life is full of suprises...

and miracles does happen ... if u tried hard enuf :)