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Saturday, January 31, 2009

being noble..

Well...the bad news continue.
Heard that another fren of mine - also quitted from being a doctor.
I didnt expect him to give up in this challenging job...
but at the same time, cant really blame him.

TO BE a doctor , 1st u need to be a houseman
As a houseman - u have no dignity, no pride, no honour.
Expect urselves to be treated like a crap.
Believe me on this, u'll get scolded - day in , day out - regardless of place and time.
In front of the patients, in front of the relatives or maybe in front of ur own family.
U could be "screwed up" endlessly.
Hence, a doctor is not a job for those who cant take this humiliation.

I felt sorry for my friend who couldnt continue being a doctor.
after years of hard work in university....
But, at the same time , looking at the other view- he's lucky to get out of this living hell.
I wish him well in his future.
Maybe he's not destined to be a doctor.
He's meant for something better...

Another week, another houseman gave up from being a doctor
these kind of news did make me feel a bit shaky,
and it somehow left a question mark inside my head.
Nevertheless, in spite on everything that happened,
I just hope my journey will be smooth sailing.
God willing.


MULAN said...

be STRONG..!! many many years in russia, and now back in msia for housemanship... pejam celik pejam celik, kejap je masa tu. enjoy work & life ok..

Mohd Hazaruddin said...

dear ... definitely maybe,

bukan senang nak senang ...

wishing you all the best!

Signorina Syima said...

put those thing as a challenge to urself. orang lain pun tak mampu, tp u boleh! tabahkan hati, kuat kan semangat.

u dah berada di atas landasan yang murni dan generate lot of money tau??

Latifah said...

Yo Nan,

Just treat it like everybody is going thru teething's all pain, hurt, swell, aching and everything bad. But eventually it will pass. I know you can overcome it have the will go bro....I'll pray for you...InsyaAllah. Amin.

neo@sufe said...

pity themm..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Is it really that bad, Hannan? Does the HO really deserve the ill treatment or is there some psychological problem from these Dementors?

I mean, seriously. The council should be notified. How is being a Houseman without dignity, pride or honour? I think it's way too much.

A DBKL roadsweeper has them all.

This is bullshit.

N a b i L said...

Salam Hannan,

Dude, hang in there k. Kitorang medical students kat Malaysia ni dah biasa dh kena sembur and marah.Siap kena halau keluar dari ward lagi kengkadang tu.Probably bile dh jd HO nnti, maybe kurang la sket.My point is, everyone will go thru the same thing and the key of surviving is to persevere.

p/s baru je kena marah dgn nurse gemok kat labor room tadi.mangkuk tul

Witty Angel said...

hahahha..ho kat msia sangat wonder people keep on telling me , "fikir betol2 aina..nk buat intern kat msia u have to be emotionally, physically and mentally strong"..hahaha

iddy said...


m,,cm2 ke?sounds scary...rsenye my internship will b kt to hear more...

wishing u all da best..