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Thursday, April 30, 2009

one step at a time!

Yes, man utd won again last nite. Nothing big. It's just what we always do. We win.. and keep winning. Felt sorry to the arsenal fan :)

Better luck next time !

one of the most common cases that I see everyday in the orthopedic ward is the diabetic foot. It's very related to our nationality - for some reason :) Malaysian are well known of their variety of delicious food and delicacies... and one of the end result would be the diabetic.

Occay, me not gonna talk about diabetic as a whole here coz I'm sure everyone here is pretty much educated to know what is diabetic melitus a.k.a kencing manis. My concern now would be the diabetic foot - which involved the orthopedic team. What orthopedic has to do with diabetic? Shouldnt the medical team dealt with this problem once and for all?

Once u reached the chronic level of diabetic - eventually , u'll get the diabetic foot. So, the most common and effective treatment for gangrenous/ulcerated diabetic foot would be - amputation .. could be below knee amputation, syme amputation or ray's amputation.

Nevertheless - not all patients agreed with this treatment. Some ppl refused amputation even thou their foot is all black and dead. They choosed to keep their dead smelly, full of pus and serous discharge foot instead of chopping them off. Cant really blame them, coz.. sape x sayang kaki kan? Anugerah Tuhan tu..

But then , if we do not proceed with the amputation , the infection could cause sepsis ; which eventually could somehow cause death. Secara pendek cerita la... lambat jugak actually nak sampai ke "mati" daripada kaki diabetic ni.. tapi kemungkinan itu ada...

I'm sure a lot of us here have relative or family with this kind of problem. Hence, my advice would be - if the doctor offered amputation as the treatment - just for once.. listen to our opinion :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

he has a story

I remember my first even jeans pant. It was a Lee Cooper jeans. Never had any kind of jeans pant before that one.

When I was in standard 5 , my dad took us shopping at the store - he bought me the Lee Cooper jeans which costed RM 65 as a present for me for doing well in my exams.

I still remember the day - vividly in my mind.

Back then , my parent was still struggling financially to raise 5 kids :) I'm thankful to have my mom and papa. I hardly asked for anything everytime Idid well in my exams coz I know there were many other important thing to spend on.

Hence , when my papa bought me the jeans as a present - I was really thankful for that.

RM65 may sound cheap for other people. But for me - it was a precious gift. I hardly wear that jeans back then becoz I really loved it. Only wore it for very special occasion. I believe the jeans is still in my closet back home.

it's true what people said - it's the thought that count. I cheerish that Lee Cooper jeans more than any other jeans I ever had - even compared to that armani exchange.

Thank you papa n mama

Friday, April 24, 2009


The other day at the clinic , an old lady came to me and complained of pain and numbness at her right fingers. The pain worsening at night when she wants to sleep. She asked for pain killer for this problem. I told her it's a common symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. It caused by compression of the median nerve. Many factors could cause the compression of the median nerve. These syndrome is more common in female population. Usually it's associated with rheumatoid arthitis and pregnancy :)

Hence, I told her - the treatment for this syndrome is the decompression of the median nerve.. meaning she needs to undergo a minor operation... Painkiller isnt a solution for this issue coz the pain is mechanical :)

In the orthopedic department - most of our treatment involving surgery. Different kind of operations. Used to hate to be in the operating theater. But then , in this department - most of the specialist - surgeon are pretty cool people. Kinda fun and enjoyable being their assistant in the OT...

:) a lot been asking what's the hidden meaning by the status at my facebook.

I put there " I lied in the name of world peace "

I wrote that becoz a fren of mine just broke up with her gf just becoz a stupid lie

it's my way of wishing them to get back together...

For crying out loud... GROW Up both of u..

Yes, I do lie to people. In fact, everyone does lie - at times.

But men - we lied for a lot of reason

We lied in the name of LOVE

We lied in the name of friendship

We lied in the name of " or else u would be dead "

So, ladies - trust ur men. We lied for good reasons

We lied becoz we love u so much

Believe what we said even thou it's pretty obvious we are lying...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

dream catcher

"careful what u r wishing for - coz u just might get it"
Life - is wonderful..
It sucks at times..
But , most of the time -it full with colors.

A lot been going on my mind lately.
Looking back at few years ago ...
Never thought that I would be where I am now..
I guess - dream does come true..

My life rite now may not be the "best life"
but then , I'm very much content with my current condition
I'm thanking God for giving me what I had and what I'm getting.
Definitely there are a lot more to be gain..
and at the same time, I do expect I will encounter a lot of difficulty and trouble

Nevertheless - for the timebeing - I'm just enjoying the moment..

It's amazing how God made our dream comes true
I remember when I was a kid ,
I did pray to God for a couple of "stupid" dream.. (which I'm not gonna mention here )
However , no matter how ridiculous the dream was - eventually , I did come true

I'm hoping that God will keep making my dreams come true...
there's a lot more I want to gain in my life..
I pray to God for happiness, success and good fortune and
protect me from any unfortunate event.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

dan ternyata ..

urs truly at work :)

I was talking to a patient a few days ago..
He's a 61 years old indian gentleman ... admitted to undergo an operation..
When I was clerking his case - I noted that he's still a bachelor.
Hence I asked him..

Me : Uncle, may I know why are u still single?
Uncle : Well, I was too busy looking for other things in life...
Me : I reckon marriage isnt in ur list then ?
Uncle : Not in the upper part of the list for sure...
Me : Then? What are the important things u are looking for?
Uncle : Well, it's a universal truth that all men are looking for money and fame.
Me : Yeah, fair enuf
Uncle : I was too busy concentrating on my job and nothing else matter...
Me : Wow...
Uncle : U cant deny that money and fame is very important rite? Those two could buy u almost everything ...
Me : hhahhaha... uncle.. u r a fun guy :)
Uncle : Some people forgot to prioritise what important in life... and most ppl ended up in failure in life...
Me : Yeah... and everyone kept doing the same mistake all over again..

Wow... Havent had these kind of conversation for quite sometimes. I used to hang out with the elderly , with the politicians and these kind of topic always been discussed about.
But, nowdays - I choosed to hang out with my frens who prioritise "FUN" in our daily life :)

definitely money and fame is important. VEry important and some said once u got those two - other things in life will come running after u :)
But then... I believe there is a limit for that..
Sigh... what a wonderful world

Saturday, April 18, 2009

u irked me

" gambar mase muda2 dulu.... skarang dah tua dah :P "
U irked ME!

Well, in life - we said hurtful thing to other...
and other would do the same to us...
We do hurtful stuff to others..
and others - would do the same to us...
it's a never ending stories in everyone life..

Some ppl could tolerate this situation...
some ppl failed miserablely ..hence foward - turned their life upside and down..

Life is never easy...
Lots of ppl wish they are dead...
I heard a lot from my frens " I wish I'm dead"
Not saying that all my frens are crazy..
but honestly, sometimes - u wished u were never born.
Coz life is hurtful...

It is..
but then, God gave us " love, family and friends "
which eventually.... turned the hurtful episode..
into a happy ending :)

cheerish the moment...

Friday, April 17, 2009


for all those f1 lover - some might wonder how the heck Brawn GP suddenly become the fastest car in the previous 2 races. In fact, they used the older version of mclaren mercedes engine. The rumours said that - the thing that gave advantage to the brawn GP cars - are their diffusers. Yes, the black thing ...under the spoiler. Ala... tu... yang bentuk mcm longkang terbalik tu la.....ade lubang2 kat bawah tu.. tu kite panggil diffuser. So, the other team being complaining that brawn gp diffuser are no following the rule - hence made their car faster.

it came to my mind the Evo 10 also have the same diffuser... yes, the black thingy.....
hencefoward.... VLV also got ONE recently ... made VLV look more sporty , and a way... a little bit more faster??? heheheh .... we'll see

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

new 9029

firstly, I would like to congratulate my special one on the arrival of her new car :) Bawak kete elok2 yer sayang.....definitely vios is one the best car on the road the moment.. Anyway, nanti kite tinted sket cermin.. letak skirting... kasi spoiler sket.... put on the HID light :) magnificient!
hehehhehe.... VLV new fren :)
I was having tea with an old fren today after work. We havent meet for quite sometimes. We talked a lot... shared our work life experience..
But, one thing I realized about him... he changed a lot.
Used to be a very naugthy ... kinda evil... adventurous.... kamikaze person...
now turn out to be a pretty much settle gentleman
Wow... I was like... " Dude... what the heck? "
Well... hate to say this.. but it's true what ppl said..
some ppl do change into a better man :)
I wish him luck and success and happiness...
But if u want to go back to the past...
I will always be there for u...
RocK oN :P

Friday, April 10, 2009

ku merindu...

It has been a very tiring week.
Had 3 on call this week..
Another one coming this sunday.
yesterday play football against usm team
tomorrow... Futsal tournament..
Had very little sleep...
Damn.. Feeling so old...
Need rest.. Need vacation... Let's go to Bali!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


one thing u need to master if u want to be a good doctor is to do a good episiotomy
and being good at reparing it
For those who didnt have a slighest idea what the heck is episiotomy...
it's a method of making an incision to the perineal area to assist delivery process...
Dalam bahasa melayu " memperbesarkan lubang untuk memudahkan proses pemberanakan"

During my stay in O&G.. I did a lot of this :)
heheheh... Some women begged me to do episiotomy to speed up the delivery proses.
Usually, in real situation - episiotmy was done without any anaesthesia
WHy? becoz during delivery, the ladies already in extreme pain..
So.. another small cut wont make any different....
But, if the mother insist on local anaesthesia.. we would surely give lor...

The cutting part is the easy part... repairing the episiotomy is the hard one...
I still remember my 1st episiotomy... took forever to finish stitching the cut!
But then.. after a while... pretty much getting used to it.
In a way, it's the best way to learn to stitch...
I think, if u are able to stitch episitomy perfectly...
u can stitch pretty anything.. :P

Now that I'm in ortho department
there's a lot of T&S procedure
T&S means toilet and suturing...
dalam kata lain... mencuci dan membersih..
so.. since I'm so used to "suturing" during o n g...
it made my life in o n g a lot easier :)
maybe I could be a surgeon one day :P
well.. maybe..

definitely maybe :)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Marah marah sayang...

Went for a quick hair cut at the saloon yesterday.
Funny thing happened , I felt asleep while the hairstylist was doing my hair.
Was too tired becoz I was on call the day before :)

Did u guys remember the old malay movie " Marah-marah sayang"
erm... about 15 years ago I reckon
u know... the one with ebby saiful... 3 guys.. 3 ladies...
I could vividly sing the movie soundtrack...
Love the movie a lot.
I remember when i was a kid, I watched the movie.. again and again...

The movie was my first exposure of women complexity
In a way, it teached how to understand ladies.
Even thou the truth that - learning rocket science is 100 times easier than understanding a women's heart ....
If u tried hard enuf... maybe u could understand 1% of what inside her brain :P

So, my advice would be,
when dealing with women...
never try to completely understand them.
it's complicated
just sit down and listen to every word she said.
be interested even thou u r not...
look at her attentively as if u re really listening...
try to think of other stuff when she talks...
so u wouldnt look so boring...
think of the next man utd game instead..
that will keep u awake...

that's basically what all women want...

then... after listening to her long speech...
she'll be happy,,
then u'll get ur reward :)

oppss... it supposed to be men's secret! ladies.. dont read this.. especially my loved one..

Love u baby...

and I mean it.. wholeheartedly!