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Thursday, April 23, 2009

dream catcher

"careful what u r wishing for - coz u just might get it"
Life - is wonderful..
It sucks at times..
But , most of the time -it full with colors.

A lot been going on my mind lately.
Looking back at few years ago ...
Never thought that I would be where I am now..
I guess - dream does come true..

My life rite now may not be the "best life"
but then , I'm very much content with my current condition
I'm thanking God for giving me what I had and what I'm getting.
Definitely there are a lot more to be gain..
and at the same time, I do expect I will encounter a lot of difficulty and trouble

Nevertheless - for the timebeing - I'm just enjoying the moment..

It's amazing how God made our dream comes true
I remember when I was a kid ,
I did pray to God for a couple of "stupid" dream.. (which I'm not gonna mention here )
However , no matter how ridiculous the dream was - eventually , I did come true

I'm hoping that God will keep making my dreams come true...
there's a lot more I want to gain in my life..
I pray to God for happiness, success and good fortune and
protect me from any unfortunate event.


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Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Take good care of your health, that's the top priority :)