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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

new 9029

firstly, I would like to congratulate my special one on the arrival of her new car :) Bawak kete elok2 yer sayang.....definitely vios is one the best car on the road the moment.. Anyway, nanti kite tinted sket cermin.. letak skirting... kasi spoiler sket.... put on the HID light :) magnificient!
hehehhehe.... VLV new fren :)
I was having tea with an old fren today after work. We havent meet for quite sometimes. We talked a lot... shared our work life experience..
But, one thing I realized about him... he changed a lot.
Used to be a very naugthy ... kinda evil... adventurous.... kamikaze person...
now turn out to be a pretty much settle gentleman
Wow... I was like... " Dude... what the heck? "
Well... hate to say this.. but it's true what ppl said..
some ppl do change into a better man :)
I wish him luck and success and happiness...
But if u want to go back to the past...
I will always be there for u...
RocK oN :P


mummysyafie said...

hannan..saper punya yang hitam berkilat ni? :P

Mrs.Sheikh said...

waalaaa...keta baru ida ekkk..:D