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Friday, April 24, 2009


The other day at the clinic , an old lady came to me and complained of pain and numbness at her right fingers. The pain worsening at night when she wants to sleep. She asked for pain killer for this problem. I told her it's a common symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. It caused by compression of the median nerve. Many factors could cause the compression of the median nerve. These syndrome is more common in female population. Usually it's associated with rheumatoid arthitis and pregnancy :)

Hence, I told her - the treatment for this syndrome is the decompression of the median nerve.. meaning she needs to undergo a minor operation... Painkiller isnt a solution for this issue coz the pain is mechanical :)

In the orthopedic department - most of our treatment involving surgery. Different kind of operations. Used to hate to be in the operating theater. But then , in this department - most of the specialist - surgeon are pretty cool people. Kinda fun and enjoyable being their assistant in the OT...

:) a lot been asking what's the hidden meaning by the status at my facebook.

I put there " I lied in the name of world peace "

I wrote that becoz a fren of mine just broke up with her gf just becoz a stupid lie

it's my way of wishing them to get back together...

For crying out loud... GROW Up both of u..

Yes, I do lie to people. In fact, everyone does lie - at times.

But men - we lied for a lot of reason

We lied in the name of LOVE

We lied in the name of friendship

We lied in the name of " or else u would be dead "

So, ladies - trust ur men. We lied for good reasons

We lied becoz we love u so much

Believe what we said even thou it's pretty obvious we are lying...

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Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

No wonder you lie to me all the time LOL I know how much you love me now :P