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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

anak durjana.... tolong la sedar

well. another sad story
worse than BERSAMAMU TV3 cases...

at my clinic today...

Me : salam mak cik...  apsal ni darah tinggi sangat ni... terbalik meter dah ni makcik...
Mak Cik : ye la doktor.. macam mane tak naik.... dah seminggu habis ubat... sebelum ni mak cik makan ubat hari2 sampai habis doktor...
Me : Laaa mak cik.. dah seminggu ke... apsal x tunggu sebulan je makcik.. .ehehhee.. gurau je mak cik.. apsal x datang awal2?
MakCik : macam mane nak datang.. mane ade kenderaan.. rumah dalam kampung tu.. mak cik dok sorang2..
Me : iskh 2.. xpe mak cik.. mak cik xde anak2 ke?
Mak Cik : ade doktor.. 5 orang anak mak cik.. tapi semua sebok dengan keje.. ni yang mak cik pon malu ..
Me : keje ape yang busy sgt tu mak cik.. sampai nak bawak mak jumpe doktor 2 bulan sekali pon x bole mak cik.. 5 orang tu x bole gilir2 ambik cuti ke setahun sehari utk mak?
Mak Cik : tu la doktor... mak cik dulu.. masa diorang kecik.. nyamuk seekor dalam kelambu pon mak cik kejar sampai dapat.. bila dah tua mcm ni la... bercuti bawak anak bini g jalan2  bole je.. ade pulak cuti.. tapi x bole nak ambik cuti nak bawak mak g jumpe doktor 2 bulan sekali.. ni pon mak cik datang naik motor , bayar upah kat anak jiran sebelah....

Dear fellow frens
dont be such a jerk
our parent raised us with all the love in the world
spend all their money and time for us
but we dont have time to take them to see doctors for check up once in a while
what a shame
for those people whose parent is like this
kamulah manusia paling keji atas dunia ini
anak yang derhaka adalah lagi teruk dari anjing...

Please guys
respect our parent
treat them well
love them
ni pon nak kene ajar ke?
anak 5 orang x bole nak jaga mak sorang?
malu la sket...
malu kat anjing...

if u could spend days holidaying with ur wife and kids
is it so hard to take a day off once a year for ur mom and dad?
seriously guys
when u get older
ur children will do the same to u..

Congratulations Dr Zafira!

May Allah bless u guys :)
A big congratulations goes to Dr Zafira n husband
Just married
Managed to attend their big wedding yesterday
Nice wedding dress fieyra
And love the food served by the host
Anyway,  again congratulations and I wish u both all the best. :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Ironman challenge

Well, not the real one
Maybe a mini ironman challenge perhaps
Just to get thing started
Before my clinic start running
Gonna spend the time I have doing all the exciting thing
Maybe 30 km of cycling n running is not everyone cup of tea
But I have so much fun today
The journey started at kb city center,  then we headed straight into the fisherman village at pantai kundur. Which is about 15km distance. There,  we had a good running session by the seaside
The weather was excellent,  a little bit of rain, not to hot.. It was perfect for an outdoor exercise.
From the pantai kundur, we cycled around the fisherman village,.. Well.. We were lost actually, the villagers had a wierd look at us as we were cycling around the houses for couple of time. But eventually we made our way to pantai cahaya bulan.
Had a quick rest at the pcb. After 2 glasses of ice cold coconut juice..  We headed back to kb city center.
Now... I m oooooo tired and exhausted
Preparing for jumaat prayer!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

To Farhan n salwa

When I wrote about botox,
There are a few expert on botox out there condemning me , those name salwa n farhan maybe;

Kindly check the product called dysport. Tell me why it is haram?

Botox is widely used in medical field not just for cosmetic. Don't be naive and jump into conclusion.  We used botox to help people who has stroke...  Haram ke Salwa?

To Salwa n farhan. Stop blabbering about the little thing in Islam which is unclear n debatable ;
Rather then u guys commenting here _
Fighting about the little thing is Islamic rules..
Might as well u guys talk about the big thing since u are so smart n intelligent;

Our Muslim country has alcohol factory..  It is a big haram...  I don't see Farhan or Salwa standing up in front of our pm to complaint!
That is something u should do instead
Something which is clearly haram. U should fight for that ! Something that is writtEn in th Quran. Sigh

Seriously guys...  If u r so knowledgeable about Islamic rules and regulation..  U should be ashamed..  There r big thing out there that u should fight for. Not this little thing. Farhan.. Salwa, wake up and start doing something that matter. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is it safe out there

A break from the aesthetic world
And back to the real world.

Our nation has been shocked again by the news of a man who raped a 13 years old kid and then married her to avoid the punishment.
Bloody hell
What on earth is happening here in malaysia

Honestly,  I don't feel safe out there
In our beloved nation
The crime is getting worse everyday
Today in the paper, another person got shot
What?   we have guns and rifle selling at 7-11 nowadays? 

Robbery is a common issue. Well, it has become a norm in our society!
People got rob everyday!

Why are these happening? Well,  the most obvious reason would be- people are not scared to commit crime here in malaysia. Frankly speaking, u r more likely to be jailed for speeding then robbery , here in our beloved country.

How come u allow bail for an underage rape master?! 
He already committed had sex with the kid...  Just keep him in the jail until being sentenced! 

The punishment to the criminal here is not enough.  Not enough to make the citizen feel safe walking in an open street. Criminals are not scared to do felonies;

Remember there was a case,  a man stole a Porsche from the showroom, got jailed for few months,  released from the jailed then stole another car...  What a mockery to our judiciary system

The government should take this issue seriously,  more strict punishment to the criminal;  take note please our new head of police.  It is ur job to make the citizen feel safe . It is ur responsibility to take care of those criminal .

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Double chin

Another common problem of human being
It is very frustrated issue for ladies
Make them look 10 years older than their actual age

There are many cream out there which claim they could vanish the double chin
But none of them actually work

Double chin happened to man or woman due to 2 reason. Firstly, it is a sign of aging. Secondly, u r getting fat! Or obese. Hence,  there will be fat stored under ur chin coz the space inside ur belly is already occupied

Yes, truth hurt.

But nowadays,  this issue can be dealt with medically.
The best aNswer to double chin is to exercise a lot and lose ur weight
But not many of us are able to do that.

Medically and surgically,  we have the quick answer for this :)

The quickest would be to remove it surgically,  which will cost u a lot of money and pain. But it is the most effective.

The second answer would be mesotheraphy lypolysis. If u r interested,  make sure u visit Dr Hannan!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

how to fix eye bag

another typical problem faced by all human being.
as we get older... the aging process... bla bla bla
we developed eye bag
and eye bad make us look old , ugly and sad
and unattractive indefinitely

well, the best way to deal with this 
is not to get one at the first place
but then, it is impossible as we will get old regardless
hence, there are many product out there which claim can cure or
make the eye bag dissapear
well, kudos to them
but honestly i havent seen any cream or medication that really could treat eye bag
the only logical answer for eye bag treatment is by injecting filler into the 
infraorbital area which is the eye bag area

be aware, this area is very sensitive and there are many vessel around them
hence injecting filler is a big challenge
unless u are a very good aesthetic doctor
which is like a walk in the park for us :)

if u have a very bad eye bag and u r tired of trying all kind of cream out there in the market
do not hesitate to contact me for the filler treatment 
the filler usually takes a  week or two for full effect
and it usually last up to a year
depend on one metabolism rate
as filler is made from hyaluronic acid which is degradable inside our body

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My heart my soul

Baby nia is growing so fasttt!!!
She is becoming a big girl
My goodness
Baby pls listen to daddy occay!

Friday, May 03, 2013

I vote for the future

When u have a child
Technically u become more mature
And u start to think of other people interest ahead of yours

The election will be in 2 days time
It is a very crucial moment for all Malaysian
It is time for us to decide our future
What kind of future we are hoping for ?

Are we going to be the same ?
Change for a better administration ?

Well, in my case
I want the best for me n my family
With that in mind
As a Muslim ... I want a Muslim leader who can lead us to the right path
No offense to other religion
I may not be the most religious people here
Maybe I am the last person who supposed to speak about this.. But I just want to mention the fact here

I want a Muslim leader to lead Malaysia
A leader who will lead by example
If u are a Muslim leaders
U must follow the islamic rules - in all areas
The Islamic rules must only implies on Muslim
Hence other religion no need to be worried

Hudud is a must for muslim. It is in the al Quran .
As a Muslim, if u didn't perform solat, it is sinful. But u r still a Muslim. But if a Muslim says that solat is not compulsory , then he is not a Muslim anymore. He must rephrase his syahadah. Some goes to hudud... If u says hudud is not compulsory , ur Muslim title is gone .

Anyway, why are Muslims are so scared of hudud????
If u don't do anything wrong, no need to be worry then.
Hudud only punished those who are proven guilty . Those who deserved to be punished !
Technically speaking, those Muslim who opposed hudud... Must have done something wrong that they are so scare their hand will be chopped off rite ?
Just an assumption ...

Other religious no need to be worried about hudud. It is for the sinful only .

Another thing.. Chinese , Indians and other bumiputera are all Malaysian
Regardless who will win the election.. Nobody will get evicted
Pkr win, Chinese still be there, Indian will be there . There will be Chinese and Indians ministers anyway. Coz we are all Malaysians.
Malays will be Malays. There will be sekolah kebangsaan, there will be sjkc...
The churches and temples will still be there for Christians , Buddhists , Hindus...
The government administration might change,
But other services will not be interrupted I am sure.

Pakatan rakyat and Barisan nasional... Are composed of multiple races and religious
Please don't play the racial card here
It would be the same... Don't worry.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Dr Hannan will be on tv soon

Yes ,
Finally made it
My first appearance in tv will be soon
More to come hopefully in the future
Thank you Astro

Hope this will help my future clinic
Branding and making my self more popular - the right way
Hopefully this will bring positive result