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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is it safe out there

A break from the aesthetic world
And back to the real world.

Our nation has been shocked again by the news of a man who raped a 13 years old kid and then married her to avoid the punishment.
Bloody hell
What on earth is happening here in malaysia

Honestly,  I don't feel safe out there
In our beloved nation
The crime is getting worse everyday
Today in the paper, another person got shot
What?   we have guns and rifle selling at 7-11 nowadays? 

Robbery is a common issue. Well, it has become a norm in our society!
People got rob everyday!

Why are these happening? Well,  the most obvious reason would be- people are not scared to commit crime here in malaysia. Frankly speaking, u r more likely to be jailed for speeding then robbery , here in our beloved country.

How come u allow bail for an underage rape master?! 
He already committed had sex with the kid...  Just keep him in the jail until being sentenced! 

The punishment to the criminal here is not enough.  Not enough to make the citizen feel safe walking in an open street. Criminals are not scared to do felonies;

Remember there was a case,  a man stole a Porsche from the showroom, got jailed for few months,  released from the jailed then stole another car...  What a mockery to our judiciary system

The government should take this issue seriously,  more strict punishment to the criminal;  take note please our new head of police.  It is ur job to make the citizen feel safe . It is ur responsibility to take care of those criminal .

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