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Thursday, May 23, 2013

To Farhan n salwa

When I wrote about botox,
There are a few expert on botox out there condemning me , those name salwa n farhan maybe;

Kindly check the product called dysport. Tell me why it is haram?

Botox is widely used in medical field not just for cosmetic. Don't be naive and jump into conclusion.  We used botox to help people who has stroke...  Haram ke Salwa?

To Salwa n farhan. Stop blabbering about the little thing in Islam which is unclear n debatable ;
Rather then u guys commenting here _
Fighting about the little thing is Islamic rules..
Might as well u guys talk about the big thing since u are so smart n intelligent;

Our Muslim country has alcohol factory..  It is a big haram...  I don't see Farhan or Salwa standing up in front of our pm to complaint!
That is something u should do instead
Something which is clearly haram. U should fight for that ! Something that is writtEn in th Quran. Sigh

Seriously guys...  If u r so knowledgeable about Islamic rules and regulation..  U should be ashamed..  There r big thing out there that u should fight for. Not this little thing. Farhan.. Salwa, wake up and start doing something that matter. 

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