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Friday, May 03, 2013

I vote for the future

When u have a child
Technically u become more mature
And u start to think of other people interest ahead of yours

The election will be in 2 days time
It is a very crucial moment for all Malaysian
It is time for us to decide our future
What kind of future we are hoping for ?

Are we going to be the same ?
Change for a better administration ?

Well, in my case
I want the best for me n my family
With that in mind
As a Muslim ... I want a Muslim leader who can lead us to the right path
No offense to other religion
I may not be the most religious people here
Maybe I am the last person who supposed to speak about this.. But I just want to mention the fact here

I want a Muslim leader to lead Malaysia
A leader who will lead by example
If u are a Muslim leaders
U must follow the islamic rules - in all areas
The Islamic rules must only implies on Muslim
Hence other religion no need to be worried

Hudud is a must for muslim. It is in the al Quran .
As a Muslim, if u didn't perform solat, it is sinful. But u r still a Muslim. But if a Muslim says that solat is not compulsory , then he is not a Muslim anymore. He must rephrase his syahadah. Some goes to hudud... If u says hudud is not compulsory , ur Muslim title is gone .

Anyway, why are Muslims are so scared of hudud????
If u don't do anything wrong, no need to be worry then.
Hudud only punished those who are proven guilty . Those who deserved to be punished !
Technically speaking, those Muslim who opposed hudud... Must have done something wrong that they are so scare their hand will be chopped off rite ?
Just an assumption ...

Other religious no need to be worried about hudud. It is for the sinful only .

Another thing.. Chinese , Indians and other bumiputera are all Malaysian
Regardless who will win the election.. Nobody will get evicted
Pkr win, Chinese still be there, Indian will be there . There will be Chinese and Indians ministers anyway. Coz we are all Malaysians.
Malays will be Malays. There will be sekolah kebangsaan, there will be sjkc...
The churches and temples will still be there for Christians , Buddhists , Hindus...
The government administration might change,
But other services will not be interrupted I am sure.

Pakatan rakyat and Barisan nasional... Are composed of multiple races and religious
Please don't play the racial card here
It would be the same... Don't worry.


Aida, Danish & Batrisyia said...

Dr Hannan, komen sikit result our election.

Zila, Wangsa Maju

pB said...

ubah apa yang salah ....

Amir Aidid said...

And I vote for future too .