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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

lancer gt family day

Men - such a delicate species...
Hated by women... loved by ladies....
Some of us.. are just freakin unresisitable..
Some - totally a bunch of bastards

Kelantan is having 2 days public holiday - celebrating the Sultan birthday. Yeah, God bless the king. Anyway, we r thankful the the rest days. Hence, me n my fren ( the lancergt gang ) decided to go for a picnic at Tok bali beach.
menu for the day ... lots of lamb chops .. chicken and sea food. Well, me being the only single man in the group - were the loudest one. heheh.. the rest came with family... beta datang goyang kaki aje :P

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and joy. It would be more fun if I already have a wife n kids to bring along..... heheh.. what the heck, I'm enjoying my bachelorhood :P Not much time left ... lalala...

Miss MiSS Miss

Another fact about men :)

....Instead of following the right way, we prefer to do it our way and hoping that it would be the rite way...

Some, called it " egoism"

On the previous entry, I did mention about the sex of the car...
Then someone asked me , what car is the male car ..
Well.. to name a few.. there would be Lancer, Impreza , Accord , BMW M3 and M5.... entry level... I would say Satria GTI and satria CPS.... :P
AWEK mane ni?

Hhhee... This is Kak Yan....
My family mase kat moscow dulu...
Kak yan with her children.. adam n damia..
Akak... cantek kan scarf tu? hehhee
Missing u all a lot.
As I said before...
I miss moscow a lot

Dont really appreciate it when I was there
But, after being home for quite sometimes
I do realize that moscow is part of me...

Gosh... we never gonna miss something that much until we lost it...
It's so damn true..

So, the lesson here...
learn how to lose, then work harder to earn it back... hehhehe
salah ker?

Monday, March 30, 2009

kiss me thru the phone...

Baby you know that I miss you
I wanna get with you
tonight but I cannot babygirl
And that's the issue
Girl you know I miss you
I just wanna kiss you
But I can't right now so baby
kiss me thru the phone
This latest single from soulja boy being playing on my head for days.. Love this song a lot!
Well, u can get the full story about the photo's above at My dear fren syazwan is currently warded at husm for dengue fever. Nothing new. Same old disease caused by aedes. Wish him well soon. Dont die yet dude!
What happened was yesterday, as I went to visit him, one of the intern there was trying to take his blood - to check for the platlet..and others - to no avail . Maybe the intern just started working, not used to the situation yet - it's pretty hard to draw blood from dengue patient .Syazwan's mom told me that the intern being trying for may times since morning , hence his mom asked me to take the blood instead.
Considering that syazwan will suffer more needles pricking his veins for the next few more days - I just save him for the day :P

Friday, March 27, 2009

lovin it

Men :)

" we made mistakes , we apologize ... then we do the same mistakes all over again "
- which pretty much makes this world goes round and round :)
It's been more than a week I'm at the ortho department.
Somehow , I'm starting to enjoy my work here.
For all future internship - the best place to be for ur 1st posting would be the ortho department.
WHY? Becoz... here, it's not as intense as in Medical or O & G department.
Here u can take ur time , learning slowly to be a doctor.
No hurry, no rush.
becoz being a HO in ortho department - it's nothing much u can do.
Most of decision are made by the specialist and most of the patients are Mat Rempit
meaning, not much medical illness.
However, if u started at Orthopedic department , u'll get the "culture shocK" when u join other department becoz ur work will be 10 times busier a lot more hectic.

Anyway, here in HKB, the ortho department has our own football team -consisting of all doctor.. 3 of our specialists are the main player of the team and all male MO/HO joined the team too. Hence, I bought a new shoes yesterday to play my 1st game for the team.
It was fun except for the fact that I started to realized I needed to lose some weight as the game started. Definitely need to loseeeeeeeeeeee these fatttt.
Need to play more games. Less work, more game :P

another 9029

Vios - one of the best entry level sedan car in malaysia. Definitely the car u want to buy if u are looking foward to pay less than 1k per month for a car :)
The fuel consumption is amazing , very economical
But, In my point of view, Vios is a ladies' car. Dont u agreed so? Well, I have this kind of thought that car do have sex. For example - accord is for the men , city and vios definitely belong to the ladies .... vw beetle also a fine lady .. lancer - big BOY! ... civic - uncle and untie car... hehehehhe

Friday, March 20, 2009

vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a common "misfortunate" - happened to a lot of ladies of there. The dryness would definitely effect the sexual intercourse. I do receive a few email asking what's the solution for this problem and I do encountered a few pt in the clinic with the same problem.

This "issue" happened the gland - the bartholin gland - failed to produce and secrete the fluid needed for sexual intercourse.

Vaginal dryness could be coz by various reason .... from infection ... diabetic ... monopause , prolonged usage of hormonal treatment (estrogen ) and others.

The most reliabe and simplest solution would be using the LUBE , such as KY jelly to keep the vagina "wet and smooth" during the sexual intercourse.

Other would be using the hormonal theraphy - which I do not advice if u r not monopause yet. If u reached ur golden age - monopause.. maybe u could start taking hormonal replacement theraphy which in some way could help with vaginal dryness.

But then , before u start taking any of these medical treatment - just try other stuff such as prolonged fore play... or make sure both parties are in the rite mood before sexual intercourse. These little things also could cause vaginal dryness. After u rule out these "little issue" - then u should consider taking the lubricants or the hormon.

happy and dizzy

I got a cake from my fellow fren... a "congratulation cake"
the cake was for 2 reason ....
1st - I'm getting engaged.
2nd - I successfully finished my O&G cycle
shared the cake with the labour room staffs and other interns.

Me currently in the ortho ward.... still dizzy...
still wondering what the heck I'm doing there..
It's new world... world of X RAY and POP - plaster of paris!

Apparently, after more than 1 week at ortho ward..
I kinda missing the o n g department...
Just missing delivering the baby..
Maybe I was born for it :P

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

back to my homeland

for those who didnt know , I was borned in Terengganu - which technically made terengganu my homeland / hometown. But then I was raised and grew up in Kelantan. Then I went to turn my life upside down in moscow , then back to reality in Kota bharu....

Short story of my life

Anyway, last weekend , me n my family went to Kuala terengganu to attend a few wedding ceremonies.. yes.. there were a lot of invitation on the same day !

When we arrived in KT, my elder bro joined us as he's still currently working in KT.

Apart of me feel likes working in KT too in the future. It's a developing state, a lot of job opportunity. Good prospect and I just love the beaches... it's breathtaking.. lovely...
another 9029 family member. This is my bro's.
Wonder what will be the next 9029 member? hehehe....
anyway, now I'm starting my life as a doctor at the orthopaedic department. It's a different world. Different style of working. But , it doesnt really matter, the only thing that matter is - I'm lovin it....

Friday, March 13, 2009


thank u God... thank u God.. Thank u God!

What a wonderful day... me finally passed the viva
and man utd kicked inter milan ass so bad !

WOnderful double win for me.. thank u God!

So, a really big smile for O & G... sigh... I'm gonna miss it a lot..
Gonna miss the labour room for sure!
There was my starting block... where I kicked start my life as a doctor
Looking foward for my orthopedic cycle...
Well.. enuf with pregnant ladies...
bring in the mat rempit!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

God .... help me please ..

by the time some of u are reading this post...
I should be sitting in front of my head of department...
answering all kind of question...
well.. I just hope I could come out from the clinic with a big smile
God... bless me please
and dear friends, do pray for my success...

Monday, March 09, 2009

took this beautiful photo from tina's blog. It's moscow city at night. I do miss moscow a lot.....
Miss the life back then... miss the happy go lucky life :)
me rite now in very stressful condition. I'll be finishing my O&G cycle somewhere this week with condition I passed the oral exam tomorrow! Yeah, we call it "viva". Definitely has nothing to do with viva la vida!
It's more like a final exam for the interns! I just hope my Head of department will just open his heart and let me off the hook tomorrow!
Me busting my head rite now.. trying to read everything.. trying to munch all the knowledge...
technically.. nothing much can be done in such a little time..
the best thing I could do rite now is to pray to God that everything will turn out just fine tomorrow..
To my dear readers, please pray for my success...
God willing... in conjunction with our Beloved Prophet S.A.W birthday today... God will give me the blessing.. Amen....

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wonderful life

shida finally met her biggest rival! a.k.a madu :)

hehehe... anyway, I just came back from cuti-cuti Malaysia
Still very tired after hours of driving ...
VLV really showed what she made for :)
Me n shida had a wonderful journey!

Long story goes short...
Me N ShiDa is getting EngaGed :)
Well.. some might heard about it..
yes, the rumours are true.
Some might have receive the sms... :P
No big deal thou

Me is SO HappY rite nOw...
just Cant desCribe the feEling..
Felt likE FaLLing in LovE with the Same persoN
For The 2nd tiME...
It's So EXciting..

Yeah.. to ThoSe who kNew me..
Know That I'M nOT A bIG Fan OF mArRIAgE,.
bUT Then.. WhaT caN I Say..
iF it's GonNa Happen.. it will happen...

I onCe said to a fren WhiLE we Were playing pooL..
The BLack Ball...( the 8 ball) is Like MarrIaGge..
Once It Goes In.. GAme is Over..
Well.. mayBe for me..
it'S aboUt time..

THe Game is ovEr..

BuT It's tHE StartinG Point of a new liFe :)

*tomorrow... back to hell as usual :P