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Thursday, May 31, 2012

ReZeki di tangan tuhan

God is great
God works in mysterious way
God always give u the best even thou we may not be as holy as we could have been

Sometimes, we work so hard.. We try so hard.. And yet.. We failed.
Then we asked ourselves .. What the heck went wrong?
Most of time we just forgot.. It is Allah who decided everything.

Allah gives ur the will to choose

Some choose the right way, some choose the other way.
Either way.. Allah is always being generous to us.. That is why so many drug dealer living like royalty in our beloved country.. Or anywhere else.. Because Allah is super generous.
Allah is super generous to all humankind..

But Allah only loved those who worship him.

There are times Allah put us into difficult situation and condition.. It is because Allah loves us and just a test for us how much do we believe in Allah. In the end of the day, Allah will show us the rainbow.. The happy moment ..

The past few days has been hard for me.. I was so stressful.. I was so angry at some people... But I keep my head up.. I pray to Allah to help me out.. And Allah did...

The big issue has come to the end.. Tq Allah...

The state anaesthetist came to our hospital today.. And he has straight thing up for everyone.. Most of the issue has been settled.. I will not r overworked . He understood my situation.. And I appreciate it. I ll stay at my current post for this moment until the juniors are good enough to take the main stage :)

Thanks u everyone for the support

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Charlie bite me!

Never happened before in my life...
I accidentally trapped my thumb between the car door .

Yes... I was rushing to get into the house... Then shit happened!

My left thumb is swollen right now. I hope nothing is broken or dislocated.
It s common for us to have broken our thumb and neglected it. Maybe just a small crack.

Nonetheless I m praying hard this is nothing serious .

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weight loss still

Love looking at SMS and his family photo... Keep me focus on losing weight

Occay. Weight loss update... For the past 1 week, I have lost about 2kg.
Yup, thank you to the medication and healthy food.

I eat cereal for breakfast every morning... Muesli is preferable. The I took my appetite suppressor pill. After a few days of taking the pill, I stop taking it because my brain is already reprogrammed by the med... Don't feel that hungry even thou I m not taking the pill anymore.

At lunch.. I just eat a very small
Portion of meal.. Try to avoid anything oily. Mee goreng is definitely out of equation already.

Then no more meals after lunch. Just snack until I sleep.

What do i eat for snack ? I eat dates... Yes Kurma.. It is good source of energy... Fat free and delicious and on top of everything.. It is a sunnah to
Eat dates.. Food of choice of our beloved prophet SAW.

Yup. Loving my new lifestyle
I feel healthier n more energetic everyday !

Can't take my eyes off u

Finally I was able to spend a day with my family yesterday.
Not much a day actually, more like an evening and a good night sleep

Been at work for 4 days, been away from family f0r 4 days
It took my baby nia 5 minutes to recall who heck I am.
When I got back home, she gave me that stare... " who are you " stare
Can't blame her right

Then after a while she start smiling to me again and kissing me again.
Even when she is "nenen" with her mother, she wants me near... She hold my fingers while she is breast feeding ... Maybe she was scared that I ll be gone again.. Can't blame her. She is a smart girl. And very manje of course...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

u made my day

u know..
God is great
when we feel like crap
God cheers us up.. in a very mysterious way..

just now ,
i was doing a case , an orthopedic case..
i was discharging him... and he said thank you to me..
oh my God..
it feels like a fresh breath from heaven..
i have been working day in and out from 3 days in a row
and that pak cik was the first patient to say thank you to me..
i was so happy
i was smiling..
i called every staff in the ot and shout out loud..
"thank you pak cik... u just made my day... u r the first patient who says thank you to me in these 3 crazy days at work.. THANK YOU pak cik.. it means a lot to me.."

then, the good run continue
i was checking my facebook
and this young kid added me.
after accepting his request , i looked at his wall
apparently his friend asked him to read my blog
as a motivation for them to become a doctor in the future..
this is awesome
never thought my crazy rambling touched so many heart out there

thank you guys for reading my blog.
thank you guys for the support
thank you for writing me email to cheer me up whenever i post something sad here
u guys really a good friend
thank you

true friends

sometimes,  shit happens for a lot of reason
bad thing happens to us as a reminder
the sun doesnt always shine
there will be rain
and thunder storm

but when shit happened
a lot of thing prevailed
people shows their true color when they are in trouble

friends  - is a bunch of guys we know
whom we always hang out together
have fun together

but true friends are people who stick by u when u are in deep shit
true friends sacrifice themselves for ur sake

now i am in a pretty much deep shit
i have to make life changing decision right now
i am not going to be a slave to the system

if i stay working at his hospital
next month i ll be forced to do 15 oncall per month
or maybe more
15 oncalls mean i have no time to spend with my family
it also means i cannot take a day off
should i am so dead sick , i still have to work
should any emergency happen to my family , i still have to work
funny how it goes if our family member is sick and admitted to the hospital but u cant get a day off to take care of them and instead treating other people
so ridiculous
yes, that's my situation will be starting next week if someone did not take necessary action

at time like this , friends are very important
friends and colleague .
these are people who supposed to help u in any way they could

i am lucky i have friends who always gave me moral support to face this shit
i have friend who could bring the system down , but i wont involve them because if i do , a lot of people up there will be transferred here and there
not gonna ruin their family for my sake
but then , if they dont think of my family sake ...
i swear to God , same thing will happen to them , or maybe worse
i really hope this thing will be settled in a very nice way
some people would need to sacrifice a bit

i already did min
currently i am doing 10 oncalls per month
i think that is more than enough
i came to work last friday , friday morning
currently still working... and will be working until tomorrow pm
that would be 84 hours non stop
if u are asking me to do more than this
it's outrageous and unacceptable

Saturday, May 26, 2012

baru hang tau!

i came across my friend's fb status just now
he is also a doctor ..
he wrote "
Nak tukar profession... Kdg2 tfikir senangnya jd cikgu.. Buat mcm2 mana pn org hormat. Org xkan marah2 maki2 cikgu.. Tp org skrg akan maki dr.. Bila oncall tdo sejam dua je pstu sambung keja smpai petang esok.. bila ada org mati still dipersalahkan wpun dh buat yg terbaik.. Haih aku nak quit! Bosannye keja mcm ni xde job satisfaction lgsug
then i replied to him - baru tau ka chek?
well ,  this is the reality of being a doctor in malaysia , it's nothing like u see in the grey's anatomy or House MD. There is no laughing here and here , not much time for gossiping , no hanging out at the bar after work  , no sex in the changing fancy scrubs , our scubs is ugly and oversize ,  no such thing... after a crazy day at work we all just want to get home and sleep well , that's all 
there is not much satisfaction being a  doctor. truth being told. i am not sure why , is it because the attitude of the patients or the heavy work load of malaysian doctors.
as usual , in government hospital , patients came crying to us , telling us to treat them. then come the family members and relatives asking all kind of question while we were busy treating the sick man/woman. for goodness sake , just let us do our job first and ask later when we are done. there is no point standing by the bedside while the doctor is busy working. u are just making our job a lot harder. once u send ur loved one to the hospital , let us do our job and keep ur mouth shut.
there are only a few doctors working at one particular time , and people expect to be treated as soon as they registered. if there are 100 people waiting to be seen by doctors , wait patiently to be treated. other people are sick too. we are busting our ass to see patients as fast as we could possibly can and there are still people out there  , went out complaining why is the waiting time is so long. if there is 100 patients and only 2 doctors? what do u expect? we dont see patient for 30 seconds each. at least 5 mins per patients. u do the math if there is 100 patients. so be reasonable. that is one of the reason being a government doctor is so irritating. we are doing our best, but people still complaining of us being slow and not doing work. if u want to be treated fast and VIP service , go to the private hospital and clinics. 
i used to be that crazy doctor. trying hard to satisfy everyone. working extra hard to treat as many patients as i could. trying hard to please my boss by being so extra hardworking. What do i get eventually? Plenty of paperwork!! 
We doctors, are human as well. The more people u treat , the more mistakes u gonna make. When u r trying to do something above ur limitation , u are going to screw up. U r going to make mistake because ur brain is overworked and exhausted. And when u make a mistake , people wont remember all the good thing u have done , they just going to screw u for the one mistake u made. 
i used to do 15 operation per day. i thought the bigger the number, the more i ll be appreciated. i was wrong. the more i did , the more problems i got. as i said earlier, we are human. when we go beyond our limit, we will make mistakes. plus , nobody says thanks you when we do the extra work. none of the patients say thank you to me... NONE.
hence , nowadays , i just do what i could,  within my capability. nothing more, nothing less. if people dont say thank you to me , no hard feeling for me. the main thing is , i did my best   , the quality that counts  , not quantity. there are many other doctors out there. not just me alone , not just u alone. shared the burden. dont try to be a hero. 
a hero is someone who always ended up with mortality and morbidity audit. a hero is someone who always ended up in the court. we are just doctors , not a superhero. know ur limit and u will be a safe doctor. 
what about job satisfaction - there is no such thing. u are paid to work ... that's all.

Friday, May 25, 2012

i want u badly

owh my God..
this is soooo gorgeous...
this is the megan fox of the sport rims
i want this set of wheel sooo bad
should any of u guys has any info where i could get this piece of masterpiece
kindly let me know~

Dr han is dead wrong?

When I wrote about weight loss with helps of the anti obesity drugs ,
Many has wrote back to me regarding other method of losing weight
Some even "educated" me on the complication of the anti obesity drugs

Dear friends
Yes , there are many slimming and weight loss product out there
In fact there are million
But, in those millions types of product, kindly find any with proven clinical trial and scientific research?
Is there any usfda proven clinical trial for sd2? For premium beautiful? Any scientific research on that which is legalize by usfda? NONE

The reason why there are many complication known about the anti obesity drugs compared to other slimming product is because the pharmaceutical company did research and clinical trial on their product , hence they found those side effect. Other product... They don't even have pharmacological information on their packaging... Hence we all did not know the hidden side effect.

And the effectiveness ?
These anti obesity drugs is tested and clinically proven which is why the doctors are using them to treat obesity. Unlike other product.
To make thing more easy to be understood by people out there... Anything used by doctors in hospital is clinically proven..
If there are not proven.. The pharmaceutical company will not produce them in the first place..

Not saying that other product is useless and harmful. But show me the paper work of the clinical trial then I will believe u :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

He is the man

Just found another reason why I want to lose weight so badly
I went thru sms and his baby photos ...
And I feel like crappp
I mean.. He looks awesome, physically
And I am so fatty bum bum rite now.
Last time we had dinner together , the only thing I envied about him was his height
Used to be as slim fit as he is
But not right now

Just now when I was craving for dinner, his photos came thru my mind and It was enough to take my appetite away..

Yes, again - truth about weight loss
Only 2 ways. First, exercise super hard.. Cardio.. RPM... Yoga...
This is the hard and healthy way

The second way is to Reduce ur food intake significantly...

Right now.. I am more toward the second way...
Did not have enough time for exercise right now . 10 oncalls per month is fulfilling enough for me . The rest of Ye time is for my family.

Maybe one day when I am not treating people anymore.. I could spend more time taking care of my life. Yes , there is nothing more noble than treating sick people.. But then.. I need a normal life as well... Look at dr SMS.. He is done treating people..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stil on weight loss

Many has been asking about the medication I have been taking to lose weight

Those medications are controlled medication , certified by the USfda and also kkm.
But then, the drugs could only be prescribed by doctors only.

Before taking the medication - the fat blocker and hunger suppressor , u must consult ur doctor in the first place

Of course there are side effects and it is not for pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers

But for those who are interested, these medication are scientifically proven to work to fight obesity

In the end of the day.. It is all about to have a healthy lifestyle to maintain as slim and fit body. Exercise regularly and watch ur food intake.
These drugs are just for the kickstart of losing weight

For those who are interested , kindly email me occay
Will give u the detail of this weight loss treatment

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2nd day of weight loss programme

As I mentioned before
I m trying to lose at least 5 kg of excessive body fat therefore I could wear my designer clothing again without looking like a punching bag

I met shahezy Sam the other day. Well I don't actually met him, we happened to be in the same shop. That guy is good looking, slim n fit. Real charming and dress to kill. Then I look at myself in the mirror. I can be better than him! I am a bit taller than him, slightly tanner , but my biggest issue would e my weight n fat.

Therefore I am gunning to lose weight in these coming 30 days. 5 kg is my target right now, but I ll be happy if I could lose 3kg.

For breakfast it will be cereal and soy milk.... Just a small portion of it. Then I will take my appetite suppressor pill. Once a day is enough to make me fell unhungry all day long.

Then for lunch, I ll take my fat blocker pill together with the meal. None of the fat in food will go into my blood.. All fat will be excreted the next morning into the toilet bowl.

The appetite suppressor pill usually work for a day long. When dinner time arrive, I ll only eat fruits and nuts. Noting more. And on top of everything.. Drink a lot of plain water.

Yup.. Sound healthy. Truth being told.. Without the appetite suppressor pills .. It is hard to reduce my food intake..

So yes.. 28 days to go.. Gambatte to me!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weight loss challenge

One thing I learned from my horror experience yesterday, is to take a good care of my health

Yes, I have been working so hard lately and I have ignored my well being

Not been to the gym for a long time and been eating all those non healthy food resulting in overweight

Yup, it is such an embarrassment for me to be overweight. But the first step to resolve any issue is to admit that we have issue

So here it goes , I am fat!

Being overweight has compromised my physical and mental state

Used to be able to run 10 km per day on the treadmill , now I am struggling to complete a kilometer!

Easily fatigue , snoring , laziness , all of these are symptom of being fat!

Hence I have set my mind to be back to fit and slim again.

Aiming to shed 5 kg in a month!

With helps of some anti obesity drugs, I hope to achieve it. Let s see if these drugs really work.

Reminder, I am not gonna used any slimming product out there to reach my goal. Just balanced diet and scientifically proven drugs will be applied in this challenge .

Truth to be told.. There are only two ways to lose weight, and premium beautiful is not one of them definitely !!

1st one is to exercise a lot.. Burn a lt of fat everyday ..
2nd one is to reduce ur food intake...

For my challenge , I ll do moderate exercise , and with the helps of the anti obesity drugs, I am going to reduce my food intake significantly .

Next weighing session in a month time.. Remind me to update about it yeah!!!

When shit happened

Some said , problem and difficulties make we appreciate life more

It is so true...

I had My near death experience and it makes me appreciate My life better

Thank You God for the second chance and i am gonna cheerish every moment i have left

Saturday, May 19, 2012

6 months old nia

18 may 2012 , Nia is already 6 month old and it is time for her to start feasting her stomach

Nevertheless , her mother is very particular with her feeding
Hence daddy could not treat nia sushi and sashimi yet
Mommy said only fruit and vege
No t bone steak or lamb chop

It is damn boring
I heard u nia
So, the first thing I gave to nia was a piece of iceberg salad. Apparently she loves salad, just like her daddy.
And she just pooped her first salad just now.
I gave her honey dew, watermelon and banana only for her to refuse
Looks like she is not into fruits- just like her daddy again

Dont worry nia, daddy will take u to Haagen das very soon!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Types of fillers!!

A lot of ladies has been asking me this question.... What is fillers...
Here u are... Read this long article..
Very informative for all those people who what less invasive plastic surgery

Cosmetic fillers are not all alike. Injectables and fillers include a variety of materials, which last for different lengths of time and have different effects and uses. These articles explain each type, plus what makes a good candidate for treatment, recovery tips, and cost.

Injectable Fillers Overview

With so many products on the market, finding the injectable filler most suitable for your condition can be confusing. This article provides an overview of the various types of injectable fillers and their uses.
Learn more about injectable fillers.


One of ArteFill's main appeals is its permanency. ArteFill consists of synthetic microspheres suspended in bovine (cow) collagen. It is an FDA-approved injectable wrinkle filler for smile lines but is also used off-label for lip augmentation, acne scars, and more.
Learn more about ArteFill.


This hyaluronic acid-based filler replenishes lost volume in the soft tissues of
the face, effectively eliminating superficial wrinkles, fine lines and folds.
Learn more about Belotero injections.


What causes wrinkles? Some are caused by muscle contraction. Botox disrupts the process and essentially paralyzes the muscle; the contraction is stopped, and the wrinkles disappear for about three months.
Learn more about Botox.

Also read our Consumer Watch Q&A about the current FDA review of Botox after reports of life-threatening conditions in some people who received Botox injections.

Botox Clinical Trials

Here we provide a list of current Botox clinical trials from the U.S. National Institutes of Health database.


Collagen is a protein complex that supports skin, bone, cartilage, and blood vessels. Collagen filler temporarily treats wrinkles, scars, thin lips, frown lines, and folds around the nose and mouth. The benefits are immediate and last about three months.
Learn more about collagen injections.

Cosmetic Dermal Fillers FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions on dermal filler risks, safety, cost, age limits, skin color considerations, whether FDA approval is necessary and more.
Read our cosmetic dermal fillers FAQ.

Fat Fillers

Fat fillers can improve the appearance of an aging forehead and eyes, and reduce scars. Fat fillers can also plump up hollow cheeks, fill in stubborn facial lines, or change your lips from thin to supple. The filler consists of fat taken from one part of your body and moved into the area of your body to be treated.
Get the facts on fat fillers.


A gel implant containing hyaluronic acid, Juvederm is used for facial wrinkles and folds. The substance is biocompatible, and the body naturally absorbs it after about six to nine months.
Read more about Juvederm.


Laviv is an injectable filler that is made from your own skin cells. It is approved by the FDA for the treatment of nasolabial folds. Because Laviv is made from your own cells, the risk of allergic reaction is very low. But you will have to wait a couple months while your cells are reproduced and processed in the lab.
Do you need Laviv?

Lip Augmentation

With options ranging from facial fillers to lip implants, full lips are within reach of people who want to look younger or achieve better balance in their facial features. Some people, however, need the opposite. For these people, lip reduction may help create greater facial harmony. Learn about lip augmentation and lip reduction surgery.


Perlane is a hyaluronic-acid based soft tissue filler. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of mild to moderate smile lines. Perlane may be a good choice for deeper facial folds due to its specific chemical composition. It is also available with lidocaine (a numbing agent) mixed in to minimize pain during the injection process.
Learn more about Perlane.


For filling wrinkles and folds, especially around the mouth and nose, Radiesse is a biocompatible treatment and lasts two years or more. It can also be used to fill certain scars.
Is Radiesse for you?


Restylane is a clear liquid gel and a natural sugar compound that reduces facial wrinkles, particularly around the mouth and nose. Treatments can last six months or more.
Read the Restylane story.


Sculptra is a biocompatible injection that increases the thickness of the skin to treat skin folds and hollow or sunken areas of the face. It lasts about two years. This treatment was recently introduced in the United States.
Learn more about Sculptra

Selphyl Injections

Also known as vampire injections, vampire facelift and Dracula therapy, this treatment involves the injection of platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood back into your face to ease lines, wrinkles and hollows.

Letter to dr Hannan

I received this from a reader of my blog...

Assalamualaikum Dr. Hannan.
First of all.. I love to read your blog.. I mean it gives me new knowledge about medic and increase my desire to become a doctor. Actually Im 19 years old and still doin my foundation year. Will end this June. And inshaAllah, I will enter MBBS this october.
Your life experience really make me proud to have a good muslim dr like you.
So, my question is..

1) If you have been given 5 million, what will you do? (in term of medical research)
2) In what ways in which the development of IT could influence the practise of medicine?
3) The first time you got an offer from JPA, do you really want to be a doctor? Or you just accept it because it is an offer?

Thank you, DR HANNAN.
I'll pray for your happiness. May Allah bless you, your wife and baby nia :)

This is nice
Never thought my tiny blog does bring attention to other people
Thank you a lot miss reader
U just made my day.. I have relied her letter and I hope she is happy with my answer

U guys want to know my answer???

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hanania shakira

Hanania shakira is reaching 6 month old this week
Time flies so fast these days
It seemed like yesterday she was borned

Now she is ready to eat everything
Well technically for the past few weeks she has been munching everything she could get her hands at
She literally bite the plastic foam little fan... The yellow fan in the photos.. Yes the fan is torn apart ... In pieces ..
Show how ready she is to start eating real food

Well, actually she already ate something, accidentally , by herself
... Something her mummy disapproved .

One fine evening, I was holding baby nia on my lap while sitting at the dining table and chatting with father. I didn't realize there were foods on the table. One of them is the cekodok pisang... As I was busy talking to my dad... Nia by herself took one of the cekodok and stuffed it in her mouth...she actually ate half of the Cekodok by the time I realized there is something in her mouth... Owh my baby nia

When I told the mother about that, she was not very happy. Oily greasy food was not on her menu for nia yet...b

Saturday, May 12, 2012

happy nurse day

i came to work today
as i open the sliding door
then i notice something on the notice board..
it is written " happy nurse day"..

i was like..
" happy nurse day ?? .... is it today ??
then my nurses replied " yes doctor! "
owh... there u go then.. i already wished u guys then...

one of the nurses replied " u were asking just now...
not actually mentioning "

"tomato , tometo...  , it is the same " i said

happy nurse day to all the nurse in the world
u guys are awesome..

helpful , wonderful , hardworking people
if i am the prime minister , i would have close the hospitals today so u all could have a day off
but then i am not..

then the next question comes up
this one always comes up whenever people celebrate nurse day

when is doctor  day?
does it ever exist?
is there any celebration for doctor?

do doctor has a day off to celebrate doctor day???

the answer is no
a big NO
nobody care about doctor

people just expect doctors to treat people 24/7

people expect us to work like a robot
that's why the government could not even bother to create something called doctors day

am i not pissed

just stating the truth
teachers have teachers day when all the pupils sings and give present to their teacher
well.. i did  :)
i gave soaps to my teacher , or box of tissue .. a pen...

policemen and army have their days
even fireman

but not for doctors
we are not a profession
we are just slaves :P

but we dont give a shit
we dont give a damn even if we save his life and he never says thank you
we dont give a damn even thou the lawyers are always watching us to make mistake and to sue our ass
we dont give a damn

coz we work for the Almightly Allah :)
not for human

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

It is time to let go

Everything went well
There are a few potential buyer for my lancer out there
Everything should be concluded very soon

Gosh, I am gonna miss this car so much
So many memories
Such a wonderful time we had together

But it is time to let him go
It is for the best
For him ( the car )
And for me and my family
One of the hardest decision in life I have to make

Friday, May 04, 2012

Red lancer gt 2008 for sale

I am selling my red bumblebee
This time for real

Red lancer gt 2008
Accident free
Near perfect condition

Fully loaded

18 inch sport rims
Adjustable suspension
Double exhaust
Project f brakes
4 hid lights
Pioneer sound system
- DVD/vcd/ mpeg4/ divx
- iPhone compactible
- subwoofer
- 2 amplifiers
- reverse camera
- USB reader

Asking price rm 80,000

First come first served!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Red for red

Thinking of going green
Love the red crz
More economical
Cheaper ....
Maybe it is time to change
Swapping red lancer for red crZ?
We ll see about it

Thinking hard...

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Weight loss

We doctors, we Love to treat people But sometimes we forget About our own health

That what happened to me
So busy helping others to lose weight But In The end of the day i am the One who is getting fat!

I have developed a formula for my patients and friends to lose weight and they all are a group of happy people after a month of my weight loss programme... I reckon it is time for me to taste my own medication.