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Thursday, May 31, 2012

ReZeki di tangan tuhan

God is great
God works in mysterious way
God always give u the best even thou we may not be as holy as we could have been

Sometimes, we work so hard.. We try so hard.. And yet.. We failed.
Then we asked ourselves .. What the heck went wrong?
Most of time we just forgot.. It is Allah who decided everything.

Allah gives ur the will to choose

Some choose the right way, some choose the other way.
Either way.. Allah is always being generous to us.. That is why so many drug dealer living like royalty in our beloved country.. Or anywhere else.. Because Allah is super generous.
Allah is super generous to all humankind..

But Allah only loved those who worship him.

There are times Allah put us into difficult situation and condition.. It is because Allah loves us and just a test for us how much do we believe in Allah. In the end of the day, Allah will show us the rainbow.. The happy moment ..

The past few days has been hard for me.. I was so stressful.. I was so angry at some people... But I keep my head up.. I pray to Allah to help me out.. And Allah did...

The big issue has come to the end.. Tq Allah...

The state anaesthetist came to our hospital today.. And he has straight thing up for everyone.. Most of the issue has been settled.. I will not r overworked . He understood my situation.. And I appreciate it. I ll stay at my current post for this moment until the juniors are good enough to take the main stage :)

Thanks u everyone for the support