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Friday, May 25, 2012

Dr han is dead wrong?

When I wrote about weight loss with helps of the anti obesity drugs ,
Many has wrote back to me regarding other method of losing weight
Some even "educated" me on the complication of the anti obesity drugs

Dear friends
Yes , there are many slimming and weight loss product out there
In fact there are million
But, in those millions types of product, kindly find any with proven clinical trial and scientific research?
Is there any usfda proven clinical trial for sd2? For premium beautiful? Any scientific research on that which is legalize by usfda? NONE

The reason why there are many complication known about the anti obesity drugs compared to other slimming product is because the pharmaceutical company did research and clinical trial on their product , hence they found those side effect. Other product... They don't even have pharmacological information on their packaging... Hence we all did not know the hidden side effect.

And the effectiveness ?
These anti obesity drugs is tested and clinically proven which is why the doctors are using them to treat obesity. Unlike other product.
To make thing more easy to be understood by people out there... Anything used by doctors in hospital is clinically proven..
If there are not proven.. The pharmaceutical company will not produce them in the first place..

Not saying that other product is useless and harmful. But show me the paper work of the clinical trial then I will believe u :)

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