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Saturday, May 26, 2012

baru hang tau!

i came across my friend's fb status just now
he is also a doctor ..
he wrote "
Nak tukar profession... Kdg2 tfikir senangnya jd cikgu.. Buat mcm2 mana pn org hormat. Org xkan marah2 maki2 cikgu.. Tp org skrg akan maki dr.. Bila oncall tdo sejam dua je pstu sambung keja smpai petang esok.. bila ada org mati still dipersalahkan wpun dh buat yg terbaik.. Haih aku nak quit! Bosannye keja mcm ni xde job satisfaction lgsug
then i replied to him - baru tau ka chek?
well ,  this is the reality of being a doctor in malaysia , it's nothing like u see in the grey's anatomy or House MD. There is no laughing here and here , not much time for gossiping , no hanging out at the bar after work  , no sex in the changing fancy scrubs , our scubs is ugly and oversize ,  no such thing... after a crazy day at work we all just want to get home and sleep well , that's all 
there is not much satisfaction being a  doctor. truth being told. i am not sure why , is it because the attitude of the patients or the heavy work load of malaysian doctors.
as usual , in government hospital , patients came crying to us , telling us to treat them. then come the family members and relatives asking all kind of question while we were busy treating the sick man/woman. for goodness sake , just let us do our job first and ask later when we are done. there is no point standing by the bedside while the doctor is busy working. u are just making our job a lot harder. once u send ur loved one to the hospital , let us do our job and keep ur mouth shut.
there are only a few doctors working at one particular time , and people expect to be treated as soon as they registered. if there are 100 people waiting to be seen by doctors , wait patiently to be treated. other people are sick too. we are busting our ass to see patients as fast as we could possibly can and there are still people out there  , went out complaining why is the waiting time is so long. if there is 100 patients and only 2 doctors? what do u expect? we dont see patient for 30 seconds each. at least 5 mins per patients. u do the math if there is 100 patients. so be reasonable. that is one of the reason being a government doctor is so irritating. we are doing our best, but people still complaining of us being slow and not doing work. if u want to be treated fast and VIP service , go to the private hospital and clinics. 
i used to be that crazy doctor. trying hard to satisfy everyone. working extra hard to treat as many patients as i could. trying hard to please my boss by being so extra hardworking. What do i get eventually? Plenty of paperwork!! 
We doctors, are human as well. The more people u treat , the more mistakes u gonna make. When u r trying to do something above ur limitation , u are going to screw up. U r going to make mistake because ur brain is overworked and exhausted. And when u make a mistake , people wont remember all the good thing u have done , they just going to screw u for the one mistake u made. 
i used to do 15 operation per day. i thought the bigger the number, the more i ll be appreciated. i was wrong. the more i did , the more problems i got. as i said earlier, we are human. when we go beyond our limit, we will make mistakes. plus , nobody says thanks you when we do the extra work. none of the patients say thank you to me... NONE.
hence , nowadays , i just do what i could,  within my capability. nothing more, nothing less. if people dont say thank you to me , no hard feeling for me. the main thing is , i did my best   , the quality that counts  , not quantity. there are many other doctors out there. not just me alone , not just u alone. shared the burden. dont try to be a hero. 
a hero is someone who always ended up with mortality and morbidity audit. a hero is someone who always ended up in the court. we are just doctors , not a superhero. know ur limit and u will be a safe doctor. 
what about job satisfaction - there is no such thing. u are paid to work ... that's all.


lifeinside said...

the worse thing is no appreciation from your boss!

Dr Hannan said...

hehehhee..... bro...
being the boss.. they will not be there when u do well.. but they will be there when u screw up!

Duke Of Normandy said...

thank you doctors.for me being a doctor is the profession that is most noble compared to everything. we just dont see y'all that much in the daylight =p