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Friday, July 06, 2012

Complication of vitamin c injection

I received a lot of question regarding this issue

The simple answer would be, no- vitamin c injection has no complication if it is being done correctly and done by doctors

In our country only doctors are allowed to do intravenous injection. Not even head of nurses of malaya.

Vitamin c injection is basically the same as the vitamin c tablet as u could buy from ur local pharmacy or even at kedai mamak nowadays. It has the same function. But different concentration and onset. Definitely if u take the injection, the dose is higher and the effect is a lot better compared to the tablet.

Same situation in the hospital, we use injection for antibiotic , instead of tablet for better action and rapid onset.

What are the benefit of vitamin c ? Plenty ... Go google in the wikipedia. But most people take vitamin c injection for cosmetic purpose, to make their skin more radiance and prettier ... Which is proven and works miracle for some reason.

Nevertheless, as any other injection... If the injection is not done properly, there are many complication. U could have infection, skin irritation, inflammation ... Hence forward... If u want to do any kind of injection... Ask a doctor to do it for u....


Siti Fatimah Fuzz said...

i will try it..but maybe i need to take vitamin c tablet first to see the effect...=)

babycomel said...

errrk, 'if the injection is not done properly' how we know it was not done properly doctor?? if we had the complication we can assume that the injection was not done properly la ye? alamak, takutnya

Dr Hannan said...

baby comel... that is a good honest question... read my latest post on that ok

Noorfizura Zamri said...

salam doc,boleh x recomment vit c injection brand..sbb sy ada try google,tp bnyk sngat product..di blog2 mcm2 name yg boleh x doc suggest kan which brand dan klu ada contact doctor yg bertauliah area kl..tq..

Tericia @ Baybie said...

So basically, if taking the vit c through injection, its a good thing??

I wanted to have it, but having doubt because they always say U must not take the easy wat to achieve something...Just scared if there is a long term side effect in the future..Can u clarify this please? Thank you.

omey said...

I am selling 10 ampoules x Vitamin C 1.0g &

Collagen 0.35g (5ml) brand Roche(meaning 10

times injection per box)

The effectiveness of Vit C product is well


A correct dosage/schedule under supervision of

a doctor may lead to maximum effect.

And we guarantee our product is ORIGINAL.

Find a doctor with sharp skill of

injection/jab since this is a pro job.never

ask help from bff/neighbour/staff nurse/nephew

from nurse collage etc.

Contact me 016-4410709 for best price.

p/s celebrity glowing beauty is not a

co-incident.its well and professionally


Nur Zulaiha said...

Did you do service for injection. Im looking for clinic that have injecion service area kb.

Nur Zulaiha said...
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Nur Zulaiha said...
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alysasyla said...

May I know what is the brand of this injection? Is there any KKM 'MAL' number ? Thanks.

alysasyla said...

maybe Dr han or Omey or anyone who knows can comment abit on the safe products to use? Thanks :)

beautyservicejab said...