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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy birthday papa

It was a belated birthday gift for my papa birthday
We stopped counting his age long time ago. What matter is the day and month. The years is long forgotten.
As long he is healthy ... I consider him as a 40 years old man.

Yes, people said that I resembled my papa a lot.
All of his friends told me that I look exactly like him when papa was still young. Even mama said i am the younger version of papa. Honestly, I could not deny that. We do resembled a lot. Physically and mentally as well I reckon..

Along with the physical appearance , I inherited his attitude as well.
Hardworking , loving , family always comes first , charming and my least favorite ... Hot tampered at times. Oh yes ... Hate to admit it... But I got that from my papa.
When I was a teenager and when I finished school, I become rebellious and I had fights with my papa. Not physically of course .
We are both bull headed ...
Lucky my mama always came thru and cool things off
But deep down inside , I love my father. And I m sure he feels the same way too
Happy birthday papa

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