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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Azrine Aziz has left a new comment on your post "Baby nia is a great teacher!":

Salam Dr,
Im sorry for asking few questions under this post tho they're not related at all hehe.

Btw if u dont mind sharing :
1. Katakan a pregnant mom all this while pergi check-up at private clinic/hospital but at last (arnd 8 mths) she decided to deliver at GH. Would GH accept her? If yes what is the procedure to reg at GH?
2. How much does the delivery cost normal & ceaser ? (she's a housewife and her husband kerja swasta)

Thanks doc for sharing :)

That's actually a good question.

Answers :))

No 1
Yes u can . To deliver at any GH. The simplest way is to go to the labour room when ur wife is in labour. At GH, we have to accept all case , regardless of where u do ur antenatal check up.
If u want to continue ur check up at government clinic, just go to any Klinik kesihatan ibu Dan anak nearby you. They must accept ur case . If they refuse , kindly let me know... :)

No 2.

The cost for normal delivery at government hospital is as cheap as free! Yes.. Just need to pay for registration... Just a few ringgits.
Even for c section.. It would cost u minimal amount.. Not sure about the exact amount .. But it is definitely less that ur car monthly installment ..

But then again.. Reminder for everyone... It is cheap at government hospital ... So do not expect private hospital service yeah :))

U want better service.. Pay more :) go to private hospitals :))

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Azrine Aziz said...

Thanks Dr for yr answers :)
Yes lets pray for the best.