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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prayer for the little one

I just heard the shocking news
My best friend new born baby is currently in nicu ( ICU for babies ) after being delivered.... The baby has complication with the lungs and heart. My buddy is also a doctor , currently pursuing his mastership in kl..
When he heard the news he was still driving home from kl...

The news I heard this morning.. His baby is in a very critical condition. Ventilated with the highest setting and the heart needs four inotropes to keep beating.
As doctors... Me and the father himself understood what that means
We worked together last time at the ICU an we have seen so many similar cases
We pretty much could expect the end result
Regardless of all kind of medication and technology.. There is a higher power up there
In the end of the day.. It it God who decides the fate of the baby
The doctors have done everything they could within their power
Let's pray to God that my friend's baby will survive
Sometimes.. Miracles happened.. And we have seen so many miracles as well bro.
Be strong occay my brother
I ll pay u a visit very soon!!
To all dear readers, let's pray that the baby will keep fighting strong and survive this Battle of life
Dear Allah .. Please help us


norulaina said...

Ya.. Allah Maha Mengetahui.. kak na pun ada beberapa orang kawan alami perkara yang sama alhamdulillah sihat n membesar dengan baik. DOA (solat taubat + solat hajat + istikharah + baca Quran) drpd ibu dan ayah baby amat membantu. Plus bagi susu ibu.. Apapun redhalah apa saja ketentuanNya. Semoga ayah & ibu baby tabah menghadapi.

Arif Sahimin said...

is the baby premature?

irenebee said...

How's the baby, doctor?