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Sunday, July 08, 2012


made  a phone call to a friend who is currently working at the HQ
by HQ i mean health ministry at the putrajaya
he used to be a doctor as i am right now
currently he is a ketua penolong pengarah.

sound cool for a 30 years old man

funny thing is , i could have the same position
technically , i m getting my UD 48 very soon
and with that grade , i am automatically could be promoted as a KPP
should i move to Putrajaya of course

sound very tempting
y? coz u dont have to deal with the little annoying thing at the hospital

dont get me wrong
i love treating people
it is my passion
but then , the administration that always tick me off
i dont want to go into detail about this issue
but it is killing me right now

hence, i am dreading to go to putrajaya
the people up there say that they could send me the offer letter at anytime
i just need to say the magic word ..."please save me ":

but then .
it is not an easy decision to make

it is not about money
it is not about higher cost of living
it is not about pollution...
none of those bother me at all

i have a family here
my mother and father
i left them for 6 years when i studied abroad last time
figured that i ll take care of them when i started working at my home soil

wish i could bring them with me to putrajaya
however , knowing them so well
no bloody way they would leave their home for something new  at their age right now


Tracey said... my opinion doc, choose what u think would be the best for you, you family and all the people who need you, =) Good luck.

~Ati_Hime~ said...

my opinion just say the magic word..seriously you are lucky to be in a flexible situation where you can either choose to continue doing clinical job or administration for me as room for least not in medical lab,just go for it and bring the whole family to putrajaya.. :)

farhana said...

Istikharah. Itu yang terbaik :)