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Monday, July 30, 2012

Officially sold

I love this car a lot
Lancer gt is a good car
It was my first car
And it was a good buy at that time

It is sporty, good looking
Fast and durable
For 4 years I have been driving it
It gave me no problem at all
No mechanical or electrical issue at all
Good engineering by Mitsubishi indeed

Proton ruined the fun n joy I have with my red lancer
The stupid inspira came along
And lancer gt is not exclusive anymore
Hence.. I decided to let go..
And now it belongs to somebody else
A doctor as well
Pls take a good care of him yeah...
I ll be seeing u around
Love u lancer gt!
But I ll never buy any car from mitsubishi or proton ever again


Princess Nur said...

Kita mampu pakai proton jer..sbb gaji kecik huhu

wénkt said...


wénkt said...

Then proton keluarkan preve yg sama macam forte. Urgh

Zatil Hulwani said...

tapi inspira x sepower lancer...