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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Digi or maxis

I need another phone.
For business purposes of course
And it must be a blackberry since everyone is soooo into bbm these days
I used to be a blackberry user long time ago when bbm was first introduced , back when blackberry doesn't even have 3G connection yet.

One thing I hate the most about blackberry is that they always hang. For no valid reason, the screen suddenly stood still and do nothing. That is the most irritating part. U have to remove the battery and reboot it all over again. But I am not sure about the latest blackberry, either it has improved or getting worse.

Yet and still, I m gonna need one. People love to contact each other via bbm nowadays, it is like a trend... " don't call me, just bbm occay ! ".
" bye, I ll bbm u later! "
" I hate u liar ! Don't u ever bbm me again"
" baby I love u , u r the first people I bbm when I wake up every morning"

Just to show how people love bbm.

Hence foward, I ll get myself another blackberry very soon I reckon. The old one is gone, I don't know where I put it. Not sure which one I ll get , curve or bold.

The only thing bugging me right now is to choose either maxis or digi as the service provider. Currently I m using Celcom and there are moment Celcom really put me off, hence I need an alternative .

Anyone has any suggestion? Should I use maxis... Or digi? Mmmmm


l!zs said...

i used maxis for my prob so far n murah..

farhana said...

Digi FTW! :)

Unknown said...

this post may help...