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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

pantang larang mengandung

evening readers

I received a lot of question regarding types of medication that can be taken during pregnancy
that includes antibiotics , supplements , paracetamol and any kinds of capsule that u can stuff into ur mouth

occay, here is the thing
not all medication are tested on pregnant mother
hence, most of the side effect to pregnancy is not 100 % confirmed
the pharmaceutical company only tested their drugs of pregnant mouse or any other animal
not many pregnant mother volunteer to be a sample of drug test

why people are so concerned about taking medication during pregnancy?
because we are worried that the medication will effect the outcome of our babies
yes, it is true

here is the fact
the most important part of pregnancy is during the first 20 weeks
during these 20 weeks , the organs are started to be formed
we called it organogenesis period
after 20 weeks of gestation the baby is already well formed
so technically , the crucial period is within the first 20 weeks
that is the period when the mothers need to be careful
after 20 weeks , it is all about the growth
any abnormality could be detected by that age....

occay ... back to our topic..
what kind of drugs is dangerous for babies in the womb
practically , all drugs could effect babies
hence , we doctors try to avoid giving meds to pregnant ladies
not that the medication will surely effect the babies
in case shit happen... people like to blame doctors and our medication
therefore , to avoid any complication and dealing with lawyers
we prefer to take to safe steps

if the pregnant lady is really sick
we will give the medication needed
the mother life comes first
baby is number two

i have seen so many cases...
a pregnant ladies who is sick
given so many antibiotics
given so many other medication
and she delivered a healthy baby eventually

i have seen a pregnant doctors
who did operation under image intensifiers
( image intensifiers is like x ray , with larger radiation dose )
and she delivered a perfectly healthy baby a month ago

so yes,
based on my experience so far
i have seen no case of ill fated babies caused by medication taken by mothers during pregnancy
or by radiation

but i have seen a lot of abnormal babies delivered by mothers who are smokers :))

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tq doc for this information ..