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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Love need no reason..

Selamat Pengantin Baru, kpd cousin aku... Dr Nazuha.. and... ( aku x tau nama hubby die!!! couldnt be bother to ask... heheheh.. nanti la aku tanye..) heheheh....xper.. nanti aku balik mesia bole kenal.. Semoga berkekalan selamanya.... maka.. seorang lagi cousin aku meniggalkan zaman bujang... ( tapi semua kawin time aku xder kat mesia... damn!!!) xper2... hahhaha.. adat org merantau.. anyway... walaupon aku x sempat nak kirim hadiah ape2 kat diorang... tapi aku kirimkan doa jer la.. lagi baik kan ???? Hmmm.... sape la pulak nak kawin lepas ni ek.. aku??? hmmm... I'll take my time.... Marriage isnt just getting two ppl together... it's a constitution... hehehhe,.. (cakap senang..).. to make a good constitution... u need a good base.... and... to have a good base... u need be very2 ready.... and to be ready.... u need to be prepared... and to be prepared... u need to be .... hmmm.. whatever it takes... ( I'm out of words!!!)... . but.. my point is... hmmmm... occay.. I'm not married yet... so... I have no point here. hahahhaha But then... in my humble ,single man opinion... marriage isnt s'thing simple.. it's not just bringing 2 ppl together.. it's a lot more than that... like a big package... like Einstein said , Marriage = Love + taking care of each other ( anak dara org kene jaga baik2 wooo) + sharing everything+waking up in the morning with ur loved one beside u (maybe on top) + responsibility + in Law (mentua)+wearing ring+blaming each other when there is problem+ bet on manutd vs chelsea game to decide nak balik raya kampung mane...+x le gatal2+bayar balik loan bank sbb mase nak nikah nak majlis kawin mcm sambutan tahun baru kat manhattan + bla bla bla bla bla... so.. for me.. marriage is a big2 thing... I do have a lot of respect to married man/woman... hhhahaha... anyway.. again... congrate Kak Ha... .. true love does find it ways .... Kak red, this is s'thing about me that ppl dont know.. ..I love classical music.. I listen to mozart, beethoven, brahms ++++... . and .. I know nothing about piano or any other musical instrument.. . but still I do enjoy classic music, a lot.. u dont need to know everything about s'thing to love it.. rite? Same goes to women... U dont have to know every single detail about a women to love her... love need no reason.. and believe me, there is no reason to love.. when u really love someone... and ur heart says so.. that's more than enough....( ceehhh... cakap senang... )

Friday, February 23, 2007

what a man want...

adeih.. malas betul la nak update ... bz skit skarang. Yup, bz berehat... susah giler nak rehat ni.. Actually friday 23 february is a public holiday in Russia. Men's day... or Army day.. whichever suit u well!!... so.. maka, panjang satu hari la weekend kali ni... anyway.. I am so happy. Finally, my parcel from US has arrived. My shoes!!!!.. Remember last time I wrote about buying a new shoes.. and I did. I ordered Air Jordan 18!!!! ( if u r not a basketball fan, u dont have any idea how much this shoes mean/cost to me) Actually, I was thinking of buying one of the chead adidas or and 1 shoes, but then... this is maybe my last basketball shoes ( why do I say this???) ,.. I'm retired from basketball now. Most of my fren wondering y did I bought a new basketball shoes even thou I have no plan of playing basketball again.... easy answer... basketball shoes protect my ankle well !!! hahahah... the real reason is I love basketball, and love never dies... even thou I never play basketball again... but I still love the game... ehehheeh... Kak red... malas betul nak jawab tag akak tu... saya ni penuh ngan rahsia la akak.. mane bole nak dedah sane sini... nanti ade lak pihak yg buat biography saya tanpa kebenaran... sape yg rugii.... hehehe... alloo kak red... kat kelantan semua ade la... setakat KL ade biskin robin.. kb ade haagen dazs.... x caya tanye wenkt tu... hehehe.. pastu dgr citer Bam Mageera nak bukak skate park kat KB mall with the biggest half pipe in the world.... pastu Michell Kwan nak rasmikan skating rink kat atas sungai kelantan... haaaa.. ambik tu kak red.... pasni tgk2 ade jer muka kak red hari2 kat kelantan.... hahahhaha....

Friday, February 16, 2007

The snow is falling... the city is white..

" good guys can do bad thing and bad guys can do good thing"... hmmmm... I just finished watching the latest Ekin Chan gangster movie " Heavenly mission".. actually the movie is not that good neither as the same level as young and dangerous. But, the name Ekin C, made me watched the movie. I'm a big fan of young and dangerous.. hahahah.. yup.. mase kecik2 selalu imagine nak jadi gangster... blasah org sana sini... but, look at me now... no where near my childhood imagination. But still, I'm gonna meet a lots of gangster when I work at the emergency room someday in the future, and the best part it.. most of them gonna beg to me to save their life... hahahaha.. ( if I ever make it to become a doc!!!) . Anyway.... I was wrong about the weather today... yesterday, the forecast said there will be no more snow.. and it gonna melt.. But, today was snowing quite a lot... but.. it was a lovely day.. not too cold.. It was only -1 to -3.. so.. org kata... suam2 kuku ibu jari kaki.... the trees were all covered with snow.. if only I brought my camera to class today!!!!... heheh.. But I managed to snap a few photos using my Z800...good enuf.. 1.3 mp.. .. If only the winter is like this everyday... moscow will be a better place to live... ... but.. in the end of the day... it's not us, human to decide how the weather gonna be tomorrow... God decided everything... and whatever happened.. or gonna happen.. God already has a plan for us... errghhh... cant wait for weekend. One more class before weekend start.... weekend.. apsal la x le weekend panjang2 ek... aku ni memang superb la malas.. but today, miracles happened...( yes, again!!!) .. I didnt sleep during lecture.. maybe b'coz last nite I had a very good sleep... we had lecture from 10 am to 1 pm.. and strangely enuf.. I managed to keep awake all the way and copied all the note.... thank God.. I'm a student again.. ( but I did slept during the 10 mins rest btwn the lecture... hehehe... bad habit die hard!!!!).. Tomorrow class gonna be practical class.. no lecture.. so, no chance to sleep I think... back to examination room.. ( bukan dewan peksa.. ni bilik check patient!!) .. I dont know why... but, seeing patients' vagina everyday makes me felt a bit sick of it... hehehe.. sometimes I cant even watch more than 3 patient.. felt like vomitting... errghh... maybe gynae is not for me.. but... who knows???

Thursday, February 15, 2007

wednesday, 14 feb.

"everything gonna be ok" , "I'm ok", "whatever ur decision.. I'm ok with it"... these are the phrases that we always use even thou we dont mean it at all.. a doc would say "everything gonna be ok" even thou u had cancer. Patient who has cancer, would say "I'm ok" to his/her frens and family.. and the family/fren would say "whatever ur decision is..I'm ok with it"... but why does ppl do that? Why do we say "ok" even thou everything is not OK at all... Why? Why? Mengapa? Tim Kai? Pachemy? .. becoz.. we are just a human... and ppl need comforting words when they are in trouble... even know we know that saying "OK" will not change anything... but, we keep saying it... bcoz..we want to comfort each other, becoz, we love and care to each other... Hmm.. I'm not in the mood for blogging now. But then... I'm damn bored... too lazy to study. The weather seems to be " ok " again. Yesterday was snow blizzard... so there was a very thick snow all the way to my hospital. Not enjoying it, coz it's impossible to run in the thick snow... and now, the snow is melting ... it's 0 degree now... so.. tomorrow, I'm expecting a very2 dirty sidewalk... coz the snow gonna melt.. and when it melts... it's such an ugly sight and very2 uncomfortable for ppl like me who has to walk + run very2 far everyday.. and walking in the melted snow is like walking in the dirty drain.... Today, I broke my promise again. I promised not to buy any winter cloth again, but, since my fav winter jacket was being destroyed bcoz I cant unzipped it at the restaurant , and one of the restaurant waiter tried to help me... end up... spoling the zip.. so.. today, I bought a new one.. a very cheap one... couldnt be bother to buy a fancy one... but it's a pretty good jacket... double sided.. cool huh.. Ok.. since, today I have no pic to put here... and I really malas to upload all the pix in the camera.. gonna put some old pic.. 1st. home made banana cake.. 2nd.. the resort where we had our annual bbq in malaysia... 3rd.. ppl whom I always said.."ok".. coz I love them so much...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the days of our life....

clock is ticking.. and I'm still here... online, writing my blog.. Life has been so boring lately... really boring.. errghhh.. I need more holiday. Last year, I went to Paris for my winter holiday, and when I came back to moscow, it was really refreshing. But, this year, I decided to stay at home during the winter holiday, and the result is, I'm still in mood for holiday. A fren asked me. " do u have a cny holiday?". hahahha , my answer" dah 5 thn x beraya awak... apatah lagi cny... lupekan aje la niat suci tu.." It's 3 a.m in the morning. I had slept earlier... was really tired after class today.Basically, on my way to class.. I have to "power jog" for 1 km everday, coz the winter is freaking cold.. need to walk fast to keep my body warm, and the bus stop is 500m from the metro station... and running on sidewalk covered with ice , isnt a good idea actually... but.. that's how life is in moscow.... hmmm... now, my main problem is choosing the airlines to go back home for summer.. have a few choices... 1st, emirates.. around 900usd (return), a bit expensive ( for me!!).. but emirates has a very good service and always punctual... qatar airways (kapal terbang kepala kambing!!!) 840usd .... dont like it.. no individual tv for economy class { yup., qatar airways is a 5 star airline for business class n first class, but for economy class... they dont seems to be interested to make it comfortable for poor ppl like me!!!) , thai airways, singapore airline, turkish airline.... way too expensive!!!! ... so does austrian air and lufthansa... hmmmm.. Pakistan and Uzbekistan airline is pretty much cheap. Technically, u can get a business class seat for pakistan airways, for the price of economy class seat for thai/turkish/singapore airline... hmmmm... .. susah2 naik kapal kontena jer la.. tapi.. by the time aku sampai mesia, cuti summer aku dah abis kot....

Monday, February 12, 2007

weekend is over...

adeih... dah tgh malam hari ahad.. besok kelas... hmm. cepat nye weekend berlalu.. tapi kalau weekday, rase mcm xder penhujungnya... hahhaa.. lumrah hidup.. nak wat camner... terima jer la ngan reda. skarang dah kul 12 mlm.. hmm.. kene tido awal sbb nak bgn awal, tapi baju tgh dlm washing machine lagi... kene tunggu siap.. pastu kene jemur dulu... aiseh.. tido lambat jugak la nampaknya... namun xper.. besok bole tido dalam kelas... har har har..... tomorrow... gynae episode to be continue.. Played badminton today.. played 10 sets, double game. We won 5 games, lost 5. but due to time constrain, couldnt make it to the 11th game.. so have to wait for next time to decide who's the winner... and now.. I am very tired. Tomorrow class is about uterus cancer. hmmm.. need to do some revision later... heheheh... easier said than done.. Once glance at the text book is enuf to put me into sleep... hhahahahah.. well.. at least I tried... maybe not enuf effort.. wish that I have the same will power now, like I have during the exam period. But, just cant do it, maybe the tension is not high enuf.. well.. the higher the stake, the harder we work.. hmmm.But, Sometimes... our best , is just not good enuf.. so.. always try harder.. heheheh...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

my 101 post

hye everyone. 1st of all, I have 2 public apology to make. 1st, to those involved in the thai airways booking, I'm really sorry that the 750usd ticket is only valid for 2 weeks travel period. There had been some misunderstanding btwn few ppl and I do regret all the inconvinience. 2nd. Sorry Miss Chin Joo, u are beautiful and damn sexy thou. ( this is just a personal apology but I promised her to make it public. So... lesson learned. "Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst." Anyway, back to my student life now. Wow... I've been dying for weekend and I do feel great today. never appreciate a weekend this much... classes just started, and it had only been 3 days ... but ,I still cant get the hang of it... too tired.. waking up early in the morning and sleep early at nite, doesnt suit me well yet, since having a nocturnal life during the exam period last month. Hope everything will be back to normal soon. I bought the cheapest scarf in my life from mark & spencer. very2 cheap... it's kinda 90% off I think.. hehehe.. and also, new t-shirt for my Stitch from the "build ur own teddy factory". Wow... never thought a simple t-shirt for a very small size would cost me a bomb... hahahaha, to be honest, stitch t-shirt cost more than any other t-shirt I had when I was in standard one... bloody hell... anyway, I dont really mind. Since stitch is my best fren here.... I just dont really care how much does the t-shirt cost. Still remember I told everyone about giving away one of my aquarium fish? yes, the angle fish. Since she doesnt really mix well with the other fish in the tank, I bought a new home for her. Yup2... u might say those are unneccessary spenditure.. but.. I liked those stuff... and nothing more important than being happy... Hmm.. kak red, ape kes panggil adik beradik nak lawan kite... kata nak mix team... ingat ni hari keluarga ke aper? hehehhe.. panggil la kwn2 yg keje nurse ker.. keje model ker... sedap la jugak mata memandang... heheheh.. ileks2... kak ween, selamat berpindah randah yer... lepas pindah tu bole la bakar rumah lama.. hehehehe... abg z, sorry la x le chat, skarang bz giler ngan kelas.. maybe some other time.. .. now, gonna enjoy my weekend to the fullest. Still gonna be in gynae ward for the next 2 weeks. So, in 7 days, technically, I only live 2 days without seeing vagina... hehehhe.. yes kak red.. i knew that I came into the world from there.. and I appreciate vagina very2 much ( pls, no offence to women).. tq

Friday, February 09, 2007

my 100th post.

hye everyone. Sorry. Been a bit bz lately. Class started on wednesday. So, holiday is definately over now.. no more fun... Now, I'm having gynaecology cycle- meaning, lots of operations ( I'm just a spectator thou!!) Today I watched an operation, removal of uterus thru vagina... actually I was eating Halls ( my fav sweet!!!) during watching the operation... and felt like vomitting coz "eating and seeing blood ( a lot) coming out of vagina at the same time didnt go well with me... heheheh.. so, next time, no more Halls in OT. So, enuf for the day... lot's more been happening lately.. such as cheap scarf from mark n spencer.. . and bla bla bla..still having sleeping disorder. slept a lot during day, cant sleep at nite... maybe b'coz I'm so used to it since my exam period last month..anyway, hope I could sleep early today.... need to have a normal sleeping hours again... will write more during weekend. Back to books!!!!
p/s:- thanks everyone who stand up for me.. appreciate it. Life goes on. Kak red, jgn takut ek..saya janji xkan belasah team akak teruk2. dah ambik k.ween n k sha jadi keeper n striker.. kasi can skit kat kak red... heheheh

Sunday, February 04, 2007

sunday morning...

actually, aku xder mood giler nak update ari ni.. letih sgt ari ni.. 2 hours non-stop futsal... erghh... damn tiring... after that went dinner at chinese garden.. apparently it's located inside the world trade center hotel...... anyway.. tomorrow gonna play badminton.. need be fit b4 go back m'sia since I already made kak red pissed off very much!!! hehehhe... here are some photos during my basketball days.. it's hard to play basketball when u r not that tall ... heheh.. in m'sia is still ok.. but here.. I look like a dwarf... learned a few lesson lately.. life is suck (as usual).. no matter how much u try to please everyone.. in the end of the day.. u still make someone else angry or unsatisfied with u.. no matter how hard u try... seriously.. I mean.. look around u.. even u r a prime minister.. ur decision may be a good news for a lot of ppl.. but still there are some group of ppl who are against u.. that's the fact that will never change.. and in our normal daily life.. it happens everyday.. Well.. some ppl said " peduli ape aku ape org kata... aku buat cara aku jer la.. the way I liked it".. which is true.. and that what we should do. BUT... we cant do that all the time.. cause, we are human.. and human need other to cling on when they need s'thing.. so.. most human end up.. being a jerk.. trying to please everyone around him, ..and continue live in hipocracy... and life goes on.. la la la laa...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Holiday is over...

"As doctors, we're trained to give our patients just the facts. But what our patients really want to know is - will the pain go away? Will I feel better? Am I cured? What our patients really want to know is - is there hope? But, inevitably, there are times when you find yourself in the worst case scenario. When the patient's body has betrayed them and all the science we have to offer has failed them. When the worst case scenario comes true, clinging to hope is all we've got left." Meredith Grays.
Hye everyone. Today is 3rd of february...meaning, I only have 5 more days left until my next sem started. So, it's totally suck. Actually, what happened was, my actual holiday started on 31 dec 2006. But......... the uni.. my university.. is very "creative" that, our exams will be held during the holiday period. So, out of 40 days holiday, we actually only have 10 days holiday... hate it so much... hmm.. so, since 5 more days left.. gonna use it to the fullest... a bit to late to travel anywhere now.. and I couldnt be bother to travel anywhere right now... need more rest.. and by "resting", i dont mean "sleeping". Resting to me refers to sports + shopping + ps2 + internet + tv + movies + cooking/eating + sleep, and that is the real meaning of resting in my dictionary..., whenever i said I am/was resting... I am refering to those kind of stuffs... heheh... ok.. today's story. We went to ramstore capital.. ( some kind of mall , something like megamall in m'sia). It's new, and that's our 1st time there.. so, actually was just looking around. But!!!... turned out that the winter SALE is still on there... and since it's kinda new, so there are still lots of stuff left ( not like other malls!!!) So, I end up investing more money to MEXX. Well, what can I do everyone.. It was 70% off!!!!... so, dont blame me.. It was f***ing cheap that I end up buying another pull over.. black, V-neck.. nice.. like it so much.. nope.. LOVE it...How much???? 1150rub.. around RM150... it's cheap for MEXX.. the real price was 2500rub (RM330). Since I love the brand so much... just cant resist it.. but.. I promise myself, that the shirt gonna be the last winter cloth I gonna buy... Insya Allah... hehehhe... ( since I'll be finish in a year time, no point buying too many winter cloth...).. Ok.. this week plan.. let's see. tomorrow futsal... then dinner with singapore airline boss ( I'm trying to get cheap ticket for this summer holiday..!!!!).. sunday... cross country skiing.... monday.. ice skating again... then come tuesday...then wed... and thursday.. class start.. arrrrrrrrrrgghhhhhhhhh... I'm back to the prison again... damn!!!... I love my life so much.... Sorry, the pic quality is not very good.. pix by my hp camera.... and one more thing.. to my lil sis.. get well soon.. missing u so much here... be tough.. be strong.. all problems and trouble can be overcome with strong will power.. and believe in urselves. There are more things in our life that are matters... and like the great Homer J simpson once said.. "If something is hard to be done, it's not worth it." ok.. heheheh ...dont listen to me... I'm just saying it.... it's a lot easier to be said than done... so, I'll just pray that u'll be back to normal soon.. cause.. .. hmmm.. ( I'm out of word!!!).. hmm.. cause we miss u.. ( good enuf???) .. bye.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

adik.. get soon well..

Life is full of suprises... one minute u were laughing full of happiness, the next second u might crying like there is no tomorrow.. Sometimes, it's just not our fault... maybe, most of the time. It may started from someone else.. and we just happen to be at the place at the wrong time, and we get involved, and that's how easy problem evolved around us... and here we are.. in our very own life.. feeling sorry for ourselves. But, to be honest, there is no way we could ran away from trouble and problems.. cause, they always come uninvited.. anytime, anywhere.. and will happen to everyone. So, the best thing we could do is, just walk thru it no matter how hard it is.., running from trouble, is never the answer, and to face all the trouble alone... is unbearable.. and that's why we need ppl around us.. ppl who are willing to help us. Sometimes, even just listening to other ppl problem is already a big help.. and when u have problem or in trouble... talking to others about ur trouble.. really help.. it sucks to involve other ppl into our own problem , but there are things that u just can settle it urselves..and maybe.. u just need others to help u to go thru it.. believe me.. I have been thru a lot of trouble in my life and I do expect more are coming ( not like I am praying for it , but we have to expect the unexpected...just in case .... hehehhehe.. ntah ape dah aku mengarut ni.. anyway... last nite tgk man utd blasah watford 4-0.. it could have be 7-0 actually.. since man utd field in the 2nd string team last nite, the misses to may chances.... anyway.. a win is good enuf... had tiger prawn for dinner last nite and home made choco ice cream for desert.. yummmy.( bought 1kg tiger prawn for around 440rub (rm60), so gonna have a lot of other prawn based dishes)... hehehe.. what a wonderful holiday, to wake up every morning not to think about my studies.. is totally awesome.. ( thinking of exams and classes make me sick!!).. so, gonna enjoy my holiday to the fullest.. hehehe.. to my dear lil sis.. get well soon... we miss u n love u so much... adios...
p/s to abg z, sorry bro, lame x online.. nanti kite chat lagi.. kak red, menang ke kalah futsal???