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Thursday, February 15, 2007

wednesday, 14 feb.

"everything gonna be ok" , "I'm ok", "whatever ur decision.. I'm ok with it"... these are the phrases that we always use even thou we dont mean it at all.. a doc would say "everything gonna be ok" even thou u had cancer. Patient who has cancer, would say "I'm ok" to his/her frens and family.. and the family/fren would say "whatever ur decision is..I'm ok with it"... but why does ppl do that? Why do we say "ok" even thou everything is not OK at all... Why? Why? Mengapa? Tim Kai? Pachemy? .. becoz.. we are just a human... and ppl need comforting words when they are in trouble... even know we know that saying "OK" will not change anything... but, we keep saying it... bcoz..we want to comfort each other, becoz, we love and care to each other... Hmm.. I'm not in the mood for blogging now. But then... I'm damn bored... too lazy to study. The weather seems to be " ok " again. Yesterday was snow blizzard... so there was a very thick snow all the way to my hospital. Not enjoying it, coz it's impossible to run in the thick snow... and now, the snow is melting ... it's 0 degree now... so.. tomorrow, I'm expecting a very2 dirty sidewalk... coz the snow gonna melt.. and when it melts... it's such an ugly sight and very2 uncomfortable for ppl like me who has to walk + run very2 far everyday.. and walking in the melted snow is like walking in the dirty drain.... Today, I broke my promise again. I promised not to buy any winter cloth again, but, since my fav winter jacket was being destroyed bcoz I cant unzipped it at the restaurant , and one of the restaurant waiter tried to help me... end up... spoling the zip.. so.. today, I bought a new one.. a very cheap one... couldnt be bother to buy a fancy one... but it's a pretty good jacket... double sided.. cool huh.. Ok.. since, today I have no pic to put here... and I really malas to upload all the pix in the camera.. gonna put some old pic.. 1st. home made banana cake.. 2nd.. the resort where we had our annual bbq in malaysia... 3rd.. ppl whom I always said.."ok".. coz I love them so much...


Equilibrium said...

waaaaa..ko manjang dpt mkn benda tajuk kek la pulok..yeah! aku pun benci when snow melted...becak dia cam berkubang dlm longkang...nan,haku rase k'red ni demam2 kuda jek ek..sdp dia plan utk kita...Buleh kita meeting lu sblm turun gelanggang..aku tak sabau tol ngan makcik sorg nie..hiks

zhm said...

by saying OK, not only to comfort others, but to comfort ourself, and to think on positive side...positive thinking is actually a good theraphy and it helps...and it makes poeple looks younger...dont worry be happy...penah ke tergelincir atas melting snow?? snow yg nak cair pastu tak jadi cair tp keras balik yg tu paling slippery...terrible...belajar rajin2 jgn malas2 JPA susah2 antor pi moscow...hehehe

Red Mummy said...


korang mmg nak kenakan akak kan

ok ok

nanti tunggulah hari yang akan tiba


siap ko 2 orang ok

ok anw

nan sapa itu anak dara 2 orang? x kan ko nak nikah ngan dedua lak?

ok ?

bape byk ok daaa