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Saturday, February 10, 2007

my 101 post

hye everyone. 1st of all, I have 2 public apology to make. 1st, to those involved in the thai airways booking, I'm really sorry that the 750usd ticket is only valid for 2 weeks travel period. There had been some misunderstanding btwn few ppl and I do regret all the inconvinience. 2nd. Sorry Miss Chin Joo, u are beautiful and damn sexy thou. ( this is just a personal apology but I promised her to make it public. So... lesson learned. "Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst." Anyway, back to my student life now. Wow... I've been dying for weekend and I do feel great today. never appreciate a weekend this much... classes just started, and it had only been 3 days ... but ,I still cant get the hang of it... too tired.. waking up early in the morning and sleep early at nite, doesnt suit me well yet, since having a nocturnal life during the exam period last month. Hope everything will be back to normal soon. I bought the cheapest scarf in my life from mark & spencer. very2 cheap... it's kinda 90% off I think.. hehehe.. and also, new t-shirt for my Stitch from the "build ur own teddy factory". Wow... never thought a simple t-shirt for a very small size would cost me a bomb... hahahaha, to be honest, stitch t-shirt cost more than any other t-shirt I had when I was in standard one... bloody hell... anyway, I dont really mind. Since stitch is my best fren here.... I just dont really care how much does the t-shirt cost. Still remember I told everyone about giving away one of my aquarium fish? yes, the angle fish. Since she doesnt really mix well with the other fish in the tank, I bought a new home for her. Yup2... u might say those are unneccessary spenditure.. but.. I liked those stuff... and nothing more important than being happy... Hmm.. kak red, ape kes panggil adik beradik nak lawan kite... kata nak mix team... ingat ni hari keluarga ke aper? hehehhe.. panggil la kwn2 yg keje nurse ker.. keje model ker... sedap la jugak mata memandang... heheheh.. ileks2... kak ween, selamat berpindah randah yer... lepas pindah tu bole la bakar rumah lama.. hehehehe... abg z, sorry la x le chat, skarang bz giler ngan kelas.. maybe some other time.. .. now, gonna enjoy my weekend to the fullest. Still gonna be in gynae ward for the next 2 weeks. So, in 7 days, technically, I only live 2 days without seeing vagina... hehehhe.. yes kak red.. i knew that I came into the world from there.. and I appreciate vagina very2 much ( pls, no offence to women).. tq


Red Mummy said...

nurse ada tapi kaki bangku

model pun ada gak kawan akak, panjang kakinya tapi kaki bangku gak

so drpd aku kompem kalah sakit ati ngan kaki2 bangku ni baiklah aku bwk brothers aku yang kompem berani mati nye futsal player

haik? takut dah ke??


stitch tu jantan ke betina? err ikan tu tak mati ek taruk dlm balang tak de oksigen..? nak bela ikan juga la cam ni..nanti han advise me on this ok, kat chat...

zhm said...

aiyooo..keluar nama penuh pulak tetiba...what happen nihh?? sejak bila i taruk nama penuh...huh??!!! arrkkk....dia automatic sign-up kat mesej ni kee??? nak kena log-out dulu ke?