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Friday, February 16, 2007

The snow is falling... the city is white..

" good guys can do bad thing and bad guys can do good thing"... hmmmm... I just finished watching the latest Ekin Chan gangster movie " Heavenly mission".. actually the movie is not that good neither as the same level as young and dangerous. But, the name Ekin C, made me watched the movie. I'm a big fan of young and dangerous.. hahahah.. yup.. mase kecik2 selalu imagine nak jadi gangster... blasah org sana sini... but, look at me now... no where near my childhood imagination. But still, I'm gonna meet a lots of gangster when I work at the emergency room someday in the future, and the best part it.. most of them gonna beg to me to save their life... hahahaha.. ( if I ever make it to become a doc!!!) . Anyway.... I was wrong about the weather today... yesterday, the forecast said there will be no more snow.. and it gonna melt.. But, today was snowing quite a lot... but.. it was a lovely day.. not too cold.. It was only -1 to -3.. so.. org kata... suam2 kuku ibu jari kaki.... the trees were all covered with snow.. if only I brought my camera to class today!!!!... heheh.. But I managed to snap a few photos using my Z800...good enuf.. 1.3 mp.. .. If only the winter is like this everyday... moscow will be a better place to live... ... but.. in the end of the day... it's not us, human to decide how the weather gonna be tomorrow... God decided everything... and whatever happened.. or gonna happen.. God already has a plan for us... errghhh... cant wait for weekend. One more class before weekend start.... weekend.. apsal la x le weekend panjang2 ek... aku ni memang superb la malas.. but today, miracles happened...( yes, again!!!) .. I didnt sleep during lecture.. maybe b'coz last nite I had a very good sleep... we had lecture from 10 am to 1 pm.. and strangely enuf.. I managed to keep awake all the way and copied all the note.... thank God.. I'm a student again.. ( but I did slept during the 10 mins rest btwn the lecture... hehehe... bad habit die hard!!!!).. Tomorrow class gonna be practical class.. no lecture.. so, no chance to sleep I think... back to examination room.. ( bukan dewan peksa.. ni bilik check patient!!) .. I dont know why... but, seeing patients' vagina everyday makes me felt a bit sick of it... hehehe.. sometimes I cant even watch more than 3 patient.. felt like vomitting... errghh... maybe gynae is not for me.. but... who knows???


zhm said...

u see patient's vagina??? patient tu tak segan ke student dok kerumun tgk vagina dia...???

Red Mummy said...

but, seeing patients' vagina everyday makes me felt a bit sick of it... hehehe.. sometimes I cant even watch more than 3 patient.. felt like vomitting... errghh...

sok ko dah kawin, kalo pun x jadi kawin ngan budak supersnowwoman tu, katalah kawin ngan 3,4 pomp sekali rap pun, kalau ko nak muntah gak tgk vagina dema, akak lah orang yg akan gelak sampai simpang renggam....


Equilibrium said...

ko la plg untung nan, dpt tgk sebegitu detail...hua ha ha...kalu aku lakan,usah tgk vagina,tgk jari s'ri luka pun aku pengsan 3 ari! ko mmg terel tau...aku heran la nape kak red x takut ngan kite ek? aku dh dpt sorg lg ahli team futsal dr france.ko x yah la interview dia ek..dia kompom kaki bangku!cam kak red jek..huhuhu

nape kn gelak smp simpang renggam? x leh ke g skudai ke spore ke? leh pearl n pato gelak sama kak oiii!

Red Mummy said...

amboi adik2 riang ria

meriah ngumpatkan akak ko ni kan

weih nan, akak dah tagged ko, so pi blog akak copek!! ngan ko2 sekali budak byk cekadak - snowsuperwoman! tungganglanggang dah aku dibuatnya

ngantuk tau tak dah kol 330 pagi ni