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Monday, August 27, 2012

Congratulation my little brother

Congratulation to my little brother
U r a husband now
Officially a husband now
U have a responsibility now bro
U have a wife and a children soon
Be a good husband and be a great father
I may not be an expert on marriage and parenthood
But I have been there :))

My advice would be..
Do ur best to make ur family happy... Appreciate people around u
Fulfill ur responsibility
Give more and expect less

3rd day of hari raya this year may no be a great day for me
In fact , it was a tragic day for me
But I put everything behind to celebrate my brother big day :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Karpal singh versus Islam

Another shocking news in our politic scenario today
Well.. Not too shocking if u are a politically active

Karpal singh again make his stance clear that he is against hudud and mr nashrudin isa is really pissed off.

Well, technically, every Muslim should be insulted when a non Muslim living in a Muslim country make that kind of comment .
Me myself is insulted and angry by that comment by Karpal singh.

Of course by law he could say that... But that is not the right thing to say in public I believe.

Lets go back to the basic here

The whole point of a lot of Malay who are Muslim supported PAS is mainly because they want an islamic country with islamic laws and regulation. That is what written in the Al Quran and Hadith , full stop. Should PAS really fighting hard for that.. It is compulsory for all Muslim to vote for PAS.

But then...when PAS joined the Pakatan rakyat.. There is no way they could rule the country in the Islamic way should they win the election.
There is DAP and Karpal singh. Hudud is not their best interest and they are against it.

So, what is the differences PAS could bring even if the win the election. By they I mean Pakatan rakyat. Hudud is still impossible if DAP is still around

Hence, pretty much no point of supporting PAS if they could not materialize their manifesto .

Should PKR win the election.. Islam wise ... It will be the same as Barisan nasional ruling the country.
Some might disagree with me.. Bu if u look closely.. Pas is powerless in the PKR .

They said... If u have to choose Btwn two evil... Stick with the one u know...
Currently under Barisan nasional.. Islam is the official religion. Malay man is the prime minister. I live happily in kelantan even thou it is ruled by opposition .

Until PAS can stand on its own .. Hudud is a long way to go.

I would support PAS if they are truly fighting for Islam... But with DAP around... There is no room for Islamic laws should they win.
Truth hurt.

selamat hari raya

selamat hari raya dari kami sekeluarga
maaf zahir dan batin
jemput datang beraya di rumah kami

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What irritate doctors?

Well, here in our bolehland
There are 2 types of cases that really irritate us

Number one - mat rempit
These are the most common group of people who visit the emergency department every night. Sometimes I wonder should we treat them... ? The fact that they are the one who is looking or trouble... While there are real sick people who needs out attention and treatment.
This people purposely ride their bike dangerously and causing trouble to fellow road users as well...tell me why should we treat them??

Number 2
Fire cracker victim.
Too much being said about this people..
U are annoying
So many people told u not to play with firecracker .. And here u r crying like a baby when u lost a finger or two..

Selamat hari raya guys
Please avoid being in those two group of people....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guidelines for housmanship survival

Lesson 01

How to avoid extension in ur posting

I have survived housmanship
And I know how to get out from that hell alive and a with a big smile on my face

There are a few tricks to survive ur posting without being extended

The fair and correct way of course being an excellent houseman- meaning being punctual , smart, full of knowledge and good attitude
Nonetheless .... These values are hard to find in houseman nowadays

For those dumb heads who do not have those attributes above..
Reads this and learn occay :)

If u want to avoid extension

The most famous way is to be ur boss dog. Owh yeah... I saw a lot of these people during my internship. He or he knows nothing about medical... But he or she can really lick the bosses ass.. Real good...
But be careful... This method can backfire if u have enemy or there are other dogs around..

Trick no 2.

Be invisible . Never show off. Never make stupid thing. Avoid controversies . Follow orders. Never raised ur hand to answer questions by ur specialist. Always attend the cme.. Sit in the middle. Sit in the front.. People will notice u. Sit in the back, people will assume u r a lazy bum. Try to be punctual . Do not do extra work. Just do ur job . By the end of ur posting.. Ur bosses will not realize ur existence. .. U will be released ..

Trick no 3

Occay, this shit really work. I hate to teach u this but it is a magic technique . U won't be loved for this... But u will finish ur internship on time. But please dont do this. It will only destroy ur reputation.
Occay, here u go... Trick number 3... Report to the minister that ur specialist is treating u badly... Surely ur bosses cannot wait to let u go from the department. Maybe u will get off earlier ! I know a few people who did this. Owh yes .. There are housemen out there who do this.. And it worked brilliantly . And u will get an asshole title along the way. These idiotic selfish houseman definitely get away fast and the bosses are sick and tired of swing their faces in the department...

Occay... I think I have revealed enough. A lot of people up there are really piss right now with me telling the whole world the secret of getting out alive from housemanship..

But my true advice .. To all housemen.. Do not follow what i just wrote.. It will only damaged ur reputation. Except for trick number 2. Face it the hard way.. U will become a good doctor eventually....

Good one

Transnasional masuk gaung

Guys, please drive carefully
For Muslims friends, read prayer before starting ur journey
I just wrote about road safety yesterday
But something shit just happened

Today at Gua musang kelantan this transnasional bus skidded
Caused a massive traffic jammed
I just pray everyone is safe
Or else it will be a hectic day for the emergency room

Robin van persie moves to Manchester united

3 months ago nobody would have thought this would be happening.
A year ago... Anyone would laugh if u say this
But RVP is now a Manchester united player

Thank you sir Alex
This is an awesome hari raya gift to all manchester united fan all over the world
Now we can talk about winning again!

Robbie, welcome to old trafford. Let's make history

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

At the emergency department

Dear readers

The festive season is on right now
And it comes in package
The good part is everybody is back to their home town to be with their family and loved one for hari raya

But the bad part is happening during the process of people getting there

Accident is very common during this period
Right now I am at the emergency department of my hospital

There was a massive moto vehicle accident just now. A car vs a lorry.
2 death. An elderly and a baby. Right now a little girl is in critical condition.

Please drive carefully everyone.
Do not rush
Do not overtake if u r unsure
Do not drive if u r sleepy or tired
Take ur time to reach to ur destination.
Better be late than sorry

My Baju raya

Well... Looks like I will not be wearing this scrub anymore ... Soon
My days as anaesthetist is ending soon...

As I was browsing thru my wardrobe this morning..
I come across this scrub
Just wore it 2-3 times before
Most of the times we used the scrubs. Provided by the hospital... But I bought a few set of scrubs for my personal use as well
But rarely use it

Maybe after I stop working at the hospital I could use the scrubs as Baju raya

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

9th gen Honda civic type R

This is the rendering of the ninth generation of the Honda civic type R. According to a car magazine this month, the 9th generation Honda civic which is just being launched a few months ago is Malaysia is the hottest cake heading toward this festive season . The demand is way more than the supply. The waiting list for the honda civic is about 2-3 month currently.

Should honda is to launch the next type R anytime soon, I reckon it must have something more to offer compare to the current type R which produce around 200hp. Honda should be aiming for 240-250hp for this 9th gen type R. The price should be slightly expensive ... The current one retailing at 199k... Maybe the next one should cost 10k more.

Anyway.. Let's wait and see for the real next type R. But it definitely will look something like this..but the specs is the biggest mystery and surprise ..

It is hanania again

Daddy daddy daddy!!!

I want to play all day long
I don't want to sleep
I hate it so much I m sleepy
I just want to play
I cant wait to start walking daddy
I m training hard...
When I am able to walk.. Daddy please bring me shopping yeah
Nia wants to shop till I drop like mommy always do

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hottest and trendiest ladies boutique

Waneza boutique :)

This recently open ladies clothing boutique is definitely the place to visit if u want the prettiest Baju kurung or dress for this coming hari raya! Located in the middle of Kota Bharu town ( opposite an nisa hospital , next to one station Kopitiam ) , this boutique is the best ladies boutique I ever been in Kota Bharu . It has the latest Baju kurung fashion and trend!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sampai kan lah

My dear muslim friends
I know many of us will get married in this coming raya season
For guys..
Take note
It is haram for a man to wear "Inai" on ur fingers or hands even during the wedding ceremony...
Yes haram... If u plan to do so.. Kensel Je la bro..
If u insist of doing so... Might as well drink some tequila ... Haram jugak :))

Majalah maskulin

Anyone who has a copy of this issue ?
Yang ni July ke ogos punye maskulin ek?

Dream dream dream

Some says that dreams are just dream..
Nothing to do with real life
It is just something u fantasy about and could never become a reality
Some says.. The devil is the mastermind of dreams
But then .. In this holy month of ramadhan... There is no devil
Those bastard is in jail for 30 days

Last night I have a dream
I went to sleep at about 2 am after watching the basketball Olympic semi final.
Then I had my first dream.
In that dream someone gave me a BMW 3 series... In light green color
With big wheels.
Yes... I remember the car vividly.
In my dream it costed 200k.
Then I drove the car back to my kampung...
Cool right... The dream stopped as I woke up for sahur at 4 am.

After eating maggi tomyam for sahur and biskut raya..
I went back to sleep at 430am...
Then I had another dream.
In this second dream it started with a police chase scenario
I was riding a Honda ex5, but I was not wearing helmet. Then I bumped into a policeman in the town and he chased me all the way until I reached my house...
As I reached my house.. I hide the ex5.. And I changed my ride
Guess what bike it is?
It was a Ducati...
Not sure about which Ducati it was
But it is black in color...

Not bad for one night rite?
A Ducati and a bimmer?
Is it just a dream?
Will it comes true?
God knows

Friday, August 10, 2012

I am against firecracker

Being a doctor
During ramadhan, we have similar cases coming in the emergency room that irked us a lot
The most famous annoying case is injury caused by firecracker or firework.

Year in and year out
Regardless of so many cases of amputated limbs due to the same injury..
The kids ( sometimes the adult as well) hardly learn any lesson from other people mistake

Last week at my emergency room, there was a case of firecracker injury . A group of stupid kids got injured. Apparently they put the firecracker into a glass bottle and light it up. Yeah.. Genius.
The end result.. Pieces of the glass stuck into the legs and stomach.
Real talent
Well.. U cant really blame the stupid kids .. Kids always do idiotic stuff
The parent is to be blamed for
Those parent who allowed their kid to play with firework should be sent to jail. That would teach people some lesson.

Well some of us might think that I am a jerk for saying that. Some said they can't control what their kids do. Well u should start trying!
When ur kids fingers burned and slashed into pieces.. We doctors are the people who will be stuck in the operating theater trying to save ur kids life
While the truth is there are a lot of other cases we could do
There are real sick people out there who need surgery
Those kids who purposely put their life in danger .. They don't deserve to cut the cue
We as doctors could have do surgery on people who appreciate their life instead ...

Something to think about
If u a parent and u still let ur children play with firework..
Seriously u r an idiot..
And for those who buy fireworks for their children.. These people should be put in jail for a day or two

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Nia n Ferrari

Dear baby nia
Right now daddy is not rich enough to buy u a Ferrari 458 spider as we planned
Nonetheless... I got u the next best thing
Ferrari baby seat
Yes.. Made in Italy
Ferrari red
Currently ur maxi cosi car seat is not big enough for u
Not sure either the maxi cosi baby seat is shrinking or u growing bigger.
Either way.. Maxi cosi is heading to the store room and in comes the Ferrari
Hope baby nia loves her latest toy!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Hybrid cars

A lot people are afraid to buy hybrid cars because they are still pessimist regarding the lifetime of the battery.

Yeah, the car manufacturers mostly give 5 years guarantee for the battery...And most people reckon that after 5 years the battery need replacement .

What most of people didn't realize , even most of the normal cars on the road nowadays don't even have guarantee on their diesel or petrol engine . Even if they do.. Only for The same period.. The same 5 years .

Truth is... When the warranty period ended .. Doesnt meant the battery will stop functioning immediately ,
They manufacturers built the battery the same as the normal petrol engine... They should have last as long. The warranty period maybe 5 years. But it should be good for 10 years .

Then they said the battery of hybrid cars cost a lot...
Well.. It does
But then.. Answer me..
If ur bimmer need an overhaul
How much does a new engine cost ?
I reckon the petrol or diesel engine would cost more
And of course we r not taking about cheap proton engine here.
U can buy proton engine for a mere few thousand out there at any half cut stores .

So there u go..
The truth about hybrid cars

Monday, August 06, 2012

Ba ba ba

I am already 8 months old
I can stand up on my own
And I could mumbled "ba ba ba" and " pa pa pa" already
My daddy is so excited to hear me talking
Daddy said if I could pronounce the word " daddy" , he will give me a big ang pow for hari raya.
Don't worry daddy.. I m planning Suprise for u.
Every morning during ramadhan.. I ll wake up at 5 am in to make sure that daddy is awake for sahur.
This morning.. I woke up at 5.10 am and play with daddy's nose.
Then I climbed onto daddy's chest until daddy was awake
He took me downstairs and we watched baby tv together while mommy was preparing food for sahur.
Then we all ate fettuccini for sahur.
After ate fettuccine I felt thirsty and I jumped from daddy's lap to mommy's lap to drink my milk...
Then I felt asleep..
The next thing I realize ....
Daddy is already gone for work..
I miss my daddy already...

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pre raya photoshot

Can't wait for this year hari raya as my family has grow bigger !
The addition in the family brings a lot of joy and happiness

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Why crz :)

A lot has been asking me..
Why crz?
Why not Audi tt
Why not mini copper
Why not the new Merz a class?

The simple answer would be because the crz is the cheapest among all those above

But the real answer would be the Honda crz is the most sensible sport car at this current moment. Power wise , it may not be on par with all those with turbo..
But it does has decent power .. The acceleration is quite good when u switch to the sport mode
And on top of everything ... It is cost effective
I managed to get 100km with rm10 worth of petrol
Name me any other car which could do that ? And look as good?
Would be none!
Prius might have the same fuel consumption but it looks awful .