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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dream dream dream

Some says that dreams are just dream..
Nothing to do with real life
It is just something u fantasy about and could never become a reality
Some says.. The devil is the mastermind of dreams
But then .. In this holy month of ramadhan... There is no devil
Those bastard is in jail for 30 days

Last night I have a dream
I went to sleep at about 2 am after watching the basketball Olympic semi final.
Then I had my first dream.
In that dream someone gave me a BMW 3 series... In light green color
With big wheels.
Yes... I remember the car vividly.
In my dream it costed 200k.
Then I drove the car back to my kampung...
Cool right... The dream stopped as I woke up for sahur at 4 am.

After eating maggi tomyam for sahur and biskut raya..
I went back to sleep at 430am...
Then I had another dream.
In this second dream it started with a police chase scenario
I was riding a Honda ex5, but I was not wearing helmet. Then I bumped into a policeman in the town and he chased me all the way until I reached my house...
As I reached my house.. I hide the ex5.. And I changed my ride
Guess what bike it is?
It was a Ducati...
Not sure about which Ducati it was
But it is black in color...

Not bad for one night rite?
A Ducati and a bimmer?
Is it just a dream?
Will it comes true?
God knows

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